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Cell Research on Mice Cured Diabetes

Plants destroyed in australia
| A selected Cell was altered to make it invisible to the immune system and to produce insulin when glucose is present. The cells cured Type 1. research cell screen research words mice lettering cured page diabetes to cell internet research computer mice to type on cell data research figure mice keys diabetes text cured in cell letters research create mice keyboard diabetes paragraph cured up cell colors research software mice code diabetes eh cell colors hardware cured pancreas rejection diabetic sugar levels disease || type || cells human study comments organs work rats patients organ science today’s pigs stem pancreas mouse transplanted tesla game tech next animals grown insulin-producing issues ethical people kieffer future media vox policy kastrenakes jacob model email need day real results embryos animal university professor humans insulin engineered health transplant verge scientific remarkable reviews cars culture share tweet ethics privacy potenza alessandra destroy toad met web production shows musk elon recommended case largest vikings agree line command microsoft google chimeras lab grow efforts transplants growing developing interesting biology medicine otonkoski implications injected country rejection sheep creating nakauchi produce functional diabetic donated levels sugar disease waiting wrote achievement reality scientists species forums breaker circuit video longform sign log || log sign longform video circuit breaker forums species scientists reality achievement wrote waiting disease sugar levels donated diabetic functional produce nakauchi creating sheep rejection country injected implications otonkoski medicine biology interesting developing growing transplants efforts grow lab chimeras google microsoft command line daily agree vikings largest case recommended elon musk shows production web met toad destroy home alessandra potenza privacy ethics tweet share culture cars reviews remarkable scientific verge transplant health engineered insulin humans professor university animal embryos results real day need email model jacob kastrenakes policy vox media future kieffer people ethical issues insulin-producing grown animals next tech game tesla transplanted mouse pancreas stem pigs today’s science organ patients rats work organs comments study human cells ||
New diabetes treatment

Fingernails on a Blackboard is an Illness?

If you are born tone deaf and someone sings out of tune, do you feel discomfort? You certainly do. Your brain senses discomforting sound whether your conscious self can sense it or not.  You will probably leave the room first if you are a music professional.
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Fingernails on a blackboard
Drawing one's nail over a blackboard will stir up many people. However, others are not disturbed at all. Individuals do differ, but everyone has this "warning" system built in.  Though the list of things that have this effect are not the same for all.

It seems odd for someone to suggest that it is a medical condition. When disturbed most suffer in silence. The really sensitive do make a "song and dance" about it. Misophonia is when a person is so disturbed that the "fight or flight" reaction is triggered.

Scientists claim that MRI scans of frontal lobes are different for acute sufferers. Well, it would be if those upset experienced sweating and an increased heart rate. Effect is being labelled has the cause. This is a mistake!
Tys Outback
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Australian Bees Resistant to Varroa

  Bees in Australia do not get varroosis.| australian in bees of varroa official case john mp3 fuller option formal confident remainers sovereignty commons australian constitutional government power edition food may train publication parliamentary australian on bees as varroa gravy tack not title attenborough highlights approval battle supreme elite brown australian off bees parliament somersault theresa prime article draw court referendum australian it bees on varroa inevitably british victorian support everyone cross-party niceties richard policy stronger was does sheer courts ultimate excellent am personal supremacy it sudden clear general election household particular campaign statement not vote legal telegraph continent propriety did parties brazenness breathtaking resistant animal. |
Honey bees are disappearing all over the world.  The loss is increasing: 15 percent 10 years ago reaching as high as 40 per cent today.  Oddly, production has not fallen  mainly because more apiaries are being established to counter losses.  This is despite reduced habitat due to building, pesticides, parasites, pests and pathogens.
Australian Varroa Resistant Bees
The main killer identified is the Varroa mite which latches on to bees during the formation process.  The mite is in most countries except Australia.  The "Australians" are being bred for introduction to other places.  Unfortunately, they do not do well in cooler climates.

Pesticides are suspected of causing bee decline.  It is recommended that pest chemicals only be sprayed at night when apis return to hives.  If one gets poisoned thousands can die when it goes back to the hive - if it gets that far.  Anyway, they forage in the same area so many succumb.
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Misleading DNA Testing for Herpes, Alzheimer's and Coeliac Disease

Genetic testing should not be used for herpes, Alzheimer's or Coeliac disease.
It seems that genetic testing is not all good for health problems. MedicineWise, a body of doctors and patients, has released an advisory list for scientists. DNA testing should no be used for coeliac disease, nor for herpes or Alzheimer's.
DNA Testing
Identifying a "causative" gene only indicates a probability. Indeed, screening for herpes in genetic testing for sexually transmitted disease is a misuse of resources.  Millions of dollars of government funding is wasted every year. herpes

A DNA finding is not a black and white issue. Gene determination is not 100 per cent. Many people with a "faulty" gene do live without ever getting the so called predetermined disease. Furthermore, patients can be falsely reassured by a DNA test.

Coeliac, disease, Alzheimer's, herpes, health, genetics, false, predetermined, wrong, belief, faulty, gene

Genetic Resistance by Tasmanian Devils to Facial Disease (DFTD) - Biology

Biological research shows genetic resistance to Tasmanian devil disease.
The Tasmanian devil is an animal unique to Australia. It Once resided all over the continent. Perhaps is was easy for Aboriginals to catch for food. It cannot run very fast. It could just have died out due to a warming of the country. Tasmania is its only natural home today.
Tasmanian devil facial tumor disease (DFTD
Their raucous cries led to them being named devils by European settlers. They are violent to each other though attacks on humans are virtually non-existent. Scavenging for food is their number one priority.

A facial disease began in the species in 1996. It was unusual in that it is the only known cancer transmitted from animal to animal. Tasmanian devil numbers fell by 80 per cent in twenty years due to Tasmanian devil facial tumor disease (DFTD).

Extinction was predicted. However, it was noticed that some animals survived without getting the disease. Genes were examined and these devils had five genes not present in their brothers who succumbed. This shows that all animals currently living are unlike their ancestors who dominated even a hundred years ago.
tasmanian, devil, disease, facial, european, settlement, dftd, extinction, survice, dnd, genes, resistance

Lung Disease Healed by Stem Cells

Stem cells are magical in the things they can do. Just about every ailment they are aimed at succumbs to them. It could be that in the future it will be the most-used method of treatment.  There is a case for fast-tracking treatment to help those with chronic illnesses.
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease copd
Two patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were injected with adult stem cells. After only a month they improved. A study of nine people also having the condition were given stem cells taken from bone marrow. Inflammation was reduced significantly.

There has not been any method of treatment for COPD until the use of stem cells came to the fore. It is estimated that nearly 15 per cent of Australians over 40 have the disease.  This is incredibly high and hard to believe.

The major symptom is difficulty breathing. A reduction in inflammation improves lung function. Dr Moodley who announced the research findings said the treatment could save governments millions of dollars. It seems odd that a physician's main priority is economic rather than patient welfare!
 Health by Ty Buchanan 
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Cause of Sudden Death in Young People is Genetic

Sudden death in young people has a genetic cause - Long QT syndrome.
There is a predilection for some young adults to suddenly die. In a way it is similar to cot death: until now the cause was unknown. The "disease" has been identified and is called Long QT syndrome. A third of sudden "unexplained" deaths in people up to their mid thirties die of heart rhythm complications due to the inherited illness. The heart problem is not always evident in autopsies.
Long QT syndrome
Parents can also die of the condition in later life. The faulty gene runs in families and is generally passed on to some offspring. A gene testing study of children having symptoms of heart disease is showing that many carry the gene. 

Ongoing monitoring of youngsters is saving lives.  However, there is no official program that tests all children.  Some, of course are not diagnosed early and it is these who are at risk of sudden death.  It is heart breaking for a family to lose a child in this way,Ea
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
cGenetics by Ty Buchanan
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Roman Toilet System Not So Hygienic

anthropology roman toilet system not hygienic bum cleaning brush
It was believed that the Romans were the peak civilization of the time and their toileting methods were hygienic. A quick look at the after toilet cleaning mop used by all would suggest otherwise.  It was a stick with a lump of sponge tied to the end.
Roman toilet latrine
A tale, tale sign during Roman times was the increase in parasites. In the Iron Age they were virtually nonexistent. Fleas and mites were prevalent on all citizens of Rome. Whipworm and roundworm lived comfortably in their bodies. Getting the "runs" was routine. We know this because parasites survive for centuries in human faeces from ancient latrines and soil where the pelvis area was in human remains.
roman bum cleaning brush
Why did the Romans fail. Note, there were no tomatoes around to add natural MSG to meals and make it tastier. The Romans made their own MSG. It was a fermented fish sauce called garum. However, this made humans prone to tapeworm. Not only that, they fermented raw sewerage to enhance food. Worth a mention is the fact that fermentation makes alcohol. Citizens must have been "sloshed" out of their minds!
 Anthropology by Ty Buchanan 
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Genetic Treatment for Diabetes Type 2

Diabetics will not change their lifestyle food genetics
The hope of genetic treatment may be scuttled as it is becoming known that we have good and bad genes but their behavior depends on whether they are turned on or off. Apparently this changes throughout the day let alone over the years.

A new endeavor to study diabetes and diet could also be a waste of time. Even sufferers know that diabetes type 2 is caused by eating the wrong food. However, few people will change their lifestyle. A genetic predisposition could add to this. Yet, with the number of medications taken today the link between long term prescription use, genetics and food is a hard nut to crack. Including a third factor makes understanding the issue much more difficult.

As always, research will be done on mice for the genetic/food duo. Unfortunately, mice may be mammals, but they ain't human. Finding a cure for diabetes 2 is way down the track. Scientists will be messing around in the lab collecting data on mice for at least 10 years.
Genetics  by Ty Buchanan
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New Finding for Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever

Catching dengue fever is a constant fear in Australia. Like malaria it is spread by mosquitoes. Its full name Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever. You can become very sick indeed if you develop the hemorrhagic form, though it seldom causes death.
A patient with Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever showing red spots of hemorrhage
Drugs made for sepsis infection are being used to treat dengue in mice. They has yet to be used on humans. Hopefully new methods for early detection and treatment with drugs will stop progression to the severe dengue.

A new finding could move treatment along a bit. The dengue virus NS1 protein causes immune cells to "leak" blood vessels. TLR4 is the pathway that triggers the response. Some existing drugs do block this pathway. Ironically, many of them did not stop sepsis. They were failures!

Other diseases also use the NS1 method of infection. Work has to be done to explore the battery of drugs already available to hopefully find successful treatments for these related illnesses.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever illness sick treatment ns1 tlr4 protein existing drugs death infection

Link Between Diabetes and TB

There could be link to diet for tuberculosis. It seems people with diabetes are likely to also have tuberculosis in tropical Australia. Little is said about it, but tuberculosis is the leading cause of bacterial death in the world. It has also been known for some time about the predilection to have tuberculosis in people with diabetes.
link between diabetes and tuberculosis tb
It could be a "racial" trait. Australian Aboriginals and those of Torres Strait descent are high on the list. having diabetes makes sufferers susceptible to immune dysregulation with opens people to infection generally. It is only rational to screen those with diabetes for tuberculosis. This is not currently done.

It is not known if dysregulation is the cause of problem. Historical data is not much help because diabetes was not an identifiable disease while TB was, in past centuries. Research is being done to find find the reason for it. Reduce the prevalence of diabetes and cases of TB fall. It is as simple as that.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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