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Scientists Make Claims on Flimsy Evidence

▶ Scientists makes outlandish statements based on unsubstantiated research documentation corroboration, Scientists at make to claims up flimsy ah evidence hi data he Scientists an make it claims no flimsy at evidence ah data eh Scientists up make as claims is flimsy of evidence ox data oh Scientists eh make ah claims oh flimsy be evidence as data us Scientists in make is claims of flimsy eh evidence we expert specialist construct compose assertion affirmation feeble inadequate MD bones doc expert general practitioner healer intern medic medical person medico physician professor quack scientist specialist surgeon, cause compose form generate manufacture prepare produce accomplish adjust arrange assemble beget brew conceive constitute construct cook effect engender fabricate fashion forge frame hatch initiate invent mold occasion originate parent procreate secure shape spawn synthesize whip, * *| learning |◀
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▶ allegation application assertion call case demand interest petition plea request requirement suit affirmation birthright counterclaim declaration dibs due entreaty lien part postulation prerogative pretense pretension privilege profession protestation reclamation requisition title ultimatum, chiffon decrepit feeble insubstantial rickety shaky tacky frail gossamer shallow slight wobbly cut-rate defective delicate diaphanous fragile gauzy house of cards inadequate infirm meager papery rinkydink sheer slapdash sleazy superficial transparent unsound unsubstantial weak, clue confirmation data deposition documentation indication information sign testimony witness attestation averment clincher corroboration cue declaration demonstration dope goods gospel grabber grounds index info manifestation mark substantiation symptom testament testimonial token cincher indicia significant ◀

Glass Ceiling for Women in Medicine

You would think that the medical profession would be equal for both sexes in regard to career opportunities by now. Unfortunately, this it not the case in Australia. It occurs even though medical schools have reached gender parity for enrolments. In many schools women are in the majority.
Women female surgeons
Leadership positions are still dominated by men. This is more so specialty areas. Old cultural values have inertia: the US, UK and Canada have the same problem. In Sweden research has shown that women medicos seek high positions just as much as men. Yet even there men dominate leadership and specialties.

The average for women CEOs in Australian hospitals is only 12.5 percent. This is absurdly low. Female deans of medical schools and government chief medical officers average about 30 per cent. Women in specialty stands at 16 per cent: they are overwhelmingly in pathology, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology holding just over half of these positions nationally. Female surgeons number about 10 per cent.

"Experts" have put this down to self doubt about doing the job, difficult hours and more years of training. This is a load of hogwash. it is cultural inertia that keeps things the way they are and men want this to continue forever!
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Private Health Insurance Fiasco in Australia

The government intends to ruin Australia's private medical insurance system. With privatization Medibank Private Health Insurance will become like all the other funds. The Commonwealth bank was once owned by the government  It is now just another bank.

At the moment Medibank has two "branches". One (Medicare) refunds part of the fee charged by specialists, blood tests and various bills from hospitals. The other is a private health insurance fund. There is a problem here, however. Medibank and Medibank Private are both registered names held by the federal government. How can a public company and a private company use the same business name?

One of these will have to change its name. People are being offered shares in Medibank Private. How long can this be allowed to continue? Isn't it illegal? Future shareholders must be told what will be done about this. A change in name will have a disastrous affect on the value of shares.

There is no doubt that Medibank Private is subsidized by government. Share values will fall as it becomes just another private fund. Surely investors can see this - maybe they are too thick to understand.  Medicare, Medibank:  what's the difference?
Health by Ty Buchanan
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