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Bear Tongue Gets Sandwich

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Bear reaches for a snack
'I will have that sandwich!"
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Cause of Sudden Death in Young People is Genetic

Sudden death in young people has a genetic cause - Long QT syndrome.
There is a predilection for some young adults to suddenly die. In a way it is similar to cot death: until now the cause was unknown. The "disease" has been identified and is called Long QT syndrome. A third of sudden "unexplained" deaths in people up to their mid thirties die of heart rhythm complications due to the inherited illness. The heart problem is not always evident in autopsies.
Long QT syndrome
Parents can also die of the condition in later life. The faulty gene runs in families and is generally passed on to some offspring. A gene testing study of children having symptoms of heart disease is showing that many carry the gene. 

Ongoing monitoring of youngsters is saving lives.  However, there is no official program that tests all children.  Some, of course are not diagnosed early and it is these who are at risk of sudden death.  It is heart breaking for a family to lose a child in this way,Ea
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
cGenetics by Ty Buchanan
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Space Signal From Little Green Men?

It seems that the eavesdropping of telescopes into outer space has paid off. Something interesting has been heard. Don't get too excited though. The signals originated way outside of the Milky Way. If an intelligent civilization made them, the little green guys are long gone.

The mystery sound is a series of radio bursts. Most curious is a double signal followed by four single bursts. This takes the count to 11 unidentified "displays" from out yonder. Unfortunately, the first 10 didn't last.
Little green men from outer space martians ufo
The "Wow signal" was the most famous. An observer only had time to write down the word "wow" and it was never heard again. Let's hope the latest sound will hang around. Anyway, a double burst is something new.

It appears that there is a mundane explanation for the signal. The source must be extremely powerful, too strong to be controlled by even intelligent creatures. Or, it could be very local indeed, like the leakage from microwave over doors in an observatory canteen causing the last rush of excitement.
 Astronomy by Ty Buchanan 
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Dog Lets It Hang Out

Dog with big tongue
 "My tongue is too big.  Init?
Funny Animal Pictures
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Should Gay Sex be Banned?

People are becoming complacent. They believe that governments will take care of contagious disease. or think that severe sickness will not come close to them. They are wrong, Cases of Ebola in the US and Europe have shown we are all in danger.

Even governments are not supporting the crisis in Africa by giving money. All Westerners seem to be selfish, living their own lives in the quest for more pleasure, not accepting the truth.  Ebola is a terrible disease with no cure.

Disease is creeping up on us. Antibiotics no longer work. Syphilis for example, is at its highest level ever in Australia. We don't seem to care. More people are getting AIDS everyday.  Expensive long term treatment is the only answer for those who become ill.

The way we live is the greatest problem. Societies seem to brush it under the carpet. However, AIDS and syphilis are mostly spread by gay men, yet cultures are increasingly making gay practices legal.  Everything seems to be okay today.  We may be reaching the end of the line for this.

Syphilis has had a shocking increase: the number of cases is up by 34 per cent annually. Many cases remain undiagnosed, and people go on spreading it mainly by male-to-male sex.  Yes, the ancient Romans practiced bi-sexuality.  This was before venereal disease was spread around the world.   Today, all diseases are common in all countries.

Let us be honest here: Should countries make anal sex illegal between consenting males. If it is a major disease problem I believe the answer should be yes. It has been popular to "come out" and admit that you are gay in Western countries. Openness can be a bad thing. There are some realities in life that we should take note of - such sex is unnatural.
Culture by Ty Buchanan
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Penguins Lost

"Are you sure this is the right way, Fred?"
Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Donkeys and Mules Are Celebrated

Donkeys and mules are not forgotten. There are people out there who care a lot for these animals. They have established the Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia National Donkey and Mule Show. They deserve a medal for creating such a long title for the celebratory weekend.

Entrants were brought in from all over Australia. The tiny Mediterean Miniature donkey was the cutest in the show. Very large animals were represented like the 16 hands high American Mammoth donkey.

Many animals performed for the spectators. It is a myth about the independent, angry mule. Indeed, they like to be trained. Donkeys really put on show in the trail, driven, sulky, halter and snigging classes. Trainers were as young as five years old. Some donkey entrants were elderly, in their mid-twenties. The show was such a success that it will continue. It is affectionately called the long ears show.
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