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Otter Has Hangover in the Morning From Partying Too Much - Amusing

We all like to have a good time. Well, the otter had a good night out. Now he is suffering the consequences. The booze certainly knocks you about. Waking up with a sore head is par for the course. He will never do it again he says. Of course he will do it in the future. High, low, the merry go round continues. otter can hangover big morning has partying down much ah amusing up otter will hangover great morning mus partying up much uh amusing to otter more hangover be morning far partying in much ho amusing at otter should hangover for morning to partying on much uh amusing or ~ of feel if body hi lot ho weekend ha alcohol in friends ~ * mu feel ay body hm lot ye weekend ee alcohol we friends ne health ae happy io healthy ko time am mind fa energy * $ an feel to body it lot at weekend or alcohol we friends he health up happy to healthy uh time eh mind go energy at light ok balance la yoga me feeling no choice so food is need us restore ox good a tips i party oh days ah long by give id my article ax clean as nadya an andreeva am track of state be great hi work la spinach as focus ox belly up free od week na relax ai difficult za people oh late gu eating ex drinking el blog oi break ta aspects ou tired po liver ka physical um water ut system ho share me facebook yo day qi crappy ya de helps un regular fy routine nu positive li eliminate at reality us create xu behaving ha badly aw restful da pass ag bright ab fun ef dinners no hours my lifestyle wo up minimize by re-balance aa night so learn ba surrounded of stomach bi find to completely if loud za result be ‘weird’ ob group et sensitive lo eat pi next oy experienced di sick te recover mm fresh mo drugs an sense eh fatigue er glass do big st tweet jo pin mi list al shares re guidelines em music is freebies ch videos yu shop or book sh feels fe smoking ug creates ox follow en stretching ny perfect ai wellness ax turn hi drink bo entire ja mental oo emotional ur easy op digest na coconut on sleep ar desire la toxins ky lunch ki live go rules ma walk ah realize uh lemon ea breaking xi imagine es level zo negative oe easier it remember od thoughts pe call as step he grab id jumpstart ed kit ad video os classes in interview ow ebook gi ayurveda ti bloating $ + feel body lot weekend alcohol friends health happy healthy time mind energy light balance yoga feeling choice food need restore good tips party days long give article clean nadya andreeva track state great work spinach focus belly free week relax difficult people late eating drinking blog break aspects tired liver physical water system share facebook day crappy helps regular routine positive eliminate reality create behaving badly restful pass bright fun dinners hours lifestyle minimize re-balance night learn surrounded stomach find completely loud result ‘weird’ group sensitive eat next experienced sick recover fresh drugs sense fatigue glass big tweet pin list shares guidelines music freebies videos shop book feels smoking creates follow stretching perfect wellness turn drink entire mental emotional easy digest coconut sleep desire toxins lunch live rules walk realize lemon breaking imagine level negative easier remember thoughts call step grab jumpstart kit video classes interview ebook ayurveda bloating + % ones victims fast peer pressure lack effectively lead giving daily bed ideal barely usual awake throbbing we;ll headache listening equally foggy place http kind lights major imbalance systems hormones effected blood chemistry lining try levels digestion kidney pancreas highly concentrated sugar nervous avoid; uneasy slightly majorly whack common practices attentive intuitively combination hydrating drinks sunbunt gentle nausea nourishing folks ready crucial stiff points tension worked compassion warm hide habits breakfast energized greasy heavy dancing heat cool excited calm rehydrating thirsty potassium electrolytes mono occasional recuperate ingredients simplicity rule ensure likelihood bad combinations won;t overtax digestive kicheri cooking ordering vegetable soups curry stir fries congee plain quinoa nidra deep restorative rest normal parties faster melting front tv start cabin beginning stress menu regulate natural cycles sunlight air helpers short real full depressed unchangeable constant warrior deal experiencing abuse goal face restlessly depressing mood guilt relationship point fuss present thinking should differently yesterday matters learning save weekends emotions affirmations grows complaining celebrate can't have felt challenging determines choose feelings effect your grateful overwhelming complain appears visualize coming breath close eyes play imagination smile listen don't reflection receive boring; ayurvedically recipes stay touch subscribe twitter realyoganyc started journey entry posted uncategorized tagged depression bookmark permalink enjoyed email updates sign ayurvedic glow pm est green miso dressing workers part quiet sold comfortable early entertainment grandpas search love postpartum recovery plan dance wee robert svoboda stop sabotage higher awareness success detox spirituality connecting primal elements deanna minich scale and happiness copyright % || , ||
Otter has funny face
"What a celebration!"
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Getting Close to Nature Improves Your Wellbeing and Health

Lost handwriting skills
There is something you can do that will improve your healthiness. It is as simple as taking a walk in the woods. Humans need the natural environment. Get closer to the jungle. Getting x Close x to x Nature x Improves x Your x Wellbeing x and x Health
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Enjoying nature

Daily Jabs to Control Insulin Ends - Wednesday 21 January 2015, A Great Day!

With today's technology why can't an artificial pancreas be put into a patient's body? Well, now it can! Xavier Hames is only four years old. Autoimmune disease has destroyed his pancreas. An artificial one is working very well indeed inside his body.
The artificial pancreas is more a computer than a body organ. It monitors low insulin levels, even predicting its future trends, then controls insulin delivery. It is particularly useful as night when external insulin treatment can fail resulting in a coma.

Preparations are in train to implant another artificial pancreas in an adult, Jane Reid. This could mean an end to eight jabs a day to test blood levels of insulin and continuous injections to control it.  This could save governments millions of dollars in the long term.
✴ Health by Ty Buchanan ✴
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New Device Makes Inserting a Cannula Easier

Have you ever seen a nurse cussing because she cannot find a suitable vein to insert a drip in the arm of a patient? These are daily problems that the medical fraternity must face. However, technology has come to the fore.

There is a new scanner that pinpoints veins that are large enough to insert a cannula.
Have you ever seen a nurse cussing because she cannot find a suitable vein to insert a drip in the arm of a patient? These are daily problems that the medical fraternity must face. However, technology has come to the fore. There is a new scanner that pinpoints veins that are large enough to insert a cannula.

The new device beams light just out of the infrared light range into the arm. It is absorbed by  deoxygenated haemoglobin in the veins. Thus, the veins light up and show the way. It makes life much easier for medical staff and is quicker.

There are a lot of things just waiting to be applied to human activity. Technology is already available and it is a case of thinking of new procedures and making them real. Get a move on developers. The public is waiting!
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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Private Health Insurance Fiasco in Australia

The government intends to ruin Australia's private medical insurance system. With privatization Medibank Private Health Insurance will become like all the other funds. The Commonwealth bank was once owned by the government  It is now just another bank.

At the moment Medibank has two "branches". One (Medicare) refunds part of the fee charged by specialists, blood tests and various bills from hospitals. The other is a private health insurance fund. There is a problem here, however. Medibank and Medibank Private are both registered names held by the federal government. How can a public company and a private company use the same business name?

One of these will have to change its name. People are being offered shares in Medibank Private. How long can this be allowed to continue? Isn't it illegal? Future shareholders must be told what will be done about this. A change in name will have a disastrous affect on the value of shares.

There is no doubt that Medibank Private is subsidized by government. Share values will fall as it becomes just another private fund. Surely investors can see this - maybe they are too thick to understand.  Medicare, Medibank:  what's the difference?
Health by Ty Buchanan
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Zebrafish Stem Cell Discovery

A lot of work is going into stem cells research. Anything we can learn about them is important for future human transplants. There have been some claims that have been proved wrong. However, we are moving forward in understanding how organs can be created from them.

A significant breakthrough has been made in Australia while investigating zebrafish. Scientists have found out how hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) important in bone marrow and blood are made. The stem cells replenish immune cells in the blood.

At present hematopoietic stem cells are used to treat leukemia and myeloma. It will probably be possible to treat other cancers in blood vessels, muscle and bone. Furthermore, diabetes, spinal problems and degenerative disorders cold also be treated.

The discovery is important. "Buddy" cells were observed while the hematopoietic stem cell were being created. Ironically, the scientists were investigating muscle development when they noticed the "helper" cell. Other scientist will take this further.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Whale Culture in Japan

Japan plans to resume whaling in the Antarctic next year. It will modify its "scientific"research system to fit in to what the International Court of Justice (ICJ) wants, although the court stated that scientific whaling per se was illegal and would always be illegal.

Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) says it will take the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) to the ICJ to stop it harassing Japanese whaling ships when they carry out future legal scientific whale hunting in the Antarctic, in short the resumption of killing of whales for food.

Just why Japan is so pig-headed about continuing to wastefully kill whales says something about Japanese culture - they are arrogant.  Japanese consumers want whaling despite not actually buying whale meat. This nation has tonnes of whale meat in storage because it doesn't sell, despite being highly subsidized.

I am about to get personal about this issue. Those readers easily offended should stop reading now..........

Cultures do not change suddenly. It takes centuries for societies to change. The way people think and what they believe in continue, even though rational circumstance prove that things cannot possibly be as people believe.

Because a war ended and countries apparently got back to normal didn't mean societies changed their ways. Japanese culture is the same today as it was in the 1930s. Arrogance prevails despite bowing to this, bowing to that. This bowing custom came about because Japanese were terrified of samurai - frightened of losing a head or half body.

The truth of the matter is that Japan will continue to hunt whales because of the silly custom of saving-face. They perceive a court order as a blemish on their character. People of other countries do not see it this way at all.
Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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New Ways to Repel Sharks

Like South Africa, Australia is known as a region of frequent shark attacks. A lot of research has been done over the years in an attempt to reduce such attacks. Humans are not normal food for sharks. It is when humans behave in a similar way to injured fish that attacks occur.

Electronic pulses and sounds have been tried with limited success. Colored diving suits have also proven to be ineffective, until now. It has been discovered that blue lines on wetsuits disrupts the vision of sharks because they are color-blind.

White stripes also work as a deterrent but in a different way. Poisonous fish have white on their bodies. It tells potential predators that eating them will have dire consequences.

The cryptic wetsuit that "blinds" sharks is aimed at divers, while the white stripped warning suite is for those close to the beach. Diving equipment and surfing gear is also being colored to match the wetsuits.

Though shark attacks cannot be stopped entirely, the number of people injured is certain to fall. Tests at the Oceans Institute in Western Australia has shown that the new suits work very well. The new products will be sold by a company called Radiator.
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Lead Remains High in the Blood of Children

Despite changes in the supply of motor fuel, i.e., the move toward unleaded petrol, high levels of lead in the blood of children is still an issue. In the northern hemisphere there are seasonal fluctuations in levels of lead.

Though the general amount of lead present in the environment has fallen, it remains significantly high in the blood of children. Much of the lead released decades ago is still there. The polluted fine particles are swept up into the air in the warmer months of July, August and September. This is the time when children are outside playing their sports.

Money would be better spent on "fixing" the suspended lead rather than reducing content in products we use. Finding a way to "lock-in" the lead particles would end the damage to future generations of people. Once lead reaches a high level in the blood it is extremely difficult to reduce. Damage to the brain and nervous system is permanent.
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Vampires Could Be Right About Consuming Blood

Maybe vampires have got it right - infusing blood into one's body from a younger person is good for you. Saul Villeda did tests on rats. He injected older mice with blood from younger mice. The mice with ailments related to age got better. They actually became younger looking. Effects of aging were reversed.

It is rumoured that Saul has infused himself with blood from young virgins. Though blood from virgins is really not necessary. Blood from any younger person will do.

He has connected the circulatory systems of young and old mice together for several days. The older mice definitely became younger looking. Autopsies showed a 20 per cent increase in brain stem cell activity for the aging mice.

There is a down side. When the blood systems of mice were joined together young mice actually aged. If this is true. And there is no reason to think otherwise. Factors in blood that cause changes in the aging process could be identified and used as a medicine. It would be unfortunate if the young received remuneration from older people for their blood.

When it was found that a drug-like high could be obtained from playing sounds with different beat rates into each ear, people began using this system to temporarily enter "dreamland". If selling one's blood on the streets becomes the norm, what a frightening scenario that would be.
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Depression Treatment from Magic Mushrooms

Doctors do not know how "recreational" drugs work. Police forces worldwide fight drug abuse, but the battle is being lost. Until medications can be developed to stop the euphoric effects almost immediately the battle will rage on.

There are possible benefits from some of these drugs. For example, magic mushrooms are being tested for treating mental conditions by psychiatrists. Neural circuits in the brain are altered by the use of the drug. What actually happens though was unknown, until now.

It was thought that dormant brain cells were being activated, the ones that are used during sleep. It has been discovered, however, that blood flow to the brain is decreased when psilocybin is used. MRIs showed blood flow reductions to the thalamus and cortical regions. The front and back of the brain are separated when the drug is taken. Primary sensory areas still retained good blood flow, while higher association regions became "starved" of blood.

Previous theories in regard to brain stimulation are now completely undermined. With brain separation taking place there are possibilities for medical uses. Depression is believed to be caused to a person's brain being too rigid. Such drugs as psilicybin from magic mushrooms could help by making the brain more "flexible".
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Dinosaur Metabolism Was Faster Than Mammals

Dinosaur metabolism was not only higher than reptiles, their bodies ran at a faster rate than mammals. Analysis of tiny holes in their bones shows that they pumped a lot of blood through their bodies.

So scientists have been wrong for a long time claiming that dinosaurs were slow moving creatures who relied on the sun to get going each day. Tests across a wide range of dinosaurs, big and small, confirm they moved around with ease. Some scientists have accepted the hypothesis that dinosaurs were not reptiles.

It makes one wonder how many other things we are taught at schools are totally wrong. New evidence for upright walking of apes goes back more than four million years to an animal with feet designed to climb trees. Their hips are clearly designed for walking upright. And for decades we had been told a special foot design was necessary for bipedal walking.
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You Will Lose Your Mind if You Are Fat

It seems we can't win. New findings show if you are underweight or overweight dementia is on the horizon. Being skinny or fat from the age of 40 gives a high risk of dementia after the age of 60. The very high danger group are the obese.

Considering most people in the West are overweight wouldn't this finding seem logical? If arteries can become clogged with fatty cholesterol so can the blood vessels in the brain. Obviously, hardly anyone in the scientific community has made this observation. No medical literature has ever made this bold statement. "Hey stop eating that jam donut you'll lose your mind!"

Let's be rational. Medical research is good. It can highlight changes that people should make to their lives, but adding 2 and 3 to make 5 does not always show a causal relationship.
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Danger From HIgh Salt Intake Is Overstated

Salt will kill you. That it is the idea we are all expected to accept, but there is no real proof that this is the case. No research has indicated that a high salt diet increases blood pressure. Indeed, a century ago Africans would travel a thousand miles to get it. Salt is essential for life.

Consumption 50 percent higher than the recommended level is nothing to worry about, considering it is only a "guesstimate" anyway. High blood pressure has increased in the community despite salt intake remaining about the same per person for 40 years.

Like a tax on fast food will not stop people from buying take away, so campaigns to reduce salt intake will not make people consume less. If manufacturers of processed food take salt out of their products consumers will not buy their products. Salt definitely improves flavor.
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