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Aboriginal Cultural Burning Stops Australian Bush Fires

Global warming is a problem that no government wants to deal with. It is a scientific fact that the planet is getting hotter. With people doing nothing to combat the issue we need to look to the past to prevent damage to houses and farms from bush fires.

Aboriginals practiced a system of animal farming called cultural burning. They set fires where scrub was low. Small animals could see the fires coming so could safely flee. The patchy habitat made hunting of the animals easy for hunters.

When lightning set large trees alight they could not breach the flatter areas. Aboriginals believed that continual burning sustained life for all. Early Australian governments continued with assimilation programs moving aboriginals to towns. Thus, the cool burns stopped.

Out of control wild fires destroy ecosystems. All burnable material is destroyed as the fires burn across hundreds of square kilometers. Occupation of the land by white people particularly with their monoculture has seen once quite fertile land turned to dust.

Aboriginals have always known the truth but paternal treatment of them silenced whole communities. They knew that without controlled burning kangaroos, dingoes and lizards would diminish in number in their old lands. Hunter gatherers have managed the environment in the past. We need to listen to them.


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Our Grandchildren Will Not Experience Flora and Fauna

Flora and fauna such as that on the Galapagos Islands will not be there for our grandchildren to enjoy. Animals and plants right across the world need to be preserved, not just tiny regions. Populations are taking more land that used to be protected for building purposes. Buildings will have to get taller with more floors. 0 wildlife travel environment nature 0 + tie our say grandchildren he not let experience gov by sub flora of fauna on + $ aye our stay grandchildren was not hi experience not by zap flora pad fauna at | | $ % of our run grandchildren hi not ho experience ha by in flora on fauna or % ~ do our play grandchildren yet not to experience as by so flora do fauna up | | ~ = how the galapagos are being protected ⋆ galapagos islands - travel guide tours cruises visito points galapagos islands water sports wildlife galapagos travelers tips faq's facts fast environment history travel policies how to travel tips travel tips best sellers ecuador enquire now testimonials tours cruises visito points galapagos islands water sports wildlife galapagos travelers tips faq's facts fast environment history travel policies how to travel tips travel tips best sellers ecuador enquire now testimonials tours cruises visito points galapagos islands water sports wildlife galapagos travelers tips faq's facts fast environment history travel policies how to travel tips travel tips best sellers ecuador enquire now testimonials galapagos islands how the galapagos are being protected by galapagos travel focus no remarks add up to 1 normal 5 keep going refreshed on january 25 2018 we mind as the

galapagos archipelago isn't just glorious immaculate and fragile yet in addition novel in our reality numerous individuals make a decent attempt to safeguard this captivated place guaranteeing the islands a national stop and the encompassing ocean a marine hold is as of now an incredible exertion really it is as of now a standout amongst the most ensured archipelagos on the planet despite the fact that this is very cool it unfortunately must be said that as of now 5 of the first greenery fauna doesn't exist any longer and dangers to the astonishing nature in the galapagos still exist this implies protecting this regular gem in the pazific sea is still more than essential associations help with this honorable undertaking as well as galapagos occupants and visit administrators watch out for the valuable and you can and will partake in the preservation when going by the galapagos too initial a speedy refresher to why we have to save those charmed islands you in all likelihood definitely know – or will know by the second you google „galapagos – that those islands with all their untamed life inland and also submerged is stunning so it would be

a disgrace to simply give this a chance to vanish from our earth – by what other method would you be able to demonstrate to your awesome grandchildren your not a liar with amazing photoshop-aptitudes when enlightening them regarding your one of a kind galapagos travels yet the things which make it that vital to act now are the dangers which follow up on the galapagos archipelago for instance a considerable lot of the galapagos winged animals like the enormous elegant gooney bird the sensational red and blue-footed boobies and the charming galapagos penguin go after fish well anglers do as such as well and with us people getting increasingly „successful in our angling the galapagos flying creatures endure similarly and did you realize that a plastic pack submerged looks like top notch jellyfish according to our adorable tortoises and that eating plastic sacks can without much of a stretch execute them getting us to one more of the dangers rubbish however most diffucult to stay away from and thusly extremely undermining are remote plants and creatures like the slope blackberry rats and parasitic creepy crawlies coming purposefully or accidentally with our pontoons to the galapagos they spread quickly and imperil endemic creatures and plants by eating their nourishment or eating them furthermore to this environmental change and atmosphere occasions like el niño debilitate the islands and their

untamed life a ton since the warmed water is less nutritious numerous fish and flying creatures discover way less nourishment supply which influences them to starve or reduce their multiplication for those and more reasons the archipelago officially lost a portion of the animal varieties tomás de berlanga may have seen in 1535 when the islands were found possibly the most exceedingly terrible day in galapagos history on the off chance that you get the opportunity to ask the creatures from that point forward people going to the archipelago misused it in the more established history of galapagos whalers and privateers were utilizing monster tortoises as living meat supply on their vessels likewise well known charles darwin – who had the peculiar propensity to attempt the meat of each and every creature he examined – experimented with on tortoises iguanas and different galapagos creatures while visitiing the archipelago in 1835 however we can hurl a moan of help since today numerous measures are taken to save the creature and home grown tenants of the archipelago an enormous part in the protection issue is contributed by various associations expressly established to safeguard the galapagos archipelago you can basically separate the associations into the individuals who work in the archipelago and the individuals who fund-raise to help them the ones fund-raising like the galapagos conservancy gc and the galapagos protection trust gct work to expand society's consideration on the galapagos archipelago and the need to save it since there are now numerous exceptionally qualified individuals taking a shot at the conservation of the galapagos the most productive route is to concede them money related help that is the reason they for the most part center around gathering pledges some of those fundamentally raising money associations reached out to likewise discovered their own ventures like enhancing nearby training concerning protection as non-benefit associations accepting the gifts and utilizing them to save the archipelago by numerous activities and research the world untamed life subsidize wwf and the charles darwin fundation cdf can be named the wwf for instance helps having an eye on the sensitive archipelago so nobody can annihilate it by illicit angling and other shrewdness deeds facilitate they need to actualize ecotourism so when you visit galapagos you will do the minimum damage conceivable to its perfect biological community the cdf works in close collaboration with the ecuadorian government and the galapagos national stop directorate since 1959 they have the permit to do look into and different undertakings on the galapagos having their heart at the charles darwin explore station in the event that you need to find out about their work a visit over yonder will be very instructive further measures are taken by the ecuadorian state occupants and in addition visit administrators did you realize that any exercises that may prompt the elimination of an animal categories or devastation of condition is entirely illegal by ecuadorian law and that reusing works very decent on the galapagos the natural waste on the islands is treated the soil in that spot all the glass-items in galapagos are reused just on the islands and utilized as a feature of clearing stones with regards to terms of vitality the tenants of the captivated islands likewise go clean they execute an ever increasing number of sun oriented plants and wind turbines additionally the anglers who prior were such an extraordinary risk to the earth now begin to choose their prey more reliable when for instance angling for lobsters they do whatever it takes not to get and if so discharge the little youthful lobsters and also female ones with eggs as of now the littlest tenants of the galapagos are educated in school about jeopardized species and how to save them on the off chance that you begin getting desirous that there are individuals who can truly call this heaven their home there is likewise an awful side to it the tenants' lifes are managed in practically every viewpoint in the event that they need to purchase an auto they require a consent on the off chance that they need to work a pontoon they require an authorization on the off chance that they need to amplify their home they require an authorization notwithstanding remodeling a house – needs authorization and the majority of them never acquire that consent yet what's terrible for the general population is useful for the nature only 3 of the islands is permitted to be occupied this gives 97 of the islands just to the creatures and plants to develop unreservedly the visit administrators and vacationers going to the islands additionally need to take after numerous controls so as to help protecting the archipelago the voyage ships need to utilize desalinization frameworks and biodegradable cleansers and shampoos when going to an island you will allways need to wash your shoes not to style up for boobies and iguanas but rather to ensure you don't convey any plant seeds to the island this guarantees no outside plants settle on another island and undermine neighborhood plants doesn't need to be said that you should keep your rubbish in your knapsack the visit guides work not just as guide and money box of insight yet in addition as spies for the sake of nature at whatever point they see a drop in for instance the penguin populace or any visitor making hurt any creature they will report this to the galapagos national stop you see that there are numerous things done to safeguard our valuable so as to at present let our awesome grandchildren and their awesome grandchildren and their – you know how it works – get the joy of appreciating the immense idea of the galapagos we should proceed with our estimations we ought to dependably mind do you protection venture lost year bid the galapagos tortoise is so noteworthy thus solid yet so delicate amid their first years of life which is otherwise called the lost a very long time amid this period the tortoises are more imperiled particularly against those dangers postured by obtrusive species presented by people especially wild pigs and fire ants in spite of the endeavors to take in more about the monster galapagos tortoise it's almost no what is thought about the principal years of their life to see better and to accumulate more data saving the species galapagos preservation trust propelled the lost years advance safeguarding venture a pilot consider began in 2013 in Santa Clause cruz examining new strategies to decide the accomplishment of bring forth the normal for their homes and relative's survival and development galapagos protection trust and galapagos fly out focus need you to be a piece of this essential task and the protection of this radiant species click here on the off chance that you need to take in more about the lost year advance undertaking or tap on give now on the off chance that you need to save the colossal natures of the world don't miss the opportunity to visit an appreciate a standout amongst the most phenomenal common spots of the world solicit one from our outing counsels how to visit the unfathomable galapagos islands and ecuador congrats you have been bought in to name buy in to movement control please fill in the shape and submit to buy in first name last name email join share composed by galapagos travel focus galapagos is a piece of galapagos travel focus and is the biggest online dealer of visits to the galapagos islands related presents a guide on puerto villamil walk 21 2018 incredible creators and the galapagos walk 14 2018 about puerto ayora walk 1 2018 « past post ​galapagos marine life jeopardized next post » what makes the galapagos islands so interesting about us since 1998 has been the world's best hotspot for helpful data and tips about going by the galapagos islands arrangement of the week ★★★ galaven engine yacht may 1-4 4d 3n 2x1 from 973 p.p ask now galapagos travel focus additionally offer treks to the amazon rainforest the good countries of ecuador and peru machu picchu get in touch with us classifications classes labels plunging ecuador galapagos = || keep, extinct, animals, plants, humans, people, land, urban, cities, extinction, |
Climate change

Good Times Have Passed for Mankind

The good days have gone by for humans. Hard times lay ahead in the future ⁍
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Hard times ahead

Time of Aboriginal Arrival Now 65,000 Years

Lost handwriting skills
Madjedbebe archaeological finds show Aborigines have been in Australia for more than 65 millenia. ⁍ shelter earliest excavation axes researchers sediment ⁌ ● time computer aboriginal to arrival numbers 65,000 it years we time figure aboriginal keys arrival text 65,000 in years of time create aboriginal colors arrival code 65,000 software years to time or aboriginal in arrival by 65,000 on years ● ⧫ humans dating artifacts excavation age samples rock researchers madjedbebe axes shelter sediment ancient earliest archaeologist ⧫ ⏏ archaeologist earliest ancient sediment shelter axes madjedbebe researchers rock samples age excavation artifacts dating humans ⏏ ⦿ sand humans study dating layers clarkson site university artifacts stone excavation human date age results luminescence samples determine long dark researchers buried grain people corporation gundjeihmi finding madjedbebe suggests schwenninger email involved provide jacobs team laser colleagues sunlight exposed amount energy shelter rock deepest called sediment continent animals evidence brien dominic migrated ancient axes earliest material studied author archaeologist chris timing ⦿ ∎ timing chris archaeologist author studied material earliest axes ancient migrated dominic brien evidence animals continent sediment called deepest rock shelter energy amount exposed sunlight colleagues laser team jacobs provide involved email schwenninger suggests madjedbebe finding gundjeihmi corporation people grain buried researchers dark long determine samples luminescence results age date human excavation stone artifacts university site clarkson layers dating study humans sand ∎
Madjedbebe Aboriginal art

Facebook Has a Very Long Nose

Plants destroyed in australia
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Facebook is nosey

Are Chinese Australians Loyal to This Country?

 ▶.CASS China relies on Australians of Chinese ethnicity to be loyal, though not to their country of birth. loyal china it cass chinese to mainland on chinese to australians china cass◀ |
It appears that Chinese Australians do not completely support their home nation. Indeed, even those born here have strong feelings for Mainland China. This is a fact. It doesn't matter where they live. They identify themselves as Chinese.  This subculture is dangerous for the country.  ||| cass country to chinese loyal beijing at mainland in cass chinese up australians country |
CASS, the Chinese Australian Services Society supports the Communist line in China. The Department of Foreign Affairs recently received a submission from the clique with advice that seemed like an instruction. It was over the top. Members should do their proclaimed job in childcare and aged-care.
  | || chinese loyal country it australians | ||    
Saying that the government should abandon the ANZAC Pact with the US and New Zealand was ridiculous and was influenced by the government in China. A diplomat who was given asylum in the UK said that the majority of Sino Australians were spies.  This obviously is not far from the truth. |.| not australians . |.|  

The honorary executive director of CASS, Henry Pan, stated: “We are a loyal organization with our primary aim to serve the communities in Australia.”  Unfortunately, Canberra knows that the body takes advice from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in Beijing.  vel news to   | loyal up.
| as mainland | |

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Drinking Issues in Australia

There is much talk about allowing sales of alcohol in service stations and corner stores.  Of course, it is by vested interests in order to make more profit.  The weakness is that allowing small businesses to be distributors will bring on calls by supermarket to stock beer, wine and spirits as well.
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Drinking problem
It is like legalizing marijuana.  It doesn't solve the problem.  Much more is sold though.  The same for alcohol.  Like all drugs there is dependency.  This has a cost to society.  Families suffer most, with wives, husbands and children having to go without necessities.  Let's face it, booze is a multi-million dollar industry.

People who drink too much are flooding into hospitals for treatment.  Indeed, one in six admissions nationwide are alcohol related. Nurses and doctors are calling for body cameras to record assaults.  Western Australia is pushing for "drunk" tanks to be introduced.  It is going to be put forward at the next state election.  They have such a system in the UK.
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Cause of Sudden Death in Young People is Genetic

Sudden death in young people has a genetic cause - Long QT syndrome.
There is a predilection for some young adults to suddenly die. In a way it is similar to cot death: until now the cause was unknown. The "disease" has been identified and is called Long QT syndrome. A third of sudden "unexplained" deaths in people up to their mid thirties die of heart rhythm complications due to the inherited illness. The heart problem is not always evident in autopsies.
Long QT syndrome
Parents can also die of the condition in later life. The faulty gene runs in families and is generally passed on to some offspring. A gene testing study of children having symptoms of heart disease is showing that many carry the gene. 

Ongoing monitoring of youngsters is saving lives.  However, there is no official program that tests all children.  Some, of course are not diagnosed early and it is these who are at risk of sudden death.  It is heart breaking for a family to lose a child in this way,Ea
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
cGenetics by Ty Buchanan
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White Teeth Causes Demand for Gold to Fall

Culture: Gold demand falls with the rise of artificially whitened teeth.
Have you wondered why bystanders interviewed by TV news crews all seem to have terribly bad teeth. The yukky yellow makes it look as thought they have not cleaned their teeth for a year. However, the natural color for teeth is a yellow off-white, not dazzling white.
Gold teeth
Movie stars and nearly all celebrities in the public eye have their teeth artificially whitened. When they choose the shade of white they all obviously choose the brightest white they can get. A great boon for dentists but bad for the mineral industry. The demand for gold for filling teeth has fallen by 60 per cent in the last decade.

Gold "amalgam" is no longer popular. People with gold fillings looked disgusting anyway. The dark color looked too much like tooth decay. New ceramic filling materials in many shaded of white triggered the initial dislike of gold. Whiter than white is the "here to stay" fad.

False teeth could also become a thing of the past as old and young people have teeth implants when the original teeth will not take anymore filling or become diseased. Like the tech industry, culture is changing. People change; tastes change.
 Culture by Ty Buchanan 
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Conservation of Fish is a Losing Battle

Conservation: Overfishing is just as toxic as pollution. G+
We are already running out of food.  If carbon dioxide doesn't kill us diminishing fish stocks will.  Soon, the humble fish and chips will cost too much for most people.  When the crunch comes the decline will be sudden over a period of five years.  It will not be possible to increase fish stocks in the medium term and some fish species will disappear forever.
People must eat and in Asia in particular daily fishing is part of everyday life.  There will be little chance of a freeze on fishing.  It they are allowed to keep fishing and Western countries stop they will export to the lucrative fishing markets and nothing will change.

Manufacturers like Birds Eye are alreading putting "rubbish" fish in their food products rather than the old reliable species.  When you get a fishy taste that is the second rate fish formally called baitfish.  It is so bad that major predators have fallen by 90 percent over the last 50 years.  There is not enough out there for them to eat and sustain themselves.

It is not only fishing that is reducing available stocks, pollution such as plastic bags is also killing fish.  Human control their environment,  they also destroy it.  Soon you will be able to swim safely on beaches because there will not be any sharks left.  Or there could be the odd one looking for his last dinner which could be you!
 Conservation by Ty Buchanan 
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Dingo is a Mystery to Science

Science: Dingo dog came to Australia via Southeast Asian seafarers.
Archaeological evidence shows that dingoes arrived in Australia 4,000 years ago.  There is no mystery as to who brought them.  Southeast Asian seafarers did land in Australia to get fresh water and herbs to treat constipation.
Dingo is Australia
Dingo in Australia
The dingo is common across the world today, all the way from India to the Pacific islands.  In news videos you see dogs roaming about the street in the background that are absolutely identical to the dingo, same upright tail, same color coat.
Dingo is India
Dingo in India
People chosen as the distributor of the dingo are the Lapita who moved eastward out into the pacific.  This choice is just for convenience.  It is definitely wrong.  The dog is common everywhere.  Let's face it, Timor is so close to Australia that sailors obviously landed here, often.

Genetic evidence places the origin of dingoes in China.  This is only where the breed began.  It rapidly spread to every country in Asia and Southeast Asia.  The dog is definitely a meat eater though.  It does not have the capacity to digest starch, so it is said that they did not live with agricultural people.  But weren't the Chinese mainly farmers 4,000 years ago?  They still are!  Dingoes are ancestors of modern dogs, not the other way around.
 Science by Ty Buchanan 
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Science Discovers Extrovert-Introvert Continuum

Science: Extroverts and introverts are on a continuum.
Do you mix with others easily?  Are you a loner?  Human beings can be categorized as extrovert or introvert.  There appears not to be a continuum to give variety to the species.  You are either one or the other.
Extrovert versus introvert
Don't get me wrong here.  Introverts can rise to the occasion and mix in a group.  Oddly, many introverts become entertainers to bring themselves out and beat their fears.  Clearly though, extroverts love other people and get lonely quickly, whereas introverts thrive doing things on their own.

After a noisy party where alcohol has temporarily changed introverts into extroverts.  The basically quieter type starts worrying about what he/she said at the bash.  The mixers just get on with life and don't fear anything.

Wait on.  Research has shown the people do fit on a continuum.  We cannot all be divided into either mixer or loner, not totally.  To make it simpler scientists have coined the phrase "ambiverts" for those in the middle.  This is very simplistic and smacks of keeping an established system alive.  No, we all different.  We are human aren't we?
Science by Ty Buchanan 
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