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Easy Being a Green Dog With Matching Leash

Green dog
"The dye idea was theirs!"
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Nanodots From Pencil Leads

If you want to improve the efficiency of solar cells, use your pencil. Well, the graphite in pencils can now be used to make tiny nanodots. Graphite rods in sodium hydroxide solution produce nanodots which can potentially be used to augment existing solar panels.
Nanodots from pencil leads
The Pencil study involved using pencil "leads" as the cathode and anode, which were dropped into ethanolic sodium hydroxide. Nano particles of 3 nanometers (nm) were produced. Nanodots in a compound with carboxyl and hydroxyl collected on the anode. The nanodots were then drawn into the pores of a titanium and silicon dioxide template.

Other mesoporous materials have been tested. They each have particular properties in regard to sensing, catalysis and optoelectronics. This allows for fine tuning of solar panels. The pencil lead system improved current transfer from simulated sunlight by 38 per cent.
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan 
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Think Before You Click

Human beings are like sheep. They follow the nearest "leader". This is an unfortunate truth about Man. If it wasn't for this need to follow we would not have civilization. A human failing has proved to be productive for the species as a whole.

How would we have governments if we did not allow ourselves to be ruled by individuals under the guise of a group. Like faith in money. It is belief that puts value into bits of paper. We believe that the government will honor the amount printed on the note. This is despite that fact that governments no longer back up currency with gold. They do not store gold anymore.

It is like religion. There is no proof about historical events actually happening the way they are set out in ancient literature. However, because most believe in something, we follow.  Usually we are "taught" to accept one thing or another in our childhood.

The Internet has made things worse. People follow the latest thing that arises. Even though such happenings can be utterly foolish. For example, a group of buddies met up in a yogurt shop because a bot told them to.

There are fake profiles out there on Facebook and Twitter. Some people are mischievous and even straight our mean. They will do anything to lead others into a cul-de-sac. Even clicking a link can be dangerous. This should be noted before you click on a link suggested by someone else.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Lead Remains High in the Blood of Children

Despite changes in the supply of motor fuel, i.e., the move toward unleaded petrol, high levels of lead in the blood of children is still an issue. In the northern hemisphere there are seasonal fluctuations in levels of lead.

Though the general amount of lead present in the environment has fallen, it remains significantly high in the blood of children. Much of the lead released decades ago is still there. The polluted fine particles are swept up into the air in the warmer months of July, August and September. This is the time when children are outside playing their sports.

Money would be better spent on "fixing" the suspended lead rather than reducing content in products we use. Finding a way to "lock-in" the lead particles would end the damage to future generations of people. Once lead reaches a high level in the blood it is extremely difficult to reduce. Damage to the brain and nervous system is permanent.
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Dog Walk

"Humans are getting lazier every day."
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