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Facebook Has a Very Long Nose

Plants destroyed in australia
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Facebook is nosey

Money by Deceit - Victoria University

  Degree businesses are not honest with customers to make a profit.| money in deceit of university did victoria mp3 draw support food process sudden deceit not power british personal telegraph university money victoria stronger am everyone victorian parliamentary particular election john money on deceit as university high not confident was sheer theresa publication deceit fuller university richard court campaign money off continent ultimate remainers university constitutional inevitably title tack approval train money it on university brown household referendum it gravy policy supremacy battle parties may vote legal commons brazenness edition elite highlights attenborough breathtaking courts clear general propriety formal article parliament somersault cross-party option official supreme does sovereignty excellent statement niceties prime | australian affairs
Do Australian universities cheat - they sure do! Like any other business a college is out to get your money whether it comes from the government or out of your pocket. Educational bodies bend the truth when they advertise.  | interesting honeys sweet sugar jars treacle syrup not. |
Not an engineering degree
The University of Victoria put the image below in an advertisement. It says "The degree satisfies the requirements for accreditation by the Institute of Engineers...(IEI),,,," This was included in an impressive list of accreditations. However, it was a blatant lie. It was not a mistake. It was intentional.
 |||| Deceit . ||||
Despite repeated requests by student Thomas D'Souza for clarification none was given. After studying for a year he decided to find out for himself what the program really was. He contacted engineering professionals and they told him that the degree was worthless and would not guarantee employment as an engineer. Fairfax Media found a letter from The Institution of Engineers to University of Victoria informing it that the package was not accredited.|◆ the. ◆|

TD sued VU for misrepresentation, breach of contract and damages. In an attempt to keep the phony certification from getting into the news the case was settled out of court for a sum of $75,000 plus incurred costs.|◆ the. ◆|

The door is now open to other students to take legal action against colleges, etc. for misrepresenting what a student can gain from studying a particular course. It pays to verify the accuracy of information before signing up.|◆ the. ◆|

Stay away from the Victorian place of academia because it is still self-accrediting. It is disgraceful that a state enterprise is openly conning young people. The VU should be investigated by the ACCC for a fraudulent marketplace activity. |◆ the. ◆|
◆ Coservation 
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|◆ money the deceit. ◆|

Marketing Must Be Internet Based

The marketing game has changed. Long gone are the days when ad program were created for free-to-air TV advertisers. People spend most of their day on the phone, so advertising must be online.

Not only that, but the "early bird gets the worm". If you have a new marketing idea and put it on the Internet first then you win with rising sales. The new marketing concept that leads to sales is spread quickly through social media.

Marketers must not only be in the game: they need to be ahead of the game. New ideas win out. Replicating the old ways of doing things no longer works. Any perceived barriers are avoided by buyers and you lose out on sales.

Economics used to presume that consumers were all knowing about prices. Today, they really do know the price of things. They may look in the big stores. However, they usually buy online.

Buyers really analyze the advertisers message now. They look for "catches" in ads and ignore them moving on to buy elsewhere. Purchasing is so easy that buyers are becoming more patient, fully analyzing what they want and prices before opening their wallets - sorry bankcards.
Marketing by Ty Buchanan
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Subliminal Advertising Actually Works

For years we have been told that subliminal messages on television and in films has no affect on us. Now we are informed that they do indeed work very well.

It is known that people pick up signals by intuition from other people. For example, poker players seem to know when their opponent has a good or bad hand. They don't know how - they just do.

A study sandwiched a subliminal picture for less than 50 milliseconds between two "normal" images. The subjects could then choose between two symbols, one being the sandwiched picture, to win money. The result was, subjects actually made money. MRI scans done at the time identified the ventral striatum region of the brain being the most active during the intuitive tests.

The research shows that subliminal advertising having a reward system attached can increase sales of a product. We can anticipate an increase in subliminal advertising.
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Free-Range Eggs Definition Questioned by ACCC

Law is just pedantic. Legal proceedings are to be undertaken to define the precise meaning of "free to roam" chicken. Can chicken roam freely when they are packed into barns? The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is arguing that the high population density of barn chicken prevents them roaming freely. Turi Foods, Baiada Poultry and the Australian Chicken Meat Federation are accused of misleading advertising.

The court case could fall either way. There is no doubt television adds showing chicken wandering with large spaces between them are not showing the true condition. However, a chicken is free to move if another chicken moves out of the way first in normal barn chicken egg production. Of course free-range chicken supporters are in favor of the ACCC action.

There isn't much doubt that the real truth about barn production is not being shown in the advertisements. Other products are also not telling the truth in advertising either and the ACCC is not going after them. For example, hamburgers shown in adverts have plastic and paint in them and they are shown larger than actual size. Perhaps the Government is at fault here - there are no clear guidelines on what free range actually means.
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