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People are Changing Sharks

personally, I do not fear sharks nor am I protective of them. However, they should be left alone to live their lives their way. Ecotourism is restricting their freedom to roam. Any country that can do it, is doing it to bring in the tourist dollars.
Tourist swmming close to a shark
More than eight billion people a year go seeking experiences in supposedly protected areas, which are commercialized. This is like the whole population of the planet trampling over pristine environments, because that is exactly what a high number of visitors do.

Crazy tourists actually swim with sharks. Let's face it, Man is dinner to sharks. This is the rule of things. The dangerous creatures come very close to swimmers. They are becoming domesticated. Note, many dog owners have been attacked by their pet! More, complete strangers have been mauled.

Tourists are affecting the natural selection of sharks. To attract them to tourist boats they are fed. Consequently, they have a better chance of survival. The man eaters are being selected for traits like choosing to be close to people!
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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Shark Ancestor had Bone

It was though that the evolution of sharks was known. However, a 380 million year old fossil found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia indicates the presence of bone as well as cartilage. In other words a virtual missing link has been found.
Shark fossil with bone kimberley region western australia
It means that an ancestor was a bony fish. Obviously, they lost the bone, lightening the body, to enable them to swim faster. The theory of a lineage containing only cartilaged ancestors has now been dropped. This is an indication of accepted beliefs about life in general being without foundation.

Animals with only cartilage were thought to be more primitive than boned ones. Accepted for centuries, this concept was incorrect all along. Be careful what you believe. This could be extended to the religious sphere. You could be following a false faith.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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A Monster in the Water

There are some really strange things out there. Some animals are living fossils. They should have died out with the great extinction, but they survived and lived on.
The frilled shark looks more like an eel. Its mouth and teeth are enormous in relation to its body. It was caught for the first time in Australia by a fishing trawler. Fishermen had never seen one before.

Like the platypus it is a mishmash, having a tail like a shark with head and body like an eel. The animal can live in deep water as well as the shallows. This guy had a bad day. They usually frequent deep water. However, this one was swimming at 700 metres, the maximum fishing depth for trawlers.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Shark Chokes on Sea Lion

Sharks are not the indestructible creatures many think they are.  There is a myth surrounding sharks that they are virtually made of steel.  They can bite through anything and withstand great hardship.

A strong four-meter long white pointer was washed up dead on a Western Australian beach.  It certainly did bite off more than it could chew.  The cause of death was choking on a sea lion.

There was no sign of any major injury to its body, just a large sea lion lodged in its throat.  It was observed jostling around in the shallows shortly before being washed up on a Coronation Beach, apparently trying to dislodge the sea lion.

A man walking his dog first saw the shark and thought it was a diver.  There was an attempt to save the shark by towing it out to sea.  It was not known then what was the cause of its distress.  However, it later washed up dead on the beach.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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New Ways to Repel Sharks

Like South Africa, Australia is known as a region of frequent shark attacks. A lot of research has been done over the years in an attempt to reduce such attacks. Humans are not normal food for sharks. It is when humans behave in a similar way to injured fish that attacks occur.

Electronic pulses and sounds have been tried with limited success. Colored diving suits have also proven to be ineffective, until now. It has been discovered that blue lines on wetsuits disrupts the vision of sharks because they are color-blind.

White stripes also work as a deterrent but in a different way. Poisonous fish have white on their bodies. It tells potential predators that eating them will have dire consequences.

The cryptic wetsuit that "blinds" sharks is aimed at divers, while the white stripped warning suite is for those close to the beach. Diving equipment and surfing gear is also being colored to match the wetsuits.

Though shark attacks cannot be stopped entirely, the number of people injured is certain to fall. Tests at the Oceans Institute in Western Australia has shown that the new suits work very well. The new products will be sold by a company called Radiator.
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Australian and Mediterranean Great White Shark Evolution

Luck plays a large part in evolution. Climate suddenly changes and if by chance a species of animal carries suitable genes to flourish in the new environment that animal lives on. Other species die off because they cannot cope.

New findings about the great white shark highlights this. Australian great whites and the Mediterranean type have genes that point to common ancestry. It is believed that a few related female sharks split up. Some going north to the Mediterranean from the larger gene pool in the south, or they peeled off from the main group in the Atlantic some going north the others going south. Narrow channels in the Mediterranean stopped this group from rejoining the Australian gene pool.

This happened 450,000 years ago. Mutations since that time make the timeline clear. It is believed that swordfish and tuna the main food of the great white also split off from the their main groups. Great white sharks followed the food supply.
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Australian Fisheries Management Authority in League With Greenies

If you are a business the Greenies can close you down. It's no good protesting about it. Just accept it, sack your staff, and close. That's the message that comes across in the case of a shark fishery in South Australia.

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority has introduced draconian new rules in its protected zones. It is spelled out that when a "trigger point" is reached everything must stop. The authority took the advice of environmentalists and reduced the number of deaths of protected species from 15 down to one as the trigger point.

Because a sea lion was killed the shark fishery must close and apply to reopen in May of 2013. An environmental spokesperson said, "We're pleased that there's now a process in place so that when there are animals killed that steps can be taken in the management of the fishery to make sure that the deaths are limited."

This is shortsighted. Businesses cannot operate in this way. When May 2013 comes around it will not open again. Ex-workers will probably be on unemployment benefits and what little capital that can be gained from a company compulsorily closed will be invested elsewhere.
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