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The Environment Affects Us and Our Health

The type of environment affects the mood of people. This is not surprising when one considers that Man a creature of his habitat. What the senses perceive shapes the human animal.  As humans responds to what is "Out there", so evolution ensues.

A "noisy" environment, bright colors and loud sounds, stimulates us. Furthermore, it puts us on edge. The body is prepared to take action of some kind. Communication of three bodily systems (nervous, immune and endocrine) work against our wishes to bring this about.

If we want to get away from high stimulation we need to move ourselves to a soothing environment. People know this full well. A quiet snooze in front of the TV after dinner at home is always relaxing. Adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol levels drop.

In an emergency stress gives us two option: flight or fight. If we cannot move away from hostile surroundings, we must put on a brave face and tough it out. Bluff is also part of flight.  However, remaining in an uncomfortable situation for long periods has its costs.

Today employment is structured and we cannot leave to silence out bodies. Stressful chemicals continue to pump through us causing long term damage. This is due to normal repair functions of the body being turned off. Inflammatory immune response is raised which is good only for the short time. It must be noted that 90 per cent of all human disease is related to stress.
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