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Higher Risk of Cancer for Tall People

Tall versus short
Tall than average people do have to worry about their healh. Research shows that they are more prone to cancer than short people. Those who are fat also have a higher risk. It is because they have more cells. With cell division faults occur and cancer can be the result. More cells mean a higher danger.

Security Not Possible With My Health Record (MHR)

My Health Record generates many questions for Australian. Soon Australia will have the system which is a summary of their health data online. You can choose to cancel after three months (October 150 but it will not be deleted. Do nothing a record will be created automatically. The storage project aimed at giving doctors and patients access medical information in a timely manner. Organ donations, test results and referral letter will all be there. Government.

"but concerns safety of personal, sensitive data. questions project social media, ranged police access platform's cybersecurity. abc sat tim kelsey, head australian digital health agency (adha) man charge initiative, answered. record works patient, health record information maintained doctor? choose opt health record. one, doctors upload health information ask to. screen showing health record creation options. set health record mygov. (screenshot: health record) when doctor, discuss adding (or not) documents overview health, summary prescribed medications referral letters. remember, comprehensive picture health — contain doctors choose upload, depend quality those records. when first access system, you'll decide years medicare benefits schedule, pharmaceutical benefits scheme, australian immunisation register, australian organ donor register data uploaded. doctor accesses record first selection yourself, data uploaded automatically — you've opted record all. want, delete restrict access those documents later. not australian hospitals health services connected health record that's something check visit. when prescription, ask update health record? does vary provider? doctors upload information prescribed medications, discussed above, worth discussing each time doctor. happens health record die? health record information held 30 years death. date known, kept 30 years birth. person blood pressure tested. australians opt health record july 6. (unsplash: rawpixel) private health insurance companies access? insurers shouldn't able access record — reserved people work registered healthcare provider authorised provide care.

plans aggregated, anonymised health record data research purposes — known ""secondary use"". health record information used research public health purposes de-identified form, identified form expressly consented consumer,"" department health spokesperson said. currently, users platform tick box web portal opt secondary use. secondary uses public benefit ""solely"" commercial, insurance agencies allowed participate. however, ""the impact exclusion"" considered department health's framework governing secondary health record data reviewed, according framework document. australian organisations (and overseas, certain circumstances), including australian pharmaceutical companies, able apply access health record data approved secondary purposes.
"" expect data flow 2020,"" mr kelsey added. opt-out period opt out? three key ways: visiting opting online portal. over phone calling 800 723 471. paper completing form returning mail. forms available 2,385 rural remote australia post outlets, 46 aboriginal community controlled health organisations 36 prisons.
happens people health record, decide opt out? opt july october 5, record automatically created you. october 5, ""one-month reconciliation period"" health records registered. records created mid-november. cancel record, data contained still exist (although inaccessible health providers) 30 years death. smartphone track mental health? woman holds smartphone. technology trusted track mental health? record automatically generated doctor uploads document opt-out period, create yourself? according adha, doctors can't upload clinical documents health record system patient record exists. children born — opt out? opt-out period, newly eligible healthcare recipients, immigrants australia parents newborn children, given chance elect health record part medicare registration. protection data service provider manage infrastructure ensure vulnerable cyber-attack? platform built technology provider accenture, however adh starting discussions ""re-platforming"" it. independent third parties audit system's security undertake penetration testing, according mr kelsey, security experts warn impossible online database entirely bullet proof. remember too, documents created downloaded doctors stored local it system depend system's security. doctor downloads files health record, what's stop sharing those files practice? default, online documents accessible healthcare providers. privacy concerns, log health record restrict sees it: set record access code give healthcare professionals access record. restrict certain documents, set limited document access code. controls overridden emergency. mentioned above, document removed health record system, reach access controls. gp allow another staff member access record, potential punishment?
someone accesses health record legal authorisation person ""knows reckless fact"", criminal civil penalties apply. where users information accessed record? health record users able looked record checking access history online.
they'll able accessed, organisation accessed — documents added, modified removed,

example — individual doctor accessed it. set email sms alert healthcare organisation accesses record first time. privacy commissioner recommends checking regularly unexpected unauthorised access. call adh 800 723 471 think something's gone wrong. several apps connect health record. adh ensure secure? apps healthi health engine, recently ran trouble, authorised adh ""show"" people health record. according mr kelsey, third party app developers display health record — ""at moment, view-only"" — store data. table showing medicare information preferences health record users decide medicare information uploaded. (screenshot: health record) providers undergo ""strict assessment"" abide portal operator registration agreement, according adha. agreement demands download store health record information system, pass data third party. "" currently planning provide access 'view-only' app community,"" said. police law enforcement rules policies guide adha's decision grant access law enforcement? adh authorised law disclose someone's health information ""reasonably believes"" necessary preventing investigating crimes protecting public revenue, things specified section 70 health records act. agency unable provide definition ""protecting public revenue"" deadline. when receives law enforcement request, adh determine legitimate request enforcement body. ""while agency assesses each formal request case case basis, operating policy release information request subject judicial oversight,"" adh said. "" access support public confidence trust system object health record act agency deny request. law enforcement bodies granted direct access health record: adh disclosure would limited necessary satisfy purpose request. adh received requests law enforcement access records? mr kelsey police requests received yet. users informed data released law enforcement? personal information disclosed law enforcement, decision notify health record holder decided ""case-by-case"". likewise, healthcare provider organisations informed patient's data accessed. release police recorded written note stored adha."
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My Health Record
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Fingernails on a Blackboard is an Illness?

If you are born tone deaf and someone sings out of tune, do you feel discomfort? You certainly do. Your brain senses discomforting sound whether your conscious self can sense it or not.  You will probably leave the room first if you are a music professional.
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Fingernails on a blackboard
Drawing one's nail over a blackboard will stir up many people. However, others are not disturbed at all. Individuals do differ, but everyone has this "warning" system built in.  Though the list of things that have this effect are not the same for all.

It seems odd for someone to suggest that it is a medical condition. When disturbed most suffer in silence. The really sensitive do make a "song and dance" about it. Misophonia is when a person is so disturbed that the "fight or flight" reaction is triggered.

Scientists claim that MRI scans of frontal lobes are different for acute sufferers. Well, it would be if those upset experienced sweating and an increased heart rate. Effect is being labelled has the cause. This is a mistake!
Tys Outback
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Lung Disease Healed by Stem Cells

Stem cells are magical in the things they can do. Just about every ailment they are aimed at succumbs to them. It could be that in the future it will be the most-used method of treatment.  There is a case for fast-tracking treatment to help those with chronic illnesses.
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease copd
Two patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were injected with adult stem cells. After only a month they improved. A study of nine people also having the condition were given stem cells taken from bone marrow. Inflammation was reduced significantly.

There has not been any method of treatment for COPD until the use of stem cells came to the fore. It is estimated that nearly 15 per cent of Australians over 40 have the disease.  This is incredibly high and hard to believe.

The major symptom is difficulty breathing. A reduction in inflammation improves lung function. Dr Moodley who announced the research findings said the treatment could save governments millions of dollars. It seems odd that a physician's main priority is economic rather than patient welfare!
 Health by Ty Buchanan 
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People Know a Health Diet

Health: We know the correct foods to eat but we ignore it.
Understanding good nutrition is very easy. Eat plenty of vegetables in as wide a range as possible. Have meat about every other day. Only eat processed food if you have to for social reasons. That couldn't be simpler could it? However, people are still looking for fad ways to change their body to idealized proportions.
Vegetables for good health
We also know the best way to live our lives but we ignore it. People like the taste of takeaway food and consume it in extreme amounts. Frozen processed meals contain huge amount of added sugar, salt a already processed ingredients. Young people do not buy and prepare fresh vegetables for cooking anymore. Most of us also do not do enough exercise. Many imbibe alcohol while watching a downloaded movie just about every night.

There isn't much doubt that eating copious amounts of tasty food is a pleasant pastime. Food certainly isn't consumed to stay alive. It is an end in itself. There is a price to pay with the burden on the health system increasing every day. Treatment for non-infectious diseases is rapidly rising. Cardiovascular disease, cancer and musculoskeletal problems are becoming "normal". People just accept them as part of life.

Oh, and stay away from bread, potatoes and white rice. They may be good to sustain the poor, but eaten daily they will kill you! Bread and rice have only been around for 10,000 years. This is a very short time. Humans did not evolve to deal with them.
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LSD Chemistry Rises Again

Chemistry: Psychedelic drugs are again in vogue to treat addictions and PTSD.
What goes around comes around. That's how history is. Things that were old become young and "new" to a rising generation. Remember in the 1960s when experimentation with psychedelic was condemned as dangerous? Well now in many Western countries a lot of regulated trials are being done.
Woman takes lsd
It has been found that the drugs are effective in treating addiction of things like alcohol dependency and cigarettes. Those who suffer from anxiety and depression can also benefit. Whether taking psychedelic drugs in addictive in itself is not yet clear.

The most interesting and successful discovery was 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Victims of sexual assault, emergency responders, and police showed amazing results when given MDMA along with intensive psychotherapy. It is hoped that the Federal Drug Administration will enable it to be used by clinicians in 2021. Unfortunately, Australia is backward in coming forward. Politicians here are a bit old hat and live in the past believing that psychedelics are evil.
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan 
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The French Make Foam Injection Bone Repair

What are the French good for? Supplying top class engineers to Britain because they still use the rote system in education maybe? The French do have some good ideas though. They have come up with a way to strengthen bones.
Calcium phosphate foam cement
For years foam has been injected into walls of houses to improve insulation. The concept has been adapted to health. Calcium phosphate cement has been used for some time to repair bones. It is a bone substitute during surgery. The compound has now been made into a foam. It can be injected into bone to repair defects. Tests have shown it regenerates bone growth in osteoporosis treatment.
Calcium phosphate foam cement texture
French chemists at the University of Nantes have used hydrogen to push air bubbles into the calcium phosphate compound. These cavities enable new bone growth to strengthen weakened bones.  Medical breakthroughs are ongoing.  It is a pity health provision in all countries of the world is failing while new treatment techniques continue.
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Glass Ceiling for Women in Medicine

You would think that the medical profession would be equal for both sexes in regard to career opportunities by now. Unfortunately, this it not the case in Australia. It occurs even though medical schools have reached gender parity for enrolments. In many schools women are in the majority.
Women female surgeons
Leadership positions are still dominated by men. This is more so specialty areas. Old cultural values have inertia: the US, UK and Canada have the same problem. In Sweden research has shown that women medicos seek high positions just as much as men. Yet even there men dominate leadership and specialties.

The average for women CEOs in Australian hospitals is only 12.5 percent. This is absurdly low. Female deans of medical schools and government chief medical officers average about 30 per cent. Women in specialty stands at 16 per cent: they are overwhelmingly in pathology, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology holding just over half of these positions nationally. Female surgeons number about 10 per cent.

"Experts" have put this down to self doubt about doing the job, difficult hours and more years of training. This is a load of hogwash. it is cultural inertia that keeps things the way they are and men want this to continue forever!
 Sociology by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Chromium is Carcinogenic at Any Level - Beware Weight Loss Pills!

Chromium like mercury has a bad name. We have all heard of mercury poisoning. It is a nasty and potentially fatal condition. Many miners today suffer from it particularly in developing countries where workplace health and safety is non-existent.
ulcer from chromium poisoning
Chromium comes in a variety of forms. It is used in compound with other metals. Its main use is for chrome plating, an industry which is fading as people turn to plastic based alternatives.  Chromium poisoning can occur through breathing in dust, eating, drinking, skin absorption and smoking.  Symptoms include dermatitis, asthma, ulcers, general infection, mucus membrane inflammation, burns on skin, respiratory tract inflammation, conjunctivitis with ulcers and lung cancer.

It is disconcerting to hear that chromium supplements are being offered to lose weight. Like smoking, general body inflammation can keep one skinny, but it is an irrational thing to do. The US Academy of Science claims that 200 micrograms a day is safe. The latest research points to Chromium being carcinogenic at any level.
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan 
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Australia's Redback Spider

One of Australia's best-lmown spiders is the Redback Spider Latrodectus hasseltii, a close relative of America's Black Widow Spider.  It is easily identified by the wonderfully striking orange/red slash on its glossy black (sometimes brown) body.  The Redback Spider was immortalised in Slim Newton’s 1972 hit song Redback on the Toilet Seat:
                   There was a Redbnck on the toilet seat
                       When I was there last night,
                       I didn't see him in the dark but boy
                       I felt his bite.
It Probably wasn't a male spider that bit the man in the toilet. Only the female that bites. A male redback is only about a tenth of the female's size.  He has fangs but they usually can't penetrate human skin.
Redback spider
Redbacks spin their webs in dry sheltered areas under rocks or logs. They also frequent human places - under eaves, floorboards, garden sheds, in junk piles, gardens and the outdoor dunny!  Their webs are spun from spider silk, which is amazing stuff.  It comes from glands in the spider’s abdomen.  Different glands create different silks for varying purposes. Silk can be used for building a web delivering sperm, holding eggs in a sac, lining burrows and catching prey in sticky nets or single threads. You can recognize a redback”s web because it is tangled and rnessy, not a beautiful work of art like the orb weaver’s.

Hundreds of redback bites are reported each year. A Redback Spider bite can be very painful and a victim may also sweat, become weak, feel sick and vomit. The best thing to do is put an icepack on the bitten area and get the person to hospital for treatment.   Someone should try to collect the spider to be sure of its type.  

Thankfully, today there is antivenom that can be injected into the victim to treat the bite.  There have been no deaths from redback spider bites since the antivenom has been available.To make spider antivenom, first you need to get venom from the spider. For redbacks this means dissecting (cutting open) the glands and tissues of the spider. The purified venom is then injected into horses, in small but gradually increasing doses.  The horse produces antibodies to fight the venom. These are taken from the horse using a needle so the life-saving antivenom can be made.

Spiders are arthropods. They have an exoskeleton, an outer skeleton.  They moult and shed their outer skeleton as they grow, replacing it with a new, larger exoskeleton.  Most spiders are nocturnal, being active at night.  Silk line can be as thin as 0.004 millimetres.  Some spiders create silk to cast lures while others use silk to help build a cover for their home's entrance. and others use silk to travel on the wind. Net casting spiders make a small web, a net, which they stretch out to catch their prey.   Jumping spiders stand and jump on their prey. 
 Australiana by Ty Buchanan 
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Genetic Treatment for Diabetes Type 2

Diabetics will not change their lifestyle food genetics
The hope of genetic treatment may be scuttled as it is becoming known that we have good and bad genes but their behavior depends on whether they are turned on or off. Apparently this changes throughout the day let alone over the years.

A new endeavor to study diabetes and diet could also be a waste of time. Even sufferers know that diabetes type 2 is caused by eating the wrong food. However, few people will change their lifestyle. A genetic predisposition could add to this. Yet, with the number of medications taken today the link between long term prescription use, genetics and food is a hard nut to crack. Including a third factor makes understanding the issue much more difficult.

As always, research will be done on mice for the genetic/food duo. Unfortunately, mice may be mammals, but they ain't human. Finding a cure for diabetes 2 is way down the track. Scientists will be messing around in the lab collecting data on mice for at least 10 years.
Genetics  by Ty Buchanan
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