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Are Chinese Australians Loyal to This Country?

 ▶.CASS China relies on Australians of Chinese ethnicity to be loyal, though not to their country of birth. loyal china it cass chinese to mainland on chinese to australians china cass◀ |
It appears that Chinese Australians do not completely support their home nation. Indeed, even those born here have strong feelings for Mainland China. This is a fact. It doesn't matter where they live. They identify themselves as Chinese.  This subculture is dangerous for the country.  ||| cass country to chinese loyal beijing at mainland in cass chinese up australians country |
CASS, the Chinese Australian Services Society supports the Communist line in China. The Department of Foreign Affairs recently received a submission from the clique with advice that seemed like an instruction. It was over the top. Members should do their proclaimed job in childcare and aged-care.
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Saying that the government should abandon the ANZAC Pact with the US and New Zealand was ridiculous and was influenced by the government in China. A diplomat who was given asylum in the UK said that the majority of Sino Australians were spies.  This obviously is not far from the truth. |.| not australians . |.|  

The honorary executive director of CASS, Henry Pan, stated: “We are a loyal organization with our primary aim to serve the communities in Australia.”  Unfortunately, Canberra knows that the body takes advice from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in Beijing.  vel news to   | loyal up.
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Tys Outback
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Police to Identify People by Nose Shape

Police are upgrading detective work from fingerprints to "nose prints". It seems we all have different noses, so we can be identified by surveillance cameras. While fingerprints and iris scans are being used for "signing in" and entry to premises, work on identification by nose shape is being ramped up. A lot has been done on ear shape, which also differs quite markedly from person to person.

People tend to cover everything but their noses when they are up to no good. Another thing is, if a suspect does not cooperate he/she can be identified by the shape of their nose.

Plastic surgeon Dr Peter Callan says some noses are easy in determining a person's identity. For example, there is the classic Roman nose, Greek nose, turned-up, snub and hawk nose. Cameras that film in 3D give a very accurate picture of nose shape. However, to take a picture this way a person has to be moving quite slowly. It would be okay for prisoners. For general camera surveillance, when a person walks briskly at airports and train stations, only a basic shot can be taken.

It seems pinning a person down by nose shape will remain a backup system. It certainly does have its uses. Iris, face recognition and finger printing will still be the main ways of identifying a possible felon.  There is a problem with fingerprints.  A US citizen was recently arrested for a crime in the Middle East when a computer made a positive match.  However, the real perpetrator was caught and had a fingerprint virtually identical to the American man.
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Men No Longer Have an Identity

It seems women are changing to fit into the new technical society.  Men, on the other had, see traditional values fall away and struggle for an identity.  The old 40 hour week is gone for ever.  Men in particular are working more hours, up to 65 hours a week.  They feel that they are always on call to go back to work.  There is nowhere to hide.  Mobile phones have moved the "work/finished-work" barrier right into the home.  Despite more women in the workforce, men feel that they have to work to leave women free to look after children.

Men and women are living separate lives.  They are not communicating.  Even though couples share the same bed, men feel that they are left out and on their own.  They want to have quality time with the children.  With the mobile always ringing they don't get the chance.

Mothers are so tied up with their children that they won't even consider taking a part-time job to free up more of their partner's time.  Society has been moving too far away from the traditional to meet the demands of modern women.  In the process men have been forgotten.  Many men now feel that getting married was the worst thing they had ever done.  They get no appreciation from their partners and are fiercely told by females that the role of men is to work and provide.

It is sad that many men stay in a relationship because they fear their partners will say that they want a divorce, take over half the property and leave the man financially burdened for life.  They earn good money but have to ask female partners if they can spend money on what they want rather than on what they need.  Surveys show it is a myth that women spend more hours on domestic duties than men doing formal work.
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