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Higher Risk of Cancer for Tall People

Tall versus short
Tall than average people do have to worry about their healh. Research shows that they are more prone to cancer than short people. Those who are fat also have a higher risk. It is because they have more cells. With cell division faults occur and cancer can be the result. More cells mean a higher danger.

Security Not Possible With My Health Record (MHR)

My Health Record generates many questions for Australian. Soon Australia will have the system which is a summary of their health data online. You can choose to cancel after three months (October 150 but it will not be deleted. Do nothing a record will be created automatically. The storage project aimed at giving doctors and patients access medical information in a timely manner. Organ donations, test results and referral letter will all be there. Government.

"but concerns safety of personal, sensitive data. questions project social media, ranged police access platform's cybersecurity. abc sat tim kelsey, head australian digital health agency (adha) man charge initiative, answered. record works patient, health record information maintained doctor? choose opt health record. one, doctors upload health information ask to. screen showing health record creation options. set health record mygov. (screenshot: health record) when doctor, discuss adding (or not) documents overview health, summary prescribed medications referral letters. remember, comprehensive picture health — contain doctors choose upload, depend quality those records. when first access system, you'll decide years medicare benefits schedule, pharmaceutical benefits scheme, australian immunisation register, australian organ donor register data uploaded. doctor accesses record first selection yourself, data uploaded automatically — you've opted record all. want, delete restrict access those documents later. not australian hospitals health services connected health record that's something check visit. when prescription, ask update health record? does vary provider? doctors upload information prescribed medications, discussed above, worth discussing each time doctor. happens health record die? health record information held 30 years death. date known, kept 30 years birth. person blood pressure tested. australians opt health record july 6. (unsplash: rawpixel) private health insurance companies access? insurers shouldn't able access record — reserved people work registered healthcare provider authorised provide care.

plans aggregated, anonymised health record data research purposes — known ""secondary use"". health record information used research public health purposes de-identified form, identified form expressly consented consumer,"" department health spokesperson said. currently, users platform tick box web portal opt secondary use. secondary uses public benefit ""solely"" commercial, insurance agencies allowed participate. however, ""the impact exclusion"" considered department health's framework governing secondary health record data reviewed, according framework document. australian organisations (and overseas, certain circumstances), including australian pharmaceutical companies, able apply access health record data approved secondary purposes.
"" expect data flow 2020,"" mr kelsey added. opt-out period opt out? three key ways: visiting opting online portal. over phone calling 800 723 471. paper completing form returning mail. forms available 2,385 rural remote australia post outlets, 46 aboriginal community controlled health organisations 36 prisons.
happens people health record, decide opt out? opt july october 5, record automatically created you. october 5, ""one-month reconciliation period"" health records registered. records created mid-november. cancel record, data contained still exist (although inaccessible health providers) 30 years death. smartphone track mental health? woman holds smartphone. technology trusted track mental health? record automatically generated doctor uploads document opt-out period, create yourself? according adha, doctors can't upload clinical documents health record system patient record exists. children born — opt out? opt-out period, newly eligible healthcare recipients, immigrants australia parents newborn children, given chance elect health record part medicare registration. protection data service provider manage infrastructure ensure vulnerable cyber-attack? platform built technology provider accenture, however adh starting discussions ""re-platforming"" it. independent third parties audit system's security undertake penetration testing, according mr kelsey, security experts warn impossible online database entirely bullet proof. remember too, documents created downloaded doctors stored local it system depend system's security. doctor downloads files health record, what's stop sharing those files practice? default, online documents accessible healthcare providers. privacy concerns, log health record restrict sees it: set record access code give healthcare professionals access record. restrict certain documents, set limited document access code. controls overridden emergency. mentioned above, document removed health record system, reach access controls. gp allow another staff member access record, potential punishment?
someone accesses health record legal authorisation person ""knows reckless fact"", criminal civil penalties apply. where users information accessed record? health record users able looked record checking access history online.
they'll able accessed, organisation accessed — documents added, modified removed,

example — individual doctor accessed it. set email sms alert healthcare organisation accesses record first time. privacy commissioner recommends checking regularly unexpected unauthorised access. call adh 800 723 471 think something's gone wrong. several apps connect health record. adh ensure secure? apps healthi health engine, recently ran trouble, authorised adh ""show"" people health record. according mr kelsey, third party app developers display health record — ""at moment, view-only"" — store data. table showing medicare information preferences health record users decide medicare information uploaded. (screenshot: health record) providers undergo ""strict assessment"" abide portal operator registration agreement, according adha. agreement demands download store health record information system, pass data third party. "" currently planning provide access 'view-only' app community,"" said. police law enforcement rules policies guide adha's decision grant access law enforcement? adh authorised law disclose someone's health information ""reasonably believes"" necessary preventing investigating crimes protecting public revenue, things specified section 70 health records act. agency unable provide definition ""protecting public revenue"" deadline. when receives law enforcement request, adh determine legitimate request enforcement body. ""while agency assesses each formal request case case basis, operating policy release information request subject judicial oversight,"" adh said. "" access support public confidence trust system object health record act agency deny request. law enforcement bodies granted direct access health record: adh disclosure would limited necessary satisfy purpose request. adh received requests law enforcement access records? mr kelsey police requests received yet. users informed data released law enforcement? personal information disclosed law enforcement, decision notify health record holder decided ""case-by-case"". likewise, healthcare provider organisations informed patient's data accessed. release police recorded written note stored adha."
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My Health Record
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No Breakthroughs in Medical Research Since HIV Cure

Lost handwriting skills
Aids continues to persist with ongoing treatments. No end is in sight for the disease. ➤ ➤ ✿ ✿ ➽ No j Breakthroughs j in j Medical j Research j Since j HIV j Cure j antibody j virus j ➽ ▶ No i Breakthroughs i in i Medical i Research i Since i HIV i Cure i antibody i virus i cent ▶ ⬢ No g Breakthroughs g in g Medical g Research g Since g HIV g Cure g antibody g virus g cent g strains ⬢ ◉ No f Breakthroughs f in f Medical f Research f Since f HIV f Cure f antibody f virus f cent f strains f attacks ◉ ⧭ No e Breakthroughs e in e Medical e Research e Since e HIV e Cure e antibody e virus e cent e strains e attacks e antibodies ⧭ ▩ No d Breakthroughs d in d Medical d Research d Since d HIV d Cure d antibody d virus d cent d strains d attacks d antibodies d scientists ▩ ⏏ No c Breakthroughs c in c Medical c Research c Since c HIV c Cure c antibody c virus c cent c strains c attacks c antibodies c scientists c people || || ⏏ ⦿
No a Breakthroughs a in a Medical a Research a Since a HIV a Cure antibody virus cent strains attacks antibodies scientists people breakthrough treatment developed due eventually ability spikes change coverage million disease health sanofi institute || || ⦿ ∎
No b Breakthroughs b in b Medical b Research b Since b HIV b a b Cure b antibody b virus b cent b strains b attacks b antibodies b scientists b people b breakthrough b treatment b developed b due b eventually b ability b spikes b change b coverage b million b disease b health b sanofi b institute ∎ || findings, data, medicine, health, doctors, hospitals, NRTIs, NNRTIs, PIs, Cobicistat, , ||
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Hospital system Ignores the Frail Elderly

Plants destroyed in australia
| When an aged person goes to a public hospital the real trouble begins: they do not get necessary treatment. Beds are only for the young. || insurance health patients residential demands national carers pensioner nursing attitudes food conspiracy aged
|| system hospital screen system words ignores lettering frail page elderly to hospital internet system computer ignores to type on hospital data frail system figure ignores keys elderly text frail in hospital letters ignores keyboard elderly paragraph system create hospital colors ignores code software elderly eh hospital color system or frail up || aged conspiracy food attitudes in nursing pensioner carers on national demands residential patients health insurance || aged union place short big schools private list university health universities bizarre biggest companies global sinkholes space london theories conspiracy history comedy passed stars insults woody food good australia stop published leaders involving commission month common issue examples overlooked warned making sign paul quality shadow attitudes nursing college executive chief setting personal convention pensioner national carers speak demands spoken extreme signed year residential country pensioners patients nov rights insurance feb politicians workers prevent skip ||
skip prevent workers politicians feb insurance rights nov patients pensioners country residential year signed extreme spoken demands speak carers national pensioner convention personal setting chief executive college nursing attitudes shadow quality paul sign making warned overlooked examples issue common month commission involving leaders published stop australia good food woody insults stars passed comedy history conspiracy theories london space sinkholes global companies biggest bizarre universities health university list private schools big short place union aged ||
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Companies are Pushing Health Technology

 ▶Companies are pestering Australian health care to adopt new technology. Companies to Pushing on Health in Technology ◀ |
Health: high-tech businesses are pressuring healthcare providers to adopt new systems to improve patient care. Government policy and regulation is stopping them from getting their way. Of course, there is a lot of money at stake.  ||| Companies at Pushing in Health up Technology |
DNA lifestyle coach book
There is inertia in Australia's medical system. The operating structure has not significantly changed in over 50 years. Tech companies hold that people no longer want to go their doctor, or be treated in hospital, discharged, then have to go back again. It is a production line but it has worked for a very long time. Adopting new Internet related technology costs a great deal. Staff must be trained to use it.   ||| Companies as Pushing to Health it Technology | ||    

We have heard so much about the electronic healthcare record (EHR). However, many still refuse to sign the common "share my information" form as it is. There are privacy laws that stop digital storage in its tracks. Unless politicians get rid of legislation, data management will remain the same. Some new methods are being used. For example, MRI results are now given to patients on a DVD: though CDs and DVDs are "way back then" already. |.| not. |.|   
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Technical companies want government to increase funding. Obviously, they want it to finish up in their coffers. They also want patients to use the Internet with their gear. You cannot rely on your adult children to care of you in your home anymore. This idea is dead in the water.   | ambitious up government.
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Un-Accredited Chinese Herbalists to Work in Australia

Chinese herbs treatment
The trade deal between Australia and China is off to a bad start. Australia becomes an open market for quack traditional Chinese medicine. China is already responsible for the demise of African animals because of superstitious beliefs about curative properties of ordinary parts of animal bodies.

Australia has not even policed homeopathy properly. Constituents are diluted into insignificance where they cannot possibly have any effect. They are harmless at best. Homeopaths live well on treatment based on a mythical foundation.

Under the agreement between China and Australia Chinese herbalists will be allowed to register and set up shop in Australia without any accreditation. They will come in their tens of thousands to partake of a lucrative market of stupid people.

I was once visiting an Australian doctor of Chinese origin who was filling-in for the regular GP. He was giving me acupuncture treatment as advised by my GP and he said, "You don't believe in this baloney do you?"

It seems odd to me that as most Westerners drop old beliefs the demand for alternative medicine is actually increasing. Alternative therapists boldly claim that science has proved their treatment to be valid. This is incorrect. Regulated tests show no benefits whatsoever! Their claims are mere hearsay. This is another legacy of Tony Abbott - sign everything to do with the free market and sod the voters. Ah well, he will get his further down the track.
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Vitamin Gene Treatment for Migraine

Queensland University of Technology plans to use genetic modifiers in vitamins as a treatment for migraine. This is problematic as health professionals do not really know what migraine is. Botox injections to the forehead has been used successfully to relieve the pain to date. It is quite a "quacky" area of medicine. About the only main factor about it is that it causes a feeling of nausea along with the pain and an aversion to light.
India is the test ground for the gene treatment. A migraine marker in the Parsi population is the target. If vitamins are useful per se, why is the ailment common in the West where we take too many of them? As a child and adolescent I suffered from it. In my opinion it was brought on when the eyes were overworked. Reading small text was a no no for me. As I grew older it faded and I can say I have not had a migraine for 20 years.  Have I changed my diet or vitamin intake - not really.

Just how scientists make the link between genes and vitamins is unclear. But then, scientists are clever people. There are many categories of migraine, so pinning down particular genes is going to be difficult. Articles on genes vis-a-vis vitamins is a bit wishy-washy. Researchers are not very specific about how they will go about it.
Genetics by Ty Buchanan
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Newly Identified Stem Cell Raises Hopes for Treatment

There seems to be a scientific breakthrough every minute. You go onto the Internet and a new claim appears. Some of course is recycled old news. However, new discoveries are made all the time. Despite spending cutbacks in some countries, science seems to be leaping ahead.

You would think that just about everything is known about the body. Nevertheless, a new stem has been found. A four continent research enterprise called Project Grandiose has identified the new cell which has been put into the "F-class": the cell has a fuzzy body when viewed on a microscope.

It is hoped that the cell can be used in the treatment of injuries and illnesses. The days of using stem cells from afterbirth material are long gone. Adult cells can now be modified for treating various health problems, but this is early research. The only successful treatment to date is for macular degeneration.

Targeting modified stem cells is the main problem. They are like tumours and in the wrong place they can cause damage. The new cell indicates that it could treat diabetes. Producing them on a large scale is the next big issue for the third class of pluripotent cells yet discovered.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Australian Scientists Reverse Aging

Australian scientists attempt to understand the aging process. In a partnership with Harvard University, the University of New South Wales has found a way to stop aging. Though it has been achieved on mice it has already been applied to humans.

Young youthful genes are turned on while older ones are turned off. Done in the right way, the process can halt and even reverse aging. The triggers are naturally occurring molecules and proteins. Change is made in the muscles and improvement begins in a week.

Hopefully, drugs containing the triggers can be developed. At least this is what the researchers are planning. Tests on humans have shown great promise so far. An extra plus for the "treatment" is that it is anti-inflammatory. Such diseases as inflammatory bowel disease could be sent into remission.

It makes one wonder, however, why findings aren't applied generally much sooner. Leader of the project, Professor David Sinclair a specialist in the field, has been taking the red wine molecule resveratrol for ten years. Why isn't this available for use by the general public?
Health by Ty Buchanan
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New Device Makes Inserting a Cannula Easier

Have you ever seen a nurse cussing because she cannot find a suitable vein to insert a drip in the arm of a patient? These are daily problems that the medical fraternity must face. However, technology has come to the fore.

There is a new scanner that pinpoints veins that are large enough to insert a cannula.
Have you ever seen a nurse cussing because she cannot find a suitable vein to insert a drip in the arm of a patient? These are daily problems that the medical fraternity must face. However, technology has come to the fore. There is a new scanner that pinpoints veins that are large enough to insert a cannula.

The new device beams light just out of the infrared light range into the arm. It is absorbed by  deoxygenated haemoglobin in the veins. Thus, the veins light up and show the way. It makes life much easier for medical staff and is quicker.

There are a lot of things just waiting to be applied to human activity. Technology is already available and it is a case of thinking of new procedures and making them real. Get a move on developers. The public is waiting!
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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Scientists Make Mice Transparent

Scientists have made mice transparent - let us hope they were dead first! Studying the human body and test animals in general is difficult because usually one has to carry out dissections to see inside.  The new process will change medicine.

Lipids block sunlight in bodies, so it has to be replaced with acrylamide which is just transparent hydrogel. After the acrylamide is absorbed, the bodies are placed into detergent which absorbs the lipids. Electricity is also applied to reduce the time taken to "clean" tissue.

The treated mice do not keep their original shape. They end up like gel in a plastic bag. Internal organs can be clearly seen, however. After staining, the structure of organs can be seen as shown in the picture above.

Micro-slicing has been used to date. A computer assembles a 3D structure for study. Both systems will probably be used in future as each as its benefits. There are plans to adapt the transparency technique to evaluate tissue in cancer patients. Biopsies will be treated to identify any cancerous cells.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Australia Should Develop a Bionic Brain - Nonesense!

One of the most difficult things to do is to develop a computer brain that operates like a human brain. Intelligence that evolved by nature is very complex. A computer "thinks" linearly with one activity followed by another. The human brain works outward from a central point, spreading out to different areas depending on the particular task.

To say that Australia should concentrate on making the world's first bionic brain is a leap too far. Saying that $250m over ten years will get the job done is way off the mark. There are many scientists already working with much more money than that and they haven't achieved much.

Pioneering the healthbionic ear and eye is kid stuff compared to replicating the brain. Using nerve activity to make artificial limbs move is also far from understanding human intelligence. Even after all these years measuring intelligence is beyond us. The IQ test only gives a score for rating cultural knowledge. It is misused by so many people.

We need to start at the real beginning and understand genetics first. Genes build the brain. Consciousness is another thing. Is it the outcome of the overall activity of the brain or is it something separate, like a soul? Saying humans are the only animal to have a soul is nonsense. When you get to Heaven expect to find some Neanderthal there!
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Science Award to Cadhering Research

Professor Alpha Yap has received the Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology President's Medal. That is some title. It is also the scientists real name. His research is very important. It involves the way the body "glues" flesh together.

Cells in the body must be able to join together to form separate organs. The gluing must be specific. It cannot be general adhesion because everything would join together and not function property. The substance that controls bonding is cadherin.

Diseases such as cancer and even inflammation can stop the gluing action in the body. Lack of cadherin occurs with the onset of cancer. Problems of the intestines like ulcerative colitis and chrohn's disease cause caderin dysfunction which breaks down epithelial barriers.

Loss of cadherin could be causal or the result of disease. It is hoped e-cadherin levels in the body can be controlled. This may affect chronic disease and become treatment for serious ailments that disables thousands of people.
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