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Twenty Three New Spiders Are Discovered in Australia

The new 8-legged creatures are in the Dendrolycosa, Ornodolomedes, Dolomedes, Mangromedes and Megadolomedes genera. They are anthropods of the water. New types in the Ornodolmedes classification are the most delightful of all. They are striking examples having bright colours. twenty can three big new has spiders down discovered ah australia up twenty will three great new mus spiders up discovered uh australia to twenty more three be new far, water, spiders in discovered ho australia at twenty should three for new to, water, spiders on discovered uh australia or ~
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Mick Fanning spider

Bank Robber Cat Still at Large

Bandit cat
"I am innocent. I tell you!"
▶ Bank is robbed by feline bandit wearing a mask. He has not been caught. Seen hiding with humans. bank screen goes animals robber bowl cat character large laptop bank web goes pets robber petting cat color phone bank article goes owner robber collar large image cat com large buzzard bank pet goes feed robber internet large words cat jail cops robbery officers armed shooting victim shot snatching safe suspect police headlines arrested arrested headlines police suspect safe snatching shot victim shooting armed officers robbery cops jail || fbi watch share jail t-shirt searching policy privacy terms twitter facebook tweet authorities shirt cops oklahoma allegedly lineup showing wore punk lucky robbery week kids morning summer weekend day street officers armed cracking shooting victim adopter recovering shot arrow trip quick kick snatching purse attempted safe independence fireworks drink release department male black travel teller employees subscribe month access subscriber close sign business cents local suspect sections events find police man highway letters opinion comments firefighters prepares fight domestic killed woman upper children journalism support special contact headlines reports arrest public towns section email waistband gun loaded arrested emergency avoided parking landing mall confrontation stabbed stories popular missing officials closed manhunt sheriff shuts lifestyle || lifestyle shuts sheriff manhunt closed officials missing popular stories stabbed confrontation mall landing parking avoided emergency arrested loaded gun waistband email section towns public arrest reports headlines contact special support journalism children upper woman killed domestic fight prepares firefighters comments opinion letters highway man police find events sections suspect local cents business sign close subscriber access month subscribe employees teller travel black male department release drink fireworks independence safe attempted purse snatching kick quick trip arrow shot recovering adopter victim shooting cracking armed officers street today day weekend summer morning kids week robbery lucky punk wore showing lineup allegedly oklahoma cops shirt authorities tweet facebook twitter terms privacy policy searching t-shirt jail feline share watch fbi | articles | | residence ◀
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▶ | I am innocent. I tell you!◀

Islamic Extremism is Right Brain Problem

 ▶Societies islamic is told by brain carvings. They are preserved on brain - extremism.| oh problem islamic teaching muslim or have so islamic ah you on right so you or have | age found. muslim ho problem ◀ |
Conversion to terrorism as an adult is a trigger. An extreme Islamic disposition develops due to concepts being forced into the mind as a person grows up. It is what people learn as children that pushes them to kill themselves and others. Teaching them to be martyrs is a bad thing despite what a book of fiction says.  Mohammad was not a prophet. He could not do any miracles because he was not in contact with God.   | of brain it religion you islamic or extremism up have we right of islamic in you oh extremism la right ha religion go have oh problem right extremism ah blog |
Islamic Book
A lady had an operation on her brain to stop epileptic seizures. The Hemispheres were separated by an incision through the middle of her brain. For the rest of her life her left arm and hand moved of their own volition. Her behavior was key to the actions they took. If she tried to smoke she would be pummeled so much by the errant arm that it caused serious bruising.   |||   | religion it have so right ox extremism problem muslim teaching or religion |    

If she mended her ways and followed the values learned as a child she would not be attacked.  She as not religious so not going to church did not upset the foreign part of her body. Anyone who is devoutly religious will upset the right hemisphere which controls the left side of the body if they lose faith. Learning destructive beliefs when young does caused antisocial behavior.     problem me extremism as right on islamic to you . | | 

The culture of Islamic people must be changed. This is difficult to do. Culture has inertia. It would take at least a century to change inherently wrong actions by Muslims. The only answer we have is to fight back. This only prolongs the problem, but it is the only choice we have. Muslims will not listen to reason and stop teaching their children mistaken beliefs.      as muslim brain nature | go sex.
| bigotry sage madness tenacity legal qu'ran obsessiveness immoderation appropriate deserved hatred frenzy muhammadan dilemma merited virtuous scholar partisanship righteous complication passion condign moral rage quandary pundit ethical prejudice issue partiality quran mujahid monomania true fitting caliph trabandonment dervish prodigy faction moslem conscientious worriment contumacy academician islamism muhammedan legitimate bias illiberality obstinacy predicament mastermind transport requisite kaliph good doubt superstition scrupulous incorrigibility box dispute unruliness equitable intellectual infatuation crunch willfulness trouble zealotry count disagreement enthusiasm unfairness botheration rightful scrape pickle question genius single-mindedness stand-up upright devotion stubbornness arbitrariness highbrow justifiable unreasonableness injustice mess intolerance doctor honest islamized violence monotheism hitch dedication lawful intellect dogma obstacle allah suitable ayatollah Einstein headache squeeze proper mosque egghead zeal honorable terrorist bomber groups church |
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Tys Outback
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Bayer Chemistry to Develop New Herbicides

Chemistry: Weeds are becoming resistant to selective herbicides.
Herbicides have officially been used since 1890, though common salt could have used to kill weeds for possibly a thousand years before. The first selective herbicide was identified in 1940. It later became 2,4-D compound and was released in 1946.  Seventy years later we face the problem of weed resistance to selective chemicals. Western Australia can no longer get significant kill of weeds growing around crops. It is costing farmers a fortune.
Ryegrass weed growing in crops
Project Kangaroo has been initiated. It is managed by Australia’s Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and receives assistance from Bayer of Germany. Money from growers is funding it: they are paying $45 million in levies. The Federal Government is promising money. Knowing how government has behaved recently the project might get a dollar!

Wild radish and ryegrass are the main culprits affecting crops. Glyphosphate was used widely to control these weeds. They are not very effective these days. Chemical companies need to take a new tack and work at the molecular, even atomic level, to find ways of killing selective weeds. Nature though is good at overcoming new things in the environment. It is only a matter of time before evolution beats "unique" obstacles set up by Man.
 Chemstry by Ty Buchanan 
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Drones Used to Control Sharks in Australia

Australians tend to be early adopters of new technology because they have inquisitive minds. Our old enemy, the shark, will always be around, so it is not surprising that drone technology is being used to solve this problem.
Shark caught by baited hook attached to a drum
It is not the buzzing sound that will scare sharks off. Drones are being used to gather visual information about where sharks are and the number swimming around, the theory being that if we know this we can be more careful.

At the moment hooks are baited on lines attached to floating drums. This method is a simple way to catch sharks, but other creatures are also caught such as dolphins. Unfortunately, sharks not tempted by the bait remain in the area. Baited hooks have warning devices in them that notify watchers on a boat when sharks take them.

This is a clumsy way to keep sharks at bay. Targeting sharks observed by drones is a better solution. Drones are far cheaper than helicopters and do a better job, going right down to sea level to collect data.
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Parsitic Wasps Transfer DNA to Lepidoptera Caterpillars

Wasps enslave caterpillars. It could be seen as a genetics accident, though it appears to be a conscious decision by Someone out there. The wasps could not survive without caterpillars. If caterpillars all died out so would wasps.
predator wasps laying eggs in lepidoptera caterpillar
Parsitic wasps lay their eggs in all types of lepidoptera caterpillars. Both insects are so close in evolutionary terms that some wasp genes are actually in caterpillars. The reason for this is that 300 million years ago there was a common ancestor of Hymenopter, the insect order to which wasps belong, and Lepidoptera caterpillars.

When eggs are laid inside the caterpillars, a large bracovirus is injected which supresses the immune response of Lipidoptera, so grubs are not killed off. They hatch and eat caterpillars alive! Sometimes caterpillars survive and develop into buterflies and moths with bracovirus DNA because it was picked up from wasps before injection into caterpillars.
Genetics by Ty Buchanan
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wasps lepidopter caterpillars insects enslave parasitic eggs lay inject bracovirus

Mysterious Death

The odd case of a woman who police claim stabbed herself to death with an 8 inch long knife - you would have to be a Japanese officer in dire straits to do this! For some reason police have always stuck to their suicide finding. A doctor working in a funeral parlor thought it was odd that the woman had wounds on her hands as if she was defending herself. It took two years before police got back to him after he reported this.
Dr Karen Mahlo
Police said that the victim, Dr Karen Mahlo, had stabbed herself as she lay on her back in bed. John Michael Hehir, her boyfriend, was not a suspect, then: his claims of not being able to phone her and rushing to her house had been verified. He said lights were turned off downstairs. Why would you turn the lights off if you were going upstairs to kill yourself?

A very strange thing was that the knife had been plunged through her pyjamas. One would have pushed the pyjamas aside to get it over with. Her death was well planned: a note was on a running computer with a copy on the desk and another addressed to her children telling then they were left nothing. Cases of such vigorous preparation are rare.

John Hehir behaved in a peculiar manner. During the drive to Mahlo's home on the night of her death he phoned for an ambulance before he reached the house. Soon after he returned, then took a bike and a USB drive. Hehir had a will in his possession which left him her house but not her investment properties. The "real" will was located on the computer leaving everything to her children and parents. Unfortunately, the computer will is not valid.

Justice Philip McMurdo dismissed the family's claim. There has never been an inquest into the death. It shows how stupid police and judges are in cases like this. John Michael Hehir has never been charged.
Law by Ty Buchanan
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Shark Chokes on Sea Lion

Sharks are not the indestructible creatures many think they are.  There is a myth surrounding sharks that they are virtually made of steel.  They can bite through anything and withstand great hardship.

A strong four-meter long white pointer was washed up dead on a Western Australian beach.  It certainly did bite off more than it could chew.  The cause of death was choking on a sea lion.

There was no sign of any major injury to its body, just a large sea lion lodged in its throat.  It was observed jostling around in the shallows shortly before being washed up on a Coronation Beach, apparently trying to dislodge the sea lion.

A man walking his dog first saw the shark and thought it was a diver.  There was an attempt to save the shark by towing it out to sea.  It was not known then what was the cause of its distress.  However, it later washed up dead on the beach.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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Whale Culture in Japan

Japan plans to resume whaling in the Antarctic next year. It will modify its "scientific"research system to fit in to what the International Court of Justice (ICJ) wants, although the court stated that scientific whaling per se was illegal and would always be illegal.

Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) says it will take the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) to the ICJ to stop it harassing Japanese whaling ships when they carry out future legal scientific whale hunting in the Antarctic, in short the resumption of killing of whales for food.

Just why Japan is so pig-headed about continuing to wastefully kill whales says something about Japanese culture - they are arrogant.  Japanese consumers want whaling despite not actually buying whale meat. This nation has tonnes of whale meat in storage because it doesn't sell, despite being highly subsidized.

I am about to get personal about this issue. Those readers easily offended should stop reading now..........

Cultures do not change suddenly. It takes centuries for societies to change. The way people think and what they believe in continue, even though rational circumstance prove that things cannot possibly be as people believe.

Because a war ended and countries apparently got back to normal didn't mean societies changed their ways. Japanese culture is the same today as it was in the 1930s. Arrogance prevails despite bowing to this, bowing to that. This bowing custom came about because Japanese were terrified of samurai - frightened of losing a head or half body.

The truth of the matter is that Japan will continue to hunt whales because of the silly custom of saving-face. They perceive a court order as a blemish on their character. People of other countries do not see it this way at all.
Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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The Guilt of the Kill - Slaughterhouses

Slaughterhouse meat worker female
When you eat meat do you feel guilty about the early death of the creature? You probably believe that because someone else killed it you are without guilt. Buddhists are careful not to step on a blade of grass - those who really follow the Faith. It must be remembered, however, that even plants are alive, so there is no way you can avoid taking a life to obtain food.
Recently, Australia temporarily stopped the export of live cattle to Indonesia. ABC television showed a documentary showing cruelty to animals during the slaughter process. Some people have pointed out that cruelty takes place at Australian abattoirs.

Humans need food. Meat has more energy than any other food product. It is no wonders we consume it in massive amounts. Perhaps we cover up the guilt by calling cattle "meat" very early on in the slaughter process. For example, dead unprocessed chickens are called "whole bird products".

Feeling guilty about taking a life is a religious value. When something is dead it is just that - dead. If you do not believed in a hereafter that is the end of it. When a lion takes down its prey the pain endured by the victim is not a consideration.

Perhaps this double standard is due to people keeping pets which become part of the family and owners think that they must have an afterlife too. In evolutionary terms we are only just out of the savage stage. Neanderthals are widely accepted as falling into this category, though evidence shows they were just as advanced as us. Spearing an animal must cause pain, but to survive we must do it.
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Ten End of the World Is Not Nigh!

Times have always been bad. Before this enlightened age a person could be "bludgeoned" to pieces at random by a man wielding a massively heavy and crude sword. Murder was seldom punished. The law was mainly aimed at theft, settling property disputes, heresy against the church or a challenge to the crown.

Even before Christ people were claiming that the end of the world was nigh. The fiasco about the Mayan calendar shows how such "precognition" can be totally wrong. Once again the recent "clash" of a meteor and asteroid with Earth has drawn the doomsayers out of the woodwork.

Wonders in the heavens have occurred since man came down from the trees. It is not something that stops, then starts again. The lightning strike at St. Peter's Basilica after the Pope announced he would step down was just coincidence. Lightning strikes happen regularly and despite the myth it does strike twice in the same place.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says he was inundated with communications asking if the world was coming to an end. Cahn himself is a supporter of the end of the world scenario declaring people are renouncing religion, and there is more sin and immorality.

Sex is not in itself sin. It is a normal human and animal function to beget offspring and continue the species. It is words from angry people that make is appear dirty and sinful. The Catholic Church in particular is responsible for this. Celibacy is unnatural, No other animal does it. It should be noted that homosexuality is practised by other animals: apes and dolphins are examples. Personally, I am not in favor of same sex marriage, but if the majority want it then I will accept it.

People tend to see only what they want to see. It is a fact that a Holy War is going on in the world at the moment. There are no stories in the press about this directly. The war in Alfghanistan and terrorism are mentioned. No one, even organized religion will tackle this issue. It is assumed that maybe it will go away. However, this war will go on for decades. The only real solution is for one religion to win. That, of course, will not happen. Perhaps a new prophet will arise who will dramatically change entrenched views and values. Hope does reign eternal - not much else does!
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Spider Eats Bird

Is it safe to go out? Well maybe not. A spider was seen eating a bird in Cairns, north Queensland.

The golden orb weaver spider usually eats insects. It is a step up for it to consume a bird. The bird had flown into the spider's web and become weak. Then the spider attacked it.

Golden orb spiders grow much larger than the one shown in the photograph. Though they were not thought capable of eating a whole bird.
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