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People on Newstart Cannot Afford Rent - Welfare

Australians on welfare do not have enough to pay rent even with the $67 week assistance. They land a position which is generally part-time, however they find that they are still in hardship. Transport costs are at least $20 a day. Centrelink is now stopping payments when the unemployed do the smallest thing wrong in their work applications. They are ending up living on the streets. +
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Australian electric car Ace

Standardized Tests Biased Against Country Students

Standardized school leaving examinations favor young city people. Different culture in rural areas. ⦿ testing teaching school grades test learning lessons ⦿ Standardized standardization testing Tests teaching school Biased grades test Against learning lessons Country grade education tools student Standardized 6-8 preschool Tests 9-12 lesson Biased plans teachers Against child parents Country parenting science disorders Standardized negative slide Tests stress social Biased assessment bright Against hub tips Country homework teach Students management activities
Lost handwriting skills
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∎ standardization c grade education tools student 6-8 preschool 9-12 lesson plans teachers child parents parenting science disorders negative slide stress social assessment bright hub tips homework teach management activities middle high english history math strategies special pros cons compared aspects good feel key study advice questions recess classroom policy early elementary schoolers areas arts facts studies impairments language people effectively strongly positive idea students’ percentile ground determine academically level easy years accurate great pressure scores time read bias directed recipe huge amount step bad results assess schools success district facebook twitter google rss related industry methods signup guides homeschooling case succeed important rights reserved privacy school testing teaching test grades learning c lessons ∎ || learnings, children, schooling, examination, naplan, writing, arithmetic, maths, science, teacher,

Wealthy Invest in Education to Show Status

▶ Wealthy people buy exclusive service to display wealth. affluent independent moneyed prosperous well-heeled well-off well-to-do booming comfortable loaded wealthy at invest to education on show ah status hi opulent pecunious culture discipline improvement information learning literacy scholarship wealthy an invest it education no show at status ah schooling science study teaching training apprenticeship background brainwashing breeding wealthy up invest as education is show of status ox catechism coaching cultivation direction edification enlightenment erudition guidance inculcation wealthy eh invest ah education oh show be status as indoctrination learnedness reading tuition tutelage book learning tutoring condition dignity place wealthy in invest is education of show eh status we position prestige prominence quality rating situation stature cachet caliber capacity character consequence degree distinction eminence footing grade merit renown stage standing state station appearance fair pageant parade presentation program spectacle array expo exposition fanfare fireworks grandstand manifestation occurrence pageantry panoply pomp representation shine showboat showing sight splash view | learning |◀
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Crazy Dogs Drive Car

Dog jesters drive a car.
dDogs drive car
"When are you going to trade up to a bigger car, Ronnie?"
Funny Animal Pictures
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Cause of Sudden Death in Young People is Genetic

Sudden death in young people has a genetic cause - Long QT syndrome.
There is a predilection for some young adults to suddenly die. In a way it is similar to cot death: until now the cause was unknown. The "disease" has been identified and is called Long QT syndrome. A third of sudden "unexplained" deaths in people up to their mid thirties die of heart rhythm complications due to the inherited illness. The heart problem is not always evident in autopsies.
Long QT syndrome
Parents can also die of the condition in later life. The faulty gene runs in families and is generally passed on to some offspring. A gene testing study of children having symptoms of heart disease is showing that many carry the gene. 

Ongoing monitoring of youngsters is saving lives.  However, there is no official program that tests all children.  Some, of course are not diagnosed early and it is these who are at risk of sudden death.  It is heart breaking for a family to lose a child in this way,Ea
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
cGenetics by Ty Buchanan
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Addiction to Tech is not the Child's Fault

Keeping children away from technology is impossible. Like eating sugary food and going to bed early, those days have long gone. We know computers change the brain structure of children, Humans are changing and becoming a different species. Whether we will survive another climatic challenge is unknown.
Young children toddlers playing a game on mobile phone
If children are denied access to the mobile phone or tablet they literally spit the dummy. You have a huge blow up on your hands. They are addicted to games that give them instance satisfaction. Developers know how to keep players "attached" to their devices.

Like food and entertainment, technology is the demon, not children themselves. Parents need to start with a set behavior pattern soon after a child is born. However, try to take devices away when he/she first goes to kindergarten and sees other kids attached to tech on their way to and from the center - good luck!

You don't see children playing outdoors much these days, Not like "when I was a lad." The world and societies have changed forever. The clock cannot be turned back. Setting boundaries for kids was permanent years ago. Once they were set that was that. Today, boundaries have to be negotiated daily as children with little impulse control try for wider room to move. Modern children know how to make deals - but on their own terms!
Biology by Ty Buchanan 
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Laws Only Change Behavior for a Short Time

You cannot change the way people think. Legislating will change behavior for a time until civil unrest or violence moves things back to the way they used to be. This will be the case with Internet laws in Australia to stop piracy. Only when the programs demanded are made available at a fair price will piracy stop.
New laws regulations rules government
The same will be true will new "compulsory" vaccination. Some people would rather go to jail than immunize their children. Their religious or moral beliefs may seem misguided to others, but such parents are entitled to their faith.

Similarly, attempts to stop paracetamol poisoning will fail because society has been inculcated with the concept that you pop a Panadol when you feel the slightest pain. We learn this as children. A crying baby makes a mother reach for the paracetamol syrup. Babies love the sweet, fruity taste.

Putting all analgesics on prescription will boost the income of doctors and pharmacists. The cheap brands will not be available. Doctors will prescribe the main brands at an exorbitant price. Note, you can buy anything you want on the Internet today.C
Law by Ty Buchanan
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Teaching Compuuter Coding in Schools Could be Redundant

There is so much pressure on children to learn coding. Governments keep pumping money into new schemes. However, this could all be a waste of money. Remember when governments invested all that money into providing PCs to schools. Then the laptop came along and they had to change to making the new tech available. After this came tablets followed by large mobile phones. Chasing new technological developments is a fool's game.
Most parents don't want government money. They want to choose what their children "need" at at school. Years ago the Mac was pushed as the "must have" to do drawing work. It was encouraged for what is now called Graphics in school. It used to be called technical drawing or drafting. Schools adopted Autocad for Windows and Macs were redundant. Furthermore, PCs were the machine of choice in most schools for class work and at university
There are many kinds of computer languages. Specializing in one leaves you in a corridor with no way out. Software programs are out there that get rid of the need for coding knowledge. Once written developers are only needed for maintenance. Any Tom, Dick or Mary can use the "What You See Is What You Get" programs.

Personally, I believe that the future does not lie in creating a population of coders. Really good entrepreneurial managers will always be needed. Coders need to be employed by someone else. Probably in a business started by an entrepreneur. The real problem is the lack of understanding in Maths. Let this go too far and you will have no coders and no entrepreneurs.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Gary Johns is Beating His Own Drum

There are some people out there with some weird obsessions. Are they obsessive compulsives who are forcing their "sickness" on others? Maybe this is the case. Former Labor Minister Gary Johns is calling for government to tie unemployment benefits to taking the contraceptive.

It may be okay to get rid of excessive welfare payments for having babies, but just stopping income for having a child - that is stupid. In a country where population growth by Australian born is declining, it is counter productive.

This man is obviously bitter inside. He has an axe to grind and is pestering others to go along with it. Unfortunately for him few are taking much notice, apart from me with this article. With caring costs for the elderly going through the roof, children could be needed to look after the aged.

Sex and conception are not rational things. They just happen. Gary Johns' assumption that people will only have offspring when they have a job is stupid. They just do not act this way. Being intoxicated on a Saturday night and having it away is the usual cause of women falling pregnant.

This person has a thing about Aboriginals. He seems to hate them and blames them for being first on this continent. He says his plan will hit them the hardest holding that they deserve it for irresponsible behaviour. He says that many indigenous cases abound.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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"Pedophile" Judge Garry Neilson Retains His Job

Anyone with pedophile leanings should at least be ostracized by society. Their disgusting persuasion must be stamped out. You cannot change the mind of another person but you can certainly make his life difficult. No one, I mean absolutely no one who believes that pedophilia and incest is accepted by society must be removed from their employment, forthwith! Let them do life the hard way if they want to destroy the innocence of children.

Garry Neilson, a District Court Judge, has said that sexual contact with children is already regarded as normal by society. Not in my world it isn't. And the majority of human beings feel the same way. He is wrong and merely stating his own twisted perverted view.

He made his comments at the trial of a man who sexually abused his 10 year old sister. The judge had earlier given a light sentence to a man guilty of raping his niece.

A judge must be respected. This judge deserves no respect. Without respect he should be removed from his powerful position. He probably believes that murderers should be let off with a warning.
Law by Ty Buchanan
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Woman Complains About Gollywogs

Be careful! There might be a gollywog about. A Melbourne woman saw a gollywog doll for sale and she is now campaigning to stop it. But is she stopping racism or preventing the gollywog from existing? This all goes back to the Noddy series of books by Enid Blyton. Gollywog, who held an important position as Toytown garage proprietor, was a major character. Enid Blyton had no racial intentions by including him. Though she did admit that she hated children.

The woman says, “It’s a shock to see them brought back." However, they didn't actually go away. They have been available for many years in shops despite Gollywog's removal from Blyton books after 1980.

These days you can buy Caucasion, Asian and African style dolls, so what is the big problem about selling gollywogs? Banning things always causes problems because it makes an issue out of something when no bad feeling is intended. Australians used to call people from Italy and Greece wogs in the 1960s and 70s. These new Australians made it into a badge. Remember the wog series of films?

This lady is reading something into the situation which really isn't there. She complains, "There is an elegant white ballerina doll whereas the black doll is seen to be poorly dressed." Gollywogs were always dressed in a type of uniform, dungarees. She probably interprets this uniform as being "poorly dressed". Obviously there is demand for them, otherwise they wouldn't be for sale. Perhaps a dark skinned child wants one for comfort, a friend to play with.
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Society by Ty Buchanan
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Protecting Children From the Environment Causes Disease in Old Age

When is human advancement and achievement not necessarily so? When improvement leads to deleterious side effects. There are theories that protection of children from the environment by medication and physical intervention causes such things as hay fever and autism. These are only theories and not proven.

Another issue is the massive intake of carbohydrates humans have taken into their bodies over the last ten thousand years. We have not evolved to digest the diet. For most of our evolution we lived on meat and fruit with tubers in small amounts.  Societies have changed a great deal.

There are now strong indications that Alzheimer's disease (AD) is caused by people keeping the environment too clean when children are toddling around. "Good" bacteria and viruses do not get into our bodies. It should be noted that the rate of Alzheimer's is rising only in wealthy nations. Lack of microbes could also be increasing strokes.

This seems to be an insurmountable problem. Do we let children catch diseases some of which can be deadly and crippling, or do we continue along our present path? Even providing clean drinking water reduces exposure to microorganisms. Perhaps science can develop ways of injecting the required T-cells into people. It is becoming an epidemic. The number of AD sufferers will treble by the year 2050. Some estimates put the rate higher.
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Health by Ty Buchanan
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Changes to Treatment of Young Offenders

The Queensland state government is making drastic changes to the way young people who commit crimes are treated. Young offenders are to be named and shamed. Those punished by being sent to institutions will be transferred to adult prisons when they reach the age of eighteen.

Many of the "young criminals" are victims of crime themselves. Difficult home life has pushed them into crime. Naming them would make their lives intolerable.

The government decision has been made on just one survey. It seems the decision was made before the survey began. Young people are not mature adults. They are growing and learning. Judging them at such a stage in their lives is marking them as bad citizens for life.

Other changes include making fixed penalties for some crimes committed by adults. Judges will not have the discretion to modify the sentences according to prevailing circumstances.

A change that just about everyone agrees on is courts knowing the case histories of adult defendants during a trial. Many offenders get away with crimes simply because their past behavior is not known.
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Memories Are Not Real the "Specialists" Say

Childhood memories are figments of your imagination. If you believe that, you'll believe anything. Children in the UK were asked to recall memories of things their parents said didn't happen. But how do we know if children were trying to please their parents? Most children live in a dream land anyway. So asking them to recall seeing Santa Claus is just "baiting". And asking them about flying through the air is "hypnotising" for dream recall.

If you broke your leg as child you would certainly remember that, and whether the sun was out when it happened. The pain makes it stay in your mind. One thing that really remains is the care one receives from others. You remember things done with grandma because she was always kind and forgiving. Furthermore, really horrible events like being involved in a road accident and then being taken to hospital remain as clear as the day they occurred.

We wouldn't have an identity without memories. We are the sum of our experiences. Taking that away from someone is condemning that person to live in the forever "now". Debate is rife about whether learning is anything of value. For example, a day after taking exams most of it is forgotten. But a university degree or any other academic test is something the individual values and society values. Whether you actually remember things taught is quite irrelevant. You have gone down that road and reached the destination. Surely, that is what life is about: having experiences chronologically with the past leading to the present and into the future and remembering certain milestones.
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