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Cat Shouts for Help in Swimming Pool

Cat stuck in water
"Somebody help me!"
▶ Cat upset as he gives a shout for human assistance to get him out of water ✿ marooned help trouble stuck help. ✿ ⧫1
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Number of Offspring Determined by DNA

Plants destroyed in australia
| Kids Number and when, is down to genetics number to offspring jo determined ax dna um children as proposed cells noticed examined nondisjunction knew lab pea maintained scientists Understand be offspring ow determined ka family oh walter fertilized extra saltwater biologist full fact exception information number ah offspring mm dna ar family up parent cell drosophila thomas division gregor chromosome females forms inherit number ho offspring qi determined if summary protein basis mendel white-eye inheritance flemming function german team number ha charles observation science women genetic male expression red drawings didn number oh offspring xi determined mu dna ma children connection female meiotic gamete structure ideas egg work trait linked color number by offspring two ox determined ki dna op children on family ah principles early laboratory carried traits morgan speculated evidence transmission called research prev words generations researchers darwin red-eyed scientific figure sperm close successive years fruit white-eyed learncast plants unit inherited organism wasn page communication decades began appearance contained eventually concept experimental discoveries males physical cycles boveri original matters key rooms eyes denoted meiosis carry scitable green form mitosis browse rule material elementen characteristics unusual follow seed topic generation scientist gemmules connections century behavior sexual microscopes heredity pairs room period theory gametes elements gene twentieth 1860s genes idea recognized theodor observations experiments flies sutton fly next exceptional substance researcher passed showed resulting specific exists chromosomes single hereditary walther multiple white | fertilized parent inherit genetic generation hereditary genes couple |  |
Many children in family

Crazy Dogs Drive Car

Dog jesters drive a car.
dDogs drive car
"When are you going to trade up to a bigger car, Ronnie?"
Funny Animal Pictures
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When I went to school many long years ago, dyslexia was barely accepted as a problem. Children with the malady did the best they could and parents assumed they just didn't like school. Today, a great deal is known about it.
Child boy with dyslexia problem with reading
The main issue with dyslexia is word jumble. Reading "smile" for the word "slime" and so on. This means that teachers assume such student have difficulty spelling when they don't. Dyslexia sufferers also do not have a poor memory.

Unfortunately, there is no cure and the severity of the "disease" varies. Phonics offers something. This is teaching syllable sounds with actual reading. Lastly, there is no genetic cause for dyslexia.
Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
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dyslexia health problem issue student children sufferers reading spelling treatment
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Daily Jabs to Control Insulin Ends - Wednesday 21 January 2015, A Great Day!

With today's technology why can't an artificial pancreas be put into a patient's body? Well, now it can! Xavier Hames is only four years old. Autoimmune disease has destroyed his pancreas. An artificial one is working very well indeed inside his body.
The artificial pancreas is more a computer than a body organ. It monitors low insulin levels, even predicting its future trends, then controls insulin delivery. It is particularly useful as night when external insulin treatment can fail resulting in a coma.

Preparations are in train to implant another artificial pancreas in an adult, Jane Reid. This could mean an end to eight jabs a day to test blood levels of insulin and continuous injections to control it.  This could save governments millions of dollars in the long term.
✴ Health by Ty Buchanan ✴
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Man Pregnant in Australia

A man got pregnant in Australia - laugh, laugh, laugh! But you may be surprised to know that it actually happened, many times. Fifty four men have fallen for a baby since 2013 to be precise.  It is perfectly legal here.

Now, in Australia one can choose which gender can be used on public records. This has been the cause of records showing male births. Patients are people who are born female and continue to keep their reproductive organs while living as a man.

All of the 54 people who have had babies in Australia are transgender, originally being born as a women. One of these was actually 64 years old. The births were covered by medicare. A few did choose to have abortions. Of course some groups have slammed the whole concept as being against nature.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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Islander Blondes Are Natural

All black people have black hair - right? This is an incorrect assumption. When Europeans first arrived in Australia they found some blonde Aboriginals. They thought that White sailors must have been shipwrecked off the coast and took Aboriginal wives.

In the Solomon Island near northern Australia 10 per cent of black people have blonde hair. The sun has not bleached the hair white. European sailors are not responsible either. It is a random gene that causes it. This is proven as the tone of blonde is different from Europeans.

A group of Islanders were tested for gene structure: forty two with dark hair and 43 'blondes'. The pigmentation gene was either coded with a "c" which produced blond haired people or 'T' giving dark hair. It is a recessive gene which means both parents must have the blond gene to have a blond child.
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