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Aboriginal Cultural Burning Stops Australian Bush Fires

Global warming is a problem that no government wants to deal with. It is a scientific fact that the planet is getting hotter. With people doing nothing to combat the issue we need to look to the past to prevent damage to houses and farms from bush fires.

Aboriginals practiced a system of animal farming called cultural burning. They set fires where scrub was low. Small animals could see the fires coming so could safely flee. The patchy habitat made hunting of the animals easy for hunters.

When lightning set large trees alight they could not breach the flatter areas. Aboriginals believed that continual burning sustained life for all. Early Australian governments continued with assimilation programs moving aboriginals to towns. Thus, the cool burns stopped.

Out of control wild fires destroy ecosystems. All burnable material is destroyed as the fires burn across hundreds of square kilometers. Occupation of the land by white people particularly with their monoculture has seen once quite fertile land turned to dust.

Aboriginals have always known the truth but paternal treatment of them silenced whole communities. They knew that without controlled burning kangaroos, dingoes and lizards would diminish in number in their old lands. Hunter gatherers have managed the environment in the past. We need to listen to them.


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Destination Australia

Just what has Australia got? Quite a lot actually. The visitor can indulge in the rich Australian culture - G'day mate! The largest island in the world, though for some reason it is not classed as an island, too big apparently. Wildlife sanctuaries, busy cities, dry mysterious deserts, tropical beaches, it is all here.

Sydney is a clean city with bright blue harbour water. Must sees are Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Enjoy surfing Bondi and Manly beaches in the hot sunshine.

Cairns in Queensland has the Daintree ainforest and the Barrier Reef. Go scuba diving, snorkelling and hiking. island resorts abound. Vacationers always view the whales and dolphins.

Alice Spring in the hot center stands on it own. You can get a drink anywhere. It is a long drive but worth it. Two hundred miles away lies Ayers Rock (Uluru). Another ideal place to take a driving holiday. Darwin on the other hand is a busy place.

Melbourne is the go ahead city. Something new is always going on there. It has the country's leading museums covering science, history, culture and sport. Enjoy a coffee in one of the varied cafes.

Other places to visit are the other capital cities, not on the one vacation though. Adelaide has many old hotels where you can partake in a counter lunch. Queensland is a real holiday destination. Perth has it all being well away from the other Australian cities: water sport is the thing to do.
 Travel by Ty Buchanan 
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