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Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

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Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
This friendly parrot visit Australian gardens and wander around searching for seeds. One of the most common species are Sulphur-crested Cockatoos. The bright yellow crest is its most notable feature. Another is its squawky screech which is ideal for mimicking the human voice.

The birds nest in woody areas breeding in tree hollows. Three eggs are the norm for each clutch and they hatch in 30 days. Adults and young are attacked by predators such as owls, goannas, currawongs, butterbirds and ravens. When feeding, several birds stand guard and let out a very loud warning squawk.
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Not That Ball Again Dogs - Loony

Do not throw that tennis ball dogs run funny pictures.
"He thinks we are going to run after a stupid ball!"
throw tennis run.

Funny Animal Pictures

funny tennis throw run.
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White Teeth Causes Demand for Gold to Fall

Culture: Gold demand falls with the rise of artificially whitened teeth.
Have you wondered why bystanders interviewed by TV news crews all seem to have terribly bad teeth. The yukky yellow makes it look as thought they have not cleaned their teeth for a year. However, the natural color for teeth is a yellow off-white, not dazzling white.
Gold teeth
Movie stars and nearly all celebrities in the public eye have their teeth artificially whitened. When they choose the shade of white they all obviously choose the brightest white they can get. A great boon for dentists but bad for the mineral industry. The demand for gold for filling teeth has fallen by 60 per cent in the last decade.

Gold "amalgam" is no longer popular. People with gold fillings looked disgusting anyway. The dark color looked too much like tooth decay. New ceramic filling materials in many shaded of white triggered the initial dislike of gold. Whiter than white is the "here to stay" fad.

False teeth could also become a thing of the past as old and young people have teeth implants when the original teeth will not take anymore filling or become diseased. Like the tech industry, culture is changing. People change; tastes change.
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Solution to Bee Die-Off?

It is not widely known just how important bees are to maintain our food output, let alone to increase it as demand strengthens. There are so many mysteries to why bees are dying off across the world. Many theories are put forward. Unfortunately, there are few answers to the problem.
We need to look after the human friendly insect. It could eventually be found that bees are being killed off by chemicals. However, like other animals bees need chemicals to treat illnesses. When they become infected they change their foraging habits seeking pollen from plants that store certain chemicals. The solution to bee die-off could lie in studying this phenomenon.

Plants synthesize chemicals that attract select species of pollinators. Other substance also deter potential attackers. Herbivores have been real pests to plants for millions of years. Eating the leaves can kill plants. Insects have evolved to go where plant toxins drive herbivores away.

All nectar is not the same. If toxins can drive away herbivores, beneficial elements could attract bees as and when the insects needs it. A study infected bees with a gut parasite. One group was fed on sucrose while another group was given secondary compounds from plant nectar. The amount of parasite infestation was greatly reduced in the group which consumed secondary compounds.
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New Ground Dwellers Found in Northern Australia

A large country with a low population has a lot to offer in regard to potential scientific discoveries. There are many places which individuals have not visited in a long, long time. Look around and there may be a few surprises.

Cape York and Cape Melville are virtual "lost worlds". New animals have been discovered by a team exploring the mountainous areas. New reptiles have been discovered that have to be given official names: a gold-colored skink and a leaf-tailed gecko. A new yellow, brown-spotted frog was also found. Frogs are amphibians, not reptiles, because they change from tadpoles into frogs.

Being mountainous and relatively inaccessible northern parts of Australia are pristine regions just waiting for visits from scientists. Though it gets very hot, mountain rainforest regions stay wet all year round, so rare species can survive for thousands of years. More intensive searches are planned for the near future.
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Hat Bird

"I'm going out."
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Dog Explodes in Darwin

The Northern Territory Government is planning to build a housing estate across the road from an animal crematorium in Darwin. A dog exploded at the crematorium late one night.

Bystanders said a strong yellow glow could be seen emanating from the chimney. Apparently, The dog had not been defrosted properly. A nearby resident said it was not unusual for such things to happen at the crematorium.

Government officials said the housing zone will be completely separated from the light industrial area where the pet crematorium is situated.  If people passing by can see unusual happenings already the distance between the operation and the new housing estate had better be a long way.  On the other hand, the odd fireworks display never hurt anyone.
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