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Cat Attacks Dog - a hoot!

Cat gets it wrong and attacks dog - real batty.

"You've got it wrong -  I attack you!
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Robots Protect Australia's Barrier Reef

It is not know why but the Great Barrier Reefs is always being attacked by hordes of Crown-of-Thorns starfish. Forty per cent of damage to the reef is done by the pest. Robots that can identify starfish and then inject them with a lethal toxin are being used to fight the invasion.
Submersible robots kill crown of thorns starfish
The system works by having a submersible robot patrol about 30cm off the sea floor. When it sees a starfish an arm is extended and the injection is done. If a target is questionable the view is recorded in the robot's data base. A copy of the video is sent to human controllers who verify whether the robot has to return to finish the job.

The robots get the starfish early before they can do any real damage to the reef. After the robots have done what they can, human divers go in to clear up the remaining starfish. This combined protective system will give the reef time to recover.
 Science by Ty Buchanan
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New Ways to Repel Sharks

Like South Africa, Australia is known as a region of frequent shark attacks. A lot of research has been done over the years in an attempt to reduce such attacks. Humans are not normal food for sharks. It is when humans behave in a similar way to injured fish that attacks occur.

Electronic pulses and sounds have been tried with limited success. Colored diving suits have also proven to be ineffective, until now. It has been discovered that blue lines on wetsuits disrupts the vision of sharks because they are color-blind.

White stripes also work as a deterrent but in a different way. Poisonous fish have white on their bodies. It tells potential predators that eating them will have dire consequences.

The cryptic wetsuit that "blinds" sharks is aimed at divers, while the white stripped warning suite is for those close to the beach. Diving equipment and surfing gear is also being colored to match the wetsuits.

Though shark attacks cannot be stopped entirely, the number of people injured is certain to fall. Tests at the Oceans Institute in Western Australia has shown that the new suits work very well. The new products will be sold by a company called Radiator.
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Watch Out for Fowl Attacks

A three month old boy was brought into the emergency section of a local hospital with deep cuts to his head. X-rays showed skull fractures. In consultation with the boy's parents doctors discovered that the child had been the target of an attack by a rooster.

Such assaults are not uncommon. In another incident a sixteen months old girl had a swollen face and seizures after a rooster went for her head. She had to have intravenous penicillin. An operation was carried out to drain an abscess on her brain. Unfortunately, she died.

Adults have also been attacked. A sixty year old women developed lockjaw after being pecked on the face. She was given a tracheotomy to help her breath. To assist recovery the hospital kept her sedated for a month in a darkened room.

Chickens are dirty creatures pecking around in the dirt. Bacteria thrive on their bodies. Tetanus injections must be given when an attack by a fowl is suspected. People should be watchful of all birds. Even pet birds are unpredictable and can suddenly become violent.
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Spider Eats Bird

Is it safe to go out? Well maybe not. A spider was seen eating a bird in Cairns, north Queensland.

The golden orb weaver spider usually eats insects. It is a step up for it to consume a bird. The bird had flown into the spider's web and become weak. Then the spider attacked it.

Golden orb spiders grow much larger than the one shown in the photograph. Though they were not thought capable of eating a whole bird.
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Obey Dog

"When I give an order I expect to be obeyed!
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"Great shot! I think I'll have another snack."
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Dogs Eats Car in Australia

Keep an eye on your car - there are wild dogs about! Clayton Dwyer's girlfriend called him and told him to look at his car. The front bumper had been torn from the car and gnawed into bits. Dogs had even bitten into steel front panels.

Mr Dwyer found it hard to believe that wild dogs would do such a thing. He had seen the pack wandering around the neighborhood.

His girlfriend admitted to him that the dogs had attacked her car some months before. At first it was thought that someone had done the damage with a hammer. But panel beaters could make out teeth marks on torn parts of her car.
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Ants Know Friend or Foe by Scent

If you are human, knowing one's enemies is easy. The brain evaluates another person as to whether he/she is friendly or not. It may be necessary to work alongside an enemy but the enemy tag still remains. Insects do not have have such advanced brain power to discriminate friend or foe.

Ants need a frame of reference to identify who they have to attack. When an ant from a colony meets an ant from another and they fight, the ants keep a memory of the enemies' odor. This occurs even though they may be of the same species. The "smell of fear" is passed on to fellow ants in the same colony. Ants also use scent to know other ants in their colony.

In tests individual ants were familiarized with individuals from another colony. They could see each other. Actual contact was prevented. When 20 intruders were placed near to the other colony they were attacked despite attackers knowing the other ants.
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Danger of Heart Attack After Losing a Spouse

It seems people don't live on after their partner passes away. There is a higher risk of survivors getting a heart attack in the months after losing a husband or wife. It is believed to be due to the increased heart rate from the loss. If the living partner can get through the danger period the risk dissipates.

This shows that people who lose partners need medical help and support from friends and relatives during the grieving process. Doctors should pay special attention to cardiac symptoms. Persistent stress and depression should also be monitored.

The research involved people aged from 33 to 91, so this tendency affects spouses of any age. Subjects wore 24 hour monitors. Heart rate was closely observed. Periods of rapid heart beat occurred during the grieving period. Overall heart rate was also higher compared to people who had not had a loss.

Depression was four time higher than the norm in subjects. This persisted for several years.
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Australia - Proprietor of Absolute Mechanical Beats Elderly Lady to the Ground

I received a disturbing email. I have checked the names of persons involved and the facts.

A motor car was taken into Absolute Mechanical, Beerburrum Road, Caboolture, Queensland for the air conditioning to be repaired. The business was off to a bad start by replacing two items in the air conditioning system that were already working perfectly. They couldn't understand why the system was still leaking badly. They then proceeded to remove the dash to test the evaporator. Removal of the dash was unnecessary because the evaporator can easily be checked for leaks by dying the gas, re-gassing and looking up from underneath the vehicle with the car on a hoist. After determining that the evaporator was indeed leaking they decided, "Oh heck we'll stop here the job is too tough." At no stage did the customer tell them not to continue.

In hindsight they were incapable of doing the job and should not have taken it on in the first place. They were very capable, however, of handing out the bill even though the air conditioning had not been repaired.

Not satisfied with their complete failure to complete the job they did the following damage to the car out of pure vindictiveness:

1) Intentionally smashed conduits, clips, globes and strengthening plastic inside the dash.
2) Cracked the dash fascia.
3) Discarded the boot opening relay because they broke the boot opening button inside the glove compartment; if the relay had been in position the boot would have been permanently open.
4) broke the illumination globe inside the radio.

On entering the office to pick up the vehicle the Proprietor set upon the 87 year lady beating her to the ground. She had to be taken to hospital for treatment. No action was taken because there was no "independent" witness. A relative was there but obviously his testimony didn't count. It seems to get action one has to get a complete stranger to come in from off the street to witness what goes on in a business office.

Claiming through Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) is too complicated and stressful for the lady whose health has deteriorated. This case shows how the public is at the mercy of predatory businesses.
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Absolute Mechanical