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Higher Risk of Cancer for Tall People

Tall versus short
Tall than average people do have to worry about their healh. Research shows that they are more prone to cancer than short people. Those who are fat also have a higher risk. It is because they have more cells. With cell division faults occur and cancer can be the result. More cells mean a higher danger.

Australians Want Government to Introduce a Sugar Tax

The government is not doing what is wanted by the majority of Australians. Most are pushing for tax on products containing a high amount of sugar. A tax is required they say. It seems the Prime Minister is backing the large companies producing sweet goods. The Health Star labelling system and the Food Partnership advertising a good diet are not sufficient 0 Kind in report to time on nutrition or that's of policy || star partnership || Kind report time nutrition that's policy 0 " carbonated price increase reduce study dollars sales costs prevent evidences influence children effects alcohol problem consumers taxes week reduction imposing reduced prices buy small effective ounce bmi taxation reduces tobacco increases weight percent brownell intervention analysis based conclusion social problems rudd encourage generate site super pediatric total people imposed healthier medical disease economic convincing theory curb decrease thomas researchers sugary demand elasticity long andreyeva sale excise containers larger caloric effect measure approach shows company prevention expenses revenues income annual million estimated gallon life solutions medibank big billion threats carbonate flaws carried prove properties tefft frisvold fletcher mortality sensitive adults young adult studies consumer demonstrates at-risk gain period advocate regular raised journal purchases beverage soda research higher person calorie cent forms factor rise bad obese prevalence " ! ! ; healthcare it up we do coalition at healthy so foods as beverages or healthcare coalition healthy foods beverages cost consumption nutrition soft drinks diabetes ; + tie australians say wants he government let introduce gov by sub sugar of tax on
+ $ aye australians stay wants was government hi introduce by sugar pad tax at | | $ % of australians run wants hi government ho introduce ha by in sugar on tax or % ~ do australians play wants yet government ok introduce as by so sugar do tax up | | ~ *
sugars added town position fresh lot address statement coalition healthcare water healthy christensen foods issue removed federal expensive beverages salt free ncd mexico cost support change lead consumption australian nutrition hsr times soft introduced years happen country behaviour diabetes public australia drink tatz obesity it's drinks health-sweetened ama * = ama health-sweetened drinks it's obesity tatz drink australia public diabetes behaviour country happen years introduced soft times hsr nutrition australian consumption lead change support cost mexico ncd free salt beverages expensive federal removed issue foods christensen healthy water healthcare coalition statement address lot fresh position town added sugars =
Buzz Aldrin sees UFO

Stroke Treatment With Old Drugs

People having strokes will be helped via medications given by ambulance paramedics. ⁍ anticoagulants blood patient prescription medicine monitoring ⁌ ● stroke computer treatment to old numbers drugs it with we stroke figure treatment keys old text drugs in with of stroke make treatment colors old code drugs software with to stroke or treatment on old by drugs on with ● ⧫ warfarin patient studies prescription medicine anticoagulants preventing benefits blood monitoring cost-effective strokes ⧫
Once upon a time ⏏ strokes cost-effective monitoring blood benefits preventing anticoagulants medicine prescription studies patient warfarin ⏏ ⦿ warfarin coverage drug insurance patients cost pay study patient stroke-preventing doacs medicare cardiovascular doac need studies informed don't barnes choose expensive pocket prevent costs risk prescription cost-effective anticoagulants viewpoint pricey medicine based decision part age they'll individual strokes preventing costly benefit time means money face hole donut picture standpoint patient's account benefits dabigatran society blood market monitoring inexpensive oral direct cost-effectiveness conditions researchers called extra view eye doesn't choice cost effectiveness ⦿ ∎ effectiveness cost choice doesn't eye view extra called researchers conditions cost-effectiveness direct oral inexpensive monitoring market blood society dabigatran benefits account patient's standpoint picture donut hole face money means time benefit costly preventing strokes individual they'll age part decision based medicine pricey viewpoint anticoagulants newer cost-effective prescription risk costs prevent pocket expensive choose barnes don't informed studies need doac cardiovascular medicare doacs stroke-preventing patient study pay patients insurance drug coverage warfarin ∎

New Eyesight Treatments From Elovanoid Identification

Plants destroyed in australia
New discovery will assist threatments of the eyes and improve eyesight for people of all ages ● new computer eyesight to treatments numbers elovanoid it identification new figure eyesight keys treatments text elovanoid in identification new create eyesight colors treatments code elovanoid software identification new or eyesight in treatments by elovanoid on identification ● ⧫ gene therapy medicine degeneration cells brain disease stem vessels blood immunity dna doctors antibodies ⧫ ☀ antibodies doctors dna immunity blood vessels stem disease brain cells degeneration medicine therapy gene ☀ ⦿ gene topics vision news therapy loss medicine amd safe study science health eye humans latest degeneration macular age-related top virus wet therapeutic researchers science cells patients suggests brain hopkins johns fluid people viruses trial effective clinical small view disease retinal campochiaro injections preliminary page share social learning technology energy browse sciences risk genes read participants group preserving introduce experimental shown collaborators releases  medical mobile free follow email education stem intelligence computers biotechnology life animals weight women men living depression mind eyes show genetic july source reduction showed dose vessels blood abnormal growth need research staff provide content terms privacy contribute site contact feedback leave apps date rss newsletters updated world educational psychology issues society lost early holes environment climate biology food quantum artificial space system solar matter time physics diet care skin alzheimer aids hiv heart diseases cancer personalized creating immunity ethical sleep waves spur coffee dna encoded movie replay scientists potential mice rich faces link oxygen predict blindness anti-aging rehabilitation common leading drug cheap prescribe doctors nhs lancet phase advanced materials story needed antibodies estimated safety amount treatment standard observed reactions adverse groups produce weeks investigators repeated discomfort approach protein factories proteins macula called ⦿ ∎ called macula proteins factories protein approach discomfort investigators repeated weeks produce groups adverse reactions observed standard treatment amount safety estimated antibodies needed story materials advanced phase lancet nhs doctors prescribe cheap drug leading older common rehabilitation anti-aging blindness predict oxygen link faces rich mice potential scientists replay movie encoded dna coffee spur waves sleep ethical immunity creating personalized cancer diseases heart hiv aids alzheimer skin care diet physics time matter solar system space artificial quantum food biology climate environment holes early lost society issues psychology educational world updated newsletters rss date apps leave feedback contact site contribute privacy terms content provide staff research need growth abnormal blood vessels dose showed reduction source july genetic show eyes home mind depression living men women weight animals life biotechnology computers intelligence stem education email follow free mobile medical releases collaborators shown experimental introduce preserving group participants read genes risk sciences browse energy technology learning social share page preliminary injections campochiaro retinal disease view small clinical effective trial viruses people fluid johns hopkins brain suggests patients cells science researchers therapeutic wet virus top age-related macular degeneration latest humans eye health science daily study safe amd medicine loss therapy news vision topics gene ∎
Eye doctor

Hospital system Ignores the Frail Elderly

Plants destroyed in australia
| When an aged person goes to a public hospital the real trouble begins: they do not get necessary treatment. Beds are only for the young. || insurance health patients residential demands national carers pensioner nursing attitudes food conspiracy aged
|| system hospital screen system words ignores lettering frail page elderly to hospital internet system computer ignores to type on hospital data frail system figure ignores keys elderly text frail in hospital letters ignores keyboard elderly paragraph system create hospital colors ignores code software elderly eh hospital color system or frail up || aged conspiracy food attitudes in nursing pensioner carers on national demands residential patients health insurance || aged union place short big schools private list university health universities bizarre biggest companies global sinkholes space london theories conspiracy history comedy passed stars insults woody food good australia stop published leaders involving commission month common issue examples overlooked warned making sign paul quality shadow attitudes nursing college executive chief setting personal convention pensioner national carers speak demands spoken extreme signed year residential country pensioners patients nov rights insurance feb politicians workers prevent skip ||
skip prevent workers politicians feb insurance rights nov patients pensioners country residential year signed extreme spoken demands speak carers national pensioner convention personal setting chief executive college nursing attitudes shadow quality paul sign making warned overlooked examples issue common month commission involving leaders published stop australia good food woody insults stars passed comedy history conspiracy theories london space sinkholes global companies biggest bizarre universities health university list private schools big short place union aged ||
Elderly patient

Farmers to Benefit From Takeover of Dendrimer Process

Plants destroyed in australia
| Aussie tech once again goes overseas. A new method to increase the potency of herbicide has been purchase by a North American company. farmers screen takeover farmers internet benefit computer dendrimer agrium Starpharma polymer chemical technology test research farmers data benefit figure takeover numbers technology chemical agrium test research polymer Starpharma farmers letters benefit create takeover paragraph dendrimer keyboard process Starpharma polymer research test agrium chemical technology farmers colors benefit software takeover hardware dendrimer code process agtrader forecasts wool sheepmeat export sales digital || canadian pesticides fertilisers, medical processing graziers farming crops biodiversity vegetation company || clearing news queensland labor land tree weather state laws hectares government federal policy attack house story native grass analysis administration win property waters green cleared ground improving pollution carbon phentermine sites growing balance barrier pushing preferences happen power national argued outcomes worsens improve thinning southern grazier farmer states climate water africa future africa’s agribusiness food countries management health cities social partners events agricultural intensification african produce resources sustainable energy series corrections conditions privacy address masterclass writing pitching institutions contributing funders audience team community mental cancer good point comment population tax-deductible exports partnerships accompanied support expand staple require high damage potential approach products foodstuffs basic importing constraints deal result grow opportunities united editions livestock farm product pharmaceutical sponsored direct beef forum ag-chem market active cropping machinery horticulture cotton grains buy sale reports bank farms farmonline smart fast-tracks  knowledge work herbicides formulations enhance glyphosate boost sell field industry including network yass planet barley paddocks welfare animal effective excited worked applications stability ingredients solubility ingredient plant dendrimers develop activities valuable application efficiency processes giant promises effectiveness dairy sheep |  |
Dendrimer system

Cat Sits at Pink Spot

Square cat
"This is my spot."
Cat thinks he is in the movies standing on the mark. photos pink no spot in ball regions teeth determine common owner important examined  funny to cat on pink no stairs hands external jump pancreas don part check thyroid  funny on cat at pink of sits at spot  functions general main light males pupils notice neck medicine  cat is pink an sits to dangerous order nose preventative tumblr healthy won suffering jawbone  funny or cat as pink at sits it spot  anal quickly give chin earlier fact practice dandruff bright  cat pink in straight-on mentioned pages red debris covering level easy bumps declawed  cat it pink to facebook yahoo bowel nasty gmail doctor clients ears showing worth  spot to sits at call cloudy cotton subscribe good cats urogenital people time spot is sits in joints  conditions lungs finger examining mats usual rub knowing large sits it bones areas prominent attention area tail color including identical eye veterinarian navigation weight messenger late remember infections redness shape find difficult skin gently chair change thickness medications face exam loving aol caught recognize easier bone checking search twitter kidneys counterparts problems side develop movements specific behavior mail abdominal small size present normal concern diagnosed illness house illnesses active should not Whisker docs places harder observations kill diabetes discharge pain fur anatomy talk disease signs fine precious cured vet years organs eyelid hair blood question glands newsletter blind tongue long loss kitty externally needed linkedin starting feel uniform paws reddit swollen hyperthyroidism symptoms treated diagnose reading cornea underlying amount body kitty’s stop health heart lumps intestines tip similar examine place questions liver white black tails sick medication early obvious sign eyes feline equivalent easily chest mouth walk frequent legs gums owners bookmarks aware watch visible learn cat’s flea x-rays information day 3rd pads bladder save diseases email humans left malfunction clean picture menu sleeping complicated head care coming pinterest kidney cancer treatable great need job conclusion life upper painful internal front activity infection comb times  job need great treatable cancer kidney pinterest coming care head complicated sleeping menu picture clean malfunction left humans email diseases save bladder pads 3rd day information x-rays flea cat’s learn visible site watch aware bookmarks owners gums legs frequent walk mouth chest easily equivalent feline eyes sign obvious early medication sick tails black white liver questions place examine similar tip simple intestines lumps heart health stop kitty’s body amount underlying cornea reading diagnose treated symptoms hyperthyroidism swollen reddit paws uniform feel starting linkedin needed externally kitty loss long tongue blind newsletter glands question blood hair eyelid organs years vet cured precious fine signs disease talk anatomy fur pain discharge diabetes kill observations harder places treatment Whisker docs should not active illnesses house illness diagnosed pet concern normal present size small abdominal mail behavior specific movements develop side problems counterparts kidneys twitter search checking bone easier recognize caught aol loving exam face medications thickness change chair gently skin difficult find shape redness infections remember late messenger weight navigation veterinarian eye identical including color tail area attention prominent areas bones large knowing rub usual mats examining finger lungs post conditions joints time people urogenital cats good subscribe cotton cloudy visit call worth showing ears clients doctor gmail nasty bowel human yahoo facebook declawed bumps easy level covering debris red pages mentioned straight-on bright dandruff practice fact earlier chin give quickly anal jawbone suffering won healthy tumblr preventative nose order dangerous medicine neck notice pupils males light home main general functions thyroid check part don pancreas jump external hands stairs examined important owner free common determine teeth regions ball news times comb infection page activity front internal painful upper life conclusion Crocodile Caterpillar Cockroach Ibis Bear Bull Bloodhound Beetle Seahorse Pointer Cougar Rhinoceros Chicken Octopus Deer Turkey Bison Weasel Newt Jackal Camel Tortoise Whale turtle monkey tiger snake frog wombat tetra wallaby sparrow kangaroo dragon shark cow gorilla woodpecker whale owl penguin elephant fish fowl snail dogfish swan bear magpie weasel mastiff warthog blue termite lizard bull platypus salamander toad seahorse dugong robin beetle sponge echidna vulture wildebeest dingo spoonbill zebra otter crab toucan rhinoceros tarsier rottweiler buffalo eagle utan stoat skunk tortoise zebu deer parrot angora dolphin scorpion spider stingray wrasse | photos |
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Government Cuts Health and Technology Funding

  | Government is managing the economy poorly in health & technology health funding high court article highlights government elite excellent daniel hannan telegraph edition title technology breathtaking government brazenness referendum campaign british household eu official publication technology on health funding clear statement remainers formal government stronger I am confident technology or health constitutional propriety pro-eu legal battle parliamentary vote due process it sheer technology it health on funding does case niceties sudden somersault molotov-ribbentrop supremacy victorian was not sovereignty everyone ultimate power particular parliament commons didn’t tack david fuller uk political parties theresa may supreme court’s approval mps prime generalelection cross-party support gravy train personal option inevitably. |
For a coalition government that presumes to understand the business sector, its common sense is lacking. For any private sector to flourish the public arena must be supported. Employees are leaving the health and science sectors in droves. |
Health and technology spending cuts
Tony Abbott pulled the carpet out from under these areas and Malcolm Turnbull has continued the policy. Nurses are flying out to the UK where working conditions, as well as pay, are far superior. Medical research cannot get enough funding from pharmaceutical companies. Government money is essential to get projects off the ground. CSIRO is on its knees as skilled worker with decades of experience are sacked. They get their families together and head off to greener pastures overseas.

Even worse then this, Australian health has been abandoned by the federal government as parliament withholds tax and spends it on other secondary things. States are now expected to find the full cost of running the medical system. This is absolute madness and cannot be sustained. It is common knowledge that Malcolm Turnbull wants complete privatization.
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Glass Ceiling for Women in Medicine

You would think that the medical profession would be equal for both sexes in regard to career opportunities by now. Unfortunately, this it not the case in Australia. It occurs even though medical schools have reached gender parity for enrolments. In many schools women are in the majority.
Women female surgeons
Leadership positions are still dominated by men. This is more so specialty areas. Old cultural values have inertia: the US, UK and Canada have the same problem. In Sweden research has shown that women medicos seek high positions just as much as men. Yet even there men dominate leadership and specialties.

The average for women CEOs in Australian hospitals is only 12.5 percent. This is absurdly low. Female deans of medical schools and government chief medical officers average about 30 per cent. Women in specialty stands at 16 per cent: they are overwhelmingly in pathology, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology holding just over half of these positions nationally. Female surgeons number about 10 per cent.

"Experts" have put this down to self doubt about doing the job, difficult hours and more years of training. This is a load of hogwash. it is cultural inertia that keeps things the way they are and men want this to continue forever!
 Sociology by Ty Buchanan 
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Unhappiness Does Not Shorten Life

Being happy helps you to live longer right? Wrong! The grumpy old man is real. He just makes life miserable for everybody else. People have to earn a living. Many jobs, particularly the monotonous production line ones, are boring, tedious and soul destroying. Unhappiness is the consequence.
Happy elderly women
Poor health can also contribute to discontent. Unfortunately, only a group of women in their sixties were surveyed. This is neither young or old. I wonder why they didn't examine elderly people? Ah well, scientists work in mysterious ways.

If you are chronically ill, you could behave in a way that does shorten your life, like giving up exercise and adopting a poor diet. Some even harm themselves which does damage the body, but does not really shorten life.

It seems 83 per cent of women in their sixties are "generally" happy. This is very high. It needs to be qualified, however, as 44 per cent said they were "usually" happy. There was another choice: "happy most of the time". Isn't this the same as " usually" happy? Thirty nine per cent chose "most of the time". Throw in unnecessary choices and you get odd results. There was a strong correlation between being ill and unhappiness.

Older women were happy if they enjoyed the following conditions: were physically active, had a partner, not deprived, mixed socially, participated in church and slept well. Some of these are out of one's control, like being married and having wealth. For the most part happiness is beyond our control.
 Society by Ty Buchanan 
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In the West, surgery will continue to be the best option. Expensive surgery is for the most part not available in developing countries. The new eye drops will have most impact on these nations when it is eventually perfected.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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Legalize Marijuana - Be Careful What You Wish For!

Ninety three percent of Australians support the adoption of marijuana for medical use. This is despite the fact that no trial has shown any pain relieving properties in the drug whatsoever.  So we are going to relax the driving laws to allow people under the influence to drive - not bloody likely!
Marijuana for medical use
Can you imagine a guest at a party making a fool of himself while taking marijuana with others powerless to do anything about it? Sure, the drug makes you relaxed and dopey, but that is no excuse to force it on passersby.

It is not the genuine patients with cancer, Parkinson's disease, or glaucoma that may benefit from its improved well being properties, what we have to be careful of is doctor shoppers who go around pestering GPs to write scripts, like the current situation for opiates.

The government is planning to legalized marijuana for medical use. let us hope that tough safeguards are in place to block access to those in the general public who are only after a quick high.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Sick Dog

"I am real poorly."
Funny Animal Pictures
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Link Between Diabetes and TB

There could be link to diet for tuberculosis. It seems people with diabetes are likely to also have tuberculosis in tropical Australia. Little is said about it, but tuberculosis is the leading cause of bacterial death in the world. It has also been known for some time about the predilection to have tuberculosis in people with diabetes.
link between diabetes and tuberculosis tb
It could be a "racial" trait. Australian Aboriginals and those of Torres Strait descent are high on the list. having diabetes makes sufferers susceptible to immune dysregulation with opens people to infection generally. It is only rational to screen those with diabetes for tuberculosis. This is not currently done.

It is not known if dysregulation is the cause of problem. Historical data is not much help because diabetes was not an identifiable disease while TB was, in past centuries. Research is being done to find find the reason for it. Reduce the prevalence of diabetes and cases of TB fall. It is as simple as that.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Accurate Data on Autism is Required

The number of autism cases is increasing. It is largely due to new diagnostic processes. This masks the real situation, so it is not knows what the actual increase is. It appears that many people who are now teenagers were overlooked and do have autism.
Very old data are the basis of case numbers. One in 5,000 of United States citizens suffered from the ailment in 1975. These data are far too old to be meaningful. A survey in 2002 showed one in 500 were autistic. Such a disparity means an accurate investigation must be done. It jumped to one in 68 in 2012. This is absurd!

Sure, reclassification has affected the results but knowing what is really happening is paramount. Because nearly all of those with autism are supported by welfare, government needs to know actual numbers. Oddly, Penn State University in the US found no increase in attendance at special schools. Where are these people going? Are they living a life of isolation?

On closer examination is seems that they are at special schools, being moved from one mental incapacity classification to autism. Just stating that autism is not increasing is not good enough. New diagnostic methods notwithstanding, the real numbers must be identified.
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