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Are Chinese Australians Loyal to This Country?

 ▶.CASS China relies on Australians of Chinese ethnicity to be loyal, though not to their country of birth. loyal china it cass chinese to mainland on chinese to australians china cass◀ |
It appears that Chinese Australians do not completely support their home nation. Indeed, even those born here have strong feelings for Mainland China. This is a fact. It doesn't matter where they live. They identify themselves as Chinese.  This subculture is dangerous for the country.  ||| cass country to chinese loyal beijing at mainland in cass chinese up australians country |
CASS, the Chinese Australian Services Society supports the Communist line in China. The Department of Foreign Affairs recently received a submission from the clique with advice that seemed like an instruction. It was over the top. Members should do their proclaimed job in childcare and aged-care.
  | || chinese loyal country it australians | ||    
Saying that the government should abandon the ANZAC Pact with the US and New Zealand was ridiculous and was influenced by the government in China. A diplomat who was given asylum in the UK said that the majority of Sino Australians were spies.  This obviously is not far from the truth. |.| not australians . |.|  

The honorary executive director of CASS, Henry Pan, stated: “We are a loyal organization with our primary aim to serve the communities in Australia.”  Unfortunately, Canberra knows that the body takes advice from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in Beijing.  vel news to   | loyal up.
| as mainland | |

Tys Outback
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kaskawulsh Glacier Stops Flowing into Slims River

 ▶The river Slims stops as a Glacier called Kaskawulsh changes direction of river water. kaskawulsh it Glacier to flowing on arctic Glacier kaskawulsh ◀ |
Most accept that global warming as scientifically proven, though some still will not accede. The north pole is getting smaller as glaciers melt due to higher temperatures. This can seen "on the ground" and from space.  ||| north arctic Stops at flowing in Glacier up kaskawulsh |
Kaskawulsh Glacier Slims River
Canada's Slims River in Yukon did receive inflow from the Kaskawulsh glacier. The weather got a lot hotter in 2016. This increased the melting rate of glaciers.  The flow has stopped because a deep opening formed in the glacier: dust storms sweep along the dry river bed that used to go north. It happened in four days. The glacier now feeds west into the Alsek River that turns south.
  ||| arctic Stops as flowing to Glacier it kaskawulsh | ||    
Researchers got a shock when they visited the area recently. They hadn't been there since 2013. Just before the river stopped flowing, the temperature increased - 4.3 degrees Centigrade higher than normal. Rivers and lakes downstream of Slims have been detrimentally affected. The ecosystem of the Alsek River has also changed because there is more water flowing. |.| not. |.|       vel news to   | ambitious up.
| | Stops arctic slims |

◆ kaskawulsh
Tys Outback
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Sea Simulator Shows Ocean Heat Does Not Increase Coral Acidification

Though heat itself may damage the Great Barrier Reef, higher levels of acidity due to raised temperatures will not increase coral bleaching. Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ends up absorbed in the surface of sea water. This raises acidity.
Australian National Sea Simulator
There is not a direct relationship between acidification and coral bleaching . However, the kinds of animal life present in an area will be changed by more acid conditions. The whole ecosystem of the reef will be altered forever. Both heat and more acidity will cause this.

Tests have been done with the national sea simulator which gives quite specific results. The Sea Sim is new technology. It is being given test runs at present. Acidification and heat together do not raise coral bleaching. This is a major finding. Scientists are now going down a new path.

The new premise came from a combined research program using the Sea Sim and hands on tests off the coast of Papua New Guinea; so coral itself is relatively safe, but the animal community that lives arounds them is under threat.  Our grandchildren will not see the wonder of the world as we know it  
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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australian national sea simulator tests research coral bleaching acidification increasing sea temperatures 

Australia is Heading for Economic Disaster

The Australian economy is heading southward and this does not mean we are moving closer to Antarctica. Our financial health is still in primary products. The price and demand for iron ore and coal still drives the economy. At the moment the foot is really off the accelerator and we are idling downhill. We will eventually reach the bottom. Then the country will have big problems.
Tax revenue is already falling due to lower demand by China. US demand for Chinese good remains sluggish. As the world economy falls it impacts strongly on Australia. We have not made the move away from agriculture and manufacturing. This is mainly because our resource bowl has kept wages high. Manufacturing countries always have a wage differential advantage. In time, wages will rise in China as they have in Japan. Then companies will probably move to Southeast Asia.

The hope that Australia will have a increase in IT start-ups to offset the fall in resource exports is not well founded. Products in the Internet sphere have short lives, a few years at most. IT moves on the initiative of individuals. It never will be a mass employer. We need to forget this pie in the sky and concentrate on something else.

It will cost to improve employment. Government will have to subsidize companies to keep jobs here. Politicians make the same incorrect assumption over and over again - the free market will solve all economic problems. The free market has never done much without human input.  International trade exists due to comparative advantage. If a country does not have this in a sector, other sectors that do must pay.

A start would be tax breaks for enterprises who bring home their support services from India and the Philippines. To allow mining employment to fall without stimulation elsewhere is economic suicide. The country will fall into a very deep hole down the track. Opening more shopping centres is not the way go. This is not increasing the capital base. It is dividing up the market between too many sellers.
Economics by Ty Buchanan
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Government Beliefs Have No Foundation

The present federal government has a policy of the market will solve all problems: we will get rid of regulatory bodies and legislation. This would be good if it was right but it isn't. Private industry will not build roads, for example.

Getting rid of regulation on investment advisers was a mistake. Thankfully it was resurrected and defeated in the Senate. If it had stayed, advisers would have pulled the wool over the eyes of the poor in society - those who do not know how the system operates.

The government is trying to abolish the body that reviews charity organizations. Senate opposition will put an end to this. Why is the government wasting its time and taxpayers money throwing legislation at the Senate that clearly will not get through?

There is no debt problem in Australia contrary to the wild obsession put forward by the Coalition. Australia has only 17 per cent debt. This compares to over 90 per cent for most other Western countries.

The economy has had a dramatic fall in growth. This could be seen as due to spending cuts. However, there have been only small spending cuts. The national debt is higher now than it was under Labor.  Blaming Labor would seem to be right, but Independents, Greens and the Palmer United Party are blocking radical changes.

Abolishing the carbon tax is seem as a win for the Coalition. This is only for the short term. There is no doubt it will be back when we have a labor government after the next election. Just the threat of cuts is offending voters right across the board. Putting it bluntly, Tony Abbott looks like a fool stumbling in the dark. Reason and common sense are not part of his arsenal. National debt is a furphy: people don't care about debt as long as they can earn an income.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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Netflix Arrives in Australia Next Year

They said it would never come to Australia, yet there are strong rumours that Netflix will come here next year. With our antiquated broadband system only city users will benefit.

The National Broad Network (NBN) is dead in the water with lukewarm support from the present backward looking government. Canberra is spending cut mad. Furthermore, the federal government has overwhelming belief in the free market, which history has already shown to be false. They are in an ivory tower even though their plans are doomed in the Senate.

Netflix is needed in Australia due to the monopoly of Rupert Murdoch's Foxtel network. It can dictate price at the moment. A major international player will shake them up.

The present broadband system is definitely not up to the task though.  Copper wire will not download high amounts of data at a fast speed.  Perhaps, Netflix could be moving in too quickly.  There will be frustation in the bush where users will not be able to access the new service.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Sydney Versus Melbourne

There has always been a battle between Sydney and Melbourne over which city is the best. It is a longing to be seen as the capital of the country despite the nation having built an official capital in Canberra, ironically, midway between Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydneysiders think little of claims by Melbourne. A recent world survey put Sydney at ninth as the world's most attractive cities. Melbourne didn't rank in the ten. The problem was that the researchers only knew of Sydney as an Australian city. This says a lot about how outsiders view Australia.

Most capitals have the highest population of any other city in a country. Sydney clearly has the highest population. Though many Australian companies choose Melbourne as their base, overseas businesses go to Sydney. Furthermore, Sydney is the main distribution point for Australian news to the world.

Thankfully, tourists from other countries do not come to Australia to experience city life. They get that at home. They spread themselves broadly across the country in choice of vacation destinations.  There is not much doubt that tourists enter the country through Sydney. This does give a "tourist dollar" advantage to the city. The Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reef and Melbourne would be fly-on destinations for most visitors.
Tourism by Ty Buchanan
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Australia Annoys Microsoft

Microsoft is unhappy about a country that does not like government data stored overseas. It is jumping up and down about this policy in Australia. The question that must be asked is - Why is the big data giant so miffed about it? The loss in income for Microsoft cannot be that great. There must be another reason.

Like Google, is Microsoft collecting data to use for its own ends? It is so upset it refuses to launch the Office 365 service in Australia. Microsoft is aggressively lobbying the Coalition government to change the rules and open up the market. It must be after something more than profit.

Everything put into the cloud can be accessed by the cloud's owner. These services already hold data from many countries. If say a major government could get its hands on such data think of the power they would have. It seems only reasonable that countries should consider national security to be more important than reducing costs.
Internet by Ty Buchanan
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Gene Bank Needed to "Save" Endangered Native Animals

There is no way that Australia can prevent the extinction of some native animal species. Some can  be preserved with a national gene bank. Though a seed bank has already been set up to save native flora, nothing is planned for fauna.

Present debate is centered on the loss of the northern and southern gastric brooding frog. If a gene bank had existed the frog would have been preserved. Australia has the worst record of native animals going extinct than anywhere else, not something to be proud of. Over 40 birds and mammals have disappeared since European settlement.

Because government has been slow in allocating resources, private organizations have started gene banks. Indeed Taronga Conservation society Australia has stored genes from 20 native animals. This is far from adequate. Over 2,000 species need preservation.

With the Taronga Conservation Society Australia, the Animal Gene Storage and Resource Centre of Australia at Monash University has a total of 100 endangered species in storage. Funding from the public and enterprise supports these "frozen" storage facilities. Nothing has been added for four years due to lack of resources. Looking the other way is not the solution.
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Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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Bushmeat Trade Is Depleting Natural Forest

Bushmeat is not just a problem in Africa. Asian countries have the same problem, as the demand for meat from wild animals increases. Taking animals from tropical forest changes the whole ecosystem. It is common sense really. As the number of creatures feeding on vegetation and other animals decline there is an abundance of vegetation growth and remaining fauna.  More growth kills off food for these animals.

While some plants increase, others decline.  Even the amount of vegetation not consumed can fall.  Uneaten vegetation crowds out growth for all, so saplings do not grow tall. Plants need animals to disperse seeds. Consequently, the variety of plants falls.

Just two decades ago the Lambir Hills National Park in Sarawak was pristine. There was an abundance of animals and trees. Now all the large animals have been killed off by hunters after a profit.

Once such dramatic change occurs there is no way back. The large animals will not breed back to original numbers. The damage also impacts on remaining animals who find their usual food source is no longer plentiful.
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Create Your Own Country

Establish your own country. People have been doing this for decades. They pronounce kingship and plant crowns on their heads to rule in perpetuity. Don't laugh. These people are serious. Such "countries" have currencies made, issue stamps and visas, and even produce constitutions. People can become "citizens" on the Internet.

Why do they establish new countries? Some do it because they are fed up with the country they live in, others to highlight an issue of contention. Doing it just for laughs or getting an income from tourism is not uncommon.

Recently a meeting of micronations took place at a Sydney university. They discussed their place in The Lonely Planet Guide to Home-Made Nations. The meeting went well. There were Laughs aplenty. Just imagine how the leaders were decked out with flowing robes, scepters and crowns.

There is a problem, however. It is an illusion of independence. The "countries" are still part of the larger countries they are in. If the leader works, he/she has to pay income tax to the larger nation. Furthermore, a tiny new nation pays rates and land taxes to the local council.
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Donkeys and Mules Are Celebrated

Donkeys and mules are not forgotten. There are people out there who care a lot for these animals. They have established the Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia National Donkey and Mule Show. They deserve a medal for creating such a long title for the celebratory weekend.

Entrants were brought in from all over Australia. The tiny Mediterean Miniature donkey was the cutest in the show. Very large animals were represented like the 16 hands high American Mammoth donkey.

Many animals performed for the spectators. It is a myth about the independent, angry mule. Indeed, they like to be trained. Donkeys really put on show in the trail, driven, sulky, halter and snigging classes. Trainers were as young as five years old. Some donkey entrants were elderly, in their mid-twenties. The show was such a success that it will continue. It is affectionately called the long ears show.
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