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The French Make Foam Injection Bone Repair

What are the French good for? Supplying top class engineers to Britain because they still use the rote system in education maybe? The French do have some good ideas though. They have come up with a way to strengthen bones.
Calcium phosphate foam cement
For years foam has been injected into walls of houses to improve insulation. The concept has been adapted to health. Calcium phosphate cement has been used for some time to repair bones. It is a bone substitute during surgery. The compound has now been made into a foam. It can be injected into bone to repair defects. Tests have shown it regenerates bone growth in osteoporosis treatment.
Calcium phosphate foam cement texture
French chemists at the University of Nantes have used hydrogen to push air bubbles into the calcium phosphate compound. These cavities enable new bone growth to strengthen weakened bones.  Medical breakthroughs are ongoing.  It is a pity health provision in all countries of the world is failing while new treatment techniques continue.
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan 
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Zebrafish Stem Cell Discovery

A lot of work is going into stem cells research. Anything we can learn about them is important for future human transplants. There have been some claims that have been proved wrong. However, we are moving forward in understanding how organs can be created from them.

A significant breakthrough has been made in Australia while investigating zebrafish. Scientists have found out how hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) important in bone marrow and blood are made. The stem cells replenish immune cells in the blood.

At present hematopoietic stem cells are used to treat leukemia and myeloma. It will probably be possible to treat other cancers in blood vessels, muscle and bone. Furthermore, diabetes, spinal problems and degenerative disorders cold also be treated.

The discovery is important. "Buddy" cells were observed while the hematopoietic stem cell were being created. Ironically, the scientists were investigating muscle development when they noticed the "helper" cell. Other scientist will take this further.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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