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Islamic Extremism is Right Brain Problem

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Conversion to terrorism as an adult is a trigger. An extreme Islamic disposition develops due to concepts being forced into the mind as a person grows up. It is what people learn as children that pushes them to kill themselves and others. Teaching them to be martyrs is a bad thing despite what a book of fiction says.  Mohammad was not a prophet. He could not do any miracles because he was not in contact with God.   | of brain it religion you islamic or extremism up have we right of islamic in you oh extremism la right ha religion go have oh problem right extremism ah blog |
Islamic Book
A lady had an operation on her brain to stop epileptic seizures. The Hemispheres were separated by an incision through the middle of her brain. For the rest of her life her left arm and hand moved of their own volition. Her behavior was key to the actions they took. If she tried to smoke she would be pummeled so much by the errant arm that it caused serious bruising.   |||   | religion it have so right ox extremism problem muslim teaching or religion |    

If she mended her ways and followed the values learned as a child she would not be attacked.  She as not religious so not going to church did not upset the foreign part of her body. Anyone who is devoutly religious will upset the right hemisphere which controls the left side of the body if they lose faith. Learning destructive beliefs when young does caused antisocial behavior.     problem me extremism as right on islamic to you . | | 

The culture of Islamic people must be changed. This is difficult to do. Culture has inertia. It would take at least a century to change inherently wrong actions by Muslims. The only answer we have is to fight back. This only prolongs the problem, but it is the only choice we have. Muslims will not listen to reason and stop teaching their children mistaken beliefs.      as muslim brain nature | go sex.
| bigotry sage madness tenacity legal qu'ran obsessiveness immoderation appropriate deserved hatred frenzy muhammadan dilemma merited virtuous scholar partisanship righteous complication passion condign moral rage quandary pundit ethical prejudice issue partiality quran mujahid monomania true fitting caliph trabandonment dervish prodigy faction moslem conscientious worriment contumacy academician islamism muhammedan legitimate bias illiberality obstinacy predicament mastermind transport requisite kaliph good doubt superstition scrupulous incorrigibility box dispute unruliness equitable intellectual infatuation crunch willfulness trouble zealotry count disagreement enthusiasm unfairness botheration rightful scrape pickle question genius single-mindedness stand-up upright devotion stubbornness arbitrariness highbrow justifiable unreasonableness injustice mess intolerance doctor honest islamized violence monotheism hitch dedication lawful intellect dogma obstacle allah suitable ayatollah Einstein headache squeeze proper mosque egghead zeal honorable terrorist bomber groups church |
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Facebook Has a Very Long Nose

Plants destroyed in australia
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Facebook is nosey

"Rote" is a Dirty Word in Education

Students from overseas are saving Australia's tertiary education system. This is particularly true for postgraduate degrees. Most Australians attend a social science postgraduate course. This is despite the fact that these pieces of paper are virtually worthless in getting a job in today's world.

Modern economies need IT, management, commerce, science, engineering, architecture and agriculture postgraduates. Doing maths and science at high school is the key but Australian students avoid these. This is due to the poor organization of subjects. Some states have no less than five grades of maths choices. There should be compulsory broad based maths despite failures along the way. Avoiding the difficult is not the way to go.

We have teachers who are only qualified in social sciences teaching maths and science because there are too few fully-educated technical teachers. This is despite the fact that there is an oversupply of teachers generally.

Foreign students are propping up the employment related postgraduate sector by paying the full cost of running the courses with some money skimmed-off by universities to fund social science degrees. Australia needs targetted
education. The curriculum is never left alone. Every government changes the prevailing system. France kept to rote teaching and they have the best scientists in the world. Many Scientists employed in Britain are French.

Why do academics now have this morbid fear of rote teaching? It was because the United States went down the road of free subject choice and the rest of the Western world followed. Just saying the word "rote' was anathema and still is. When I was at school we all said the twelve times tables aloud as a group every morning and I can still remember them now.

No, education today is carried out in the wrong way. For example, making surfing a high school subject was a stupid thing to do. The number of people who have had a successful career in surfing can be counted on your fingers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with rote teaching of the essential things in life. Teachers now expect the answers to problems to just appear in the minds of students. Mentoring is about "telling" not asking.
Education by Ty Buchanan
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Aboriginals Are Not Genetically Susceptible to Alcohol

Like the native Indians of North America, Australian Aboriginals have taken solace in alcohol. Since the Europeans arrived, discrimination has been part of their daily lives. Europeans immured in stratified society with strong class divisions treated Aboriginals as less than human.

City white people have the same alcohol problems as Aboriginals, but society accepts this as normal. Many Australians of European descent believe that there is a genetics predisposition in Aboriginals. There is no foundation to this.

When white people get drunk they fight, steal, and lose control. Aboriginal communities have alcohol prohibition supported by government legislation. If this was to be applied to white citizens there would be a public outcry. The current interference in unemployment payments to Aboriginals in the Northern Territory is definitely unlawful. This is why the board that polices human rights in Australia was suspended.

Life is so frustrating for Australian Aboriginals that they are trying to kill themselves with alcohol. Enquiries into the problem always ignore this. Alcoholism is more a sociocultural issue than a physical one.
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