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Wealthy Invest in Education to Show Status

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White Teeth Causes Demand for Gold to Fall

Culture: Gold demand falls with the rise of artificially whitened teeth.
Have you wondered why bystanders interviewed by TV news crews all seem to have terribly bad teeth. The yukky yellow makes it look as thought they have not cleaned their teeth for a year. However, the natural color for teeth is a yellow off-white, not dazzling white.
Gold teeth
Movie stars and nearly all celebrities in the public eye have their teeth artificially whitened. When they choose the shade of white they all obviously choose the brightest white they can get. A great boon for dentists but bad for the mineral industry. The demand for gold for filling teeth has fallen by 60 per cent in the last decade.

Gold "amalgam" is no longer popular. People with gold fillings looked disgusting anyway. The dark color looked too much like tooth decay. New ceramic filling materials in many shaded of white triggered the initial dislike of gold. Whiter than white is the "here to stay" fad.

False teeth could also become a thing of the past as old and young people have teeth implants when the original teeth will not take anymore filling or become diseased. Like the tech industry, culture is changing. People change; tastes change.
 Culture by Ty Buchanan 
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Rio Olympics - a Cheater's Paradise

There isn't much doubt that the majority of medal winners at the last five Olympic Games were doped-up. Things will be no better at the next games in Rio. It will probably be the worse sports event ever for drug taking.
Sun Yang Chinese swimmer who takes drugs doping
Clean athletes do not have much respect for Fedération internationale de natation (FINA) in particular. The swimming body has thrown its hands in the air and ran for the exit. It has given up trying to prevent drug abuse by swimmers.

Sun Yang has been given a slap on the wrist and will compete in Brazil despite being caught. The athlete promises not to take drugs anymore - sure, he will be a real angel!
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Gold Fish Dog

"Come closer doggy.  We won't hurt you - much!"
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Eucalytus Trees Store Gold in Their Leaves

A way of detecting gold deposits beneath the ground has been right in front of our eyes for years. Eucalyptus trees take up gold particles into their leaves. X-ray imaging could replace test drilling.

Eucalyptus roots go down a very long way in search of water. Some sinker roots reach 40 meters below the surface. If there is gold in the ground it is concentrated in the leaves. It is pushed to extremities of the tree because gold is toxic.

Research has proven the theory. Trees above gold deposits store gold, but in gold-free areas there is no stored gold. It is place specific as well: the amount of gold particles varies with the level of gold deposits in the ground.

There is no threat to the trees as the amount of stored gold is minuscule. All types of plants store minerals besides eucalyptus. However, the overwhelming number of plant species in Australia are eucalyptus.

It is no longer necessary to drill in difficult, rocky places. Taking a few leaves for analysis does not damage the trees. This will make the search for gold much easier and cheaper.
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Society by Ty Buchanan
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New Ground Dwellers Found in Northern Australia

A large country with a low population has a lot to offer in regard to potential scientific discoveries. There are many places which individuals have not visited in a long, long time. Look around and there may be a few surprises.

Cape York and Cape Melville are virtual "lost worlds". New animals have been discovered by a team exploring the mountainous areas. New reptiles have been discovered that have to be given official names: a gold-colored skink and a leaf-tailed gecko. A new yellow, brown-spotted frog was also found. Frogs are amphibians, not reptiles, because they change from tadpoles into frogs.

Being mountainous and relatively inaccessible northern parts of Australia are pristine regions just waiting for visits from scientists. Though it gets very hot, mountain rainforest regions stay wet all year round, so rare species can survive for thousands of years. More intensive searches are planned for the near future.
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 Environment by Ty Buchanan
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Who Do We Owe Money To?

Everyone is in debt. That seems to be the case. But if we all owe money to whom are we indebted? Who are these fat cats who spend their days on the beach having cool drinks brought to them while they while away the time sunbathing?

If truth be known the money does not actually exist. It has been created in the books of independent and national banks. In centuries passed the local blacksmith acted as the bank. Gold, silver and promissory notes were left in his safe. He soon became aware that the "goods" left for safe keeping would not be taken out by the owner for a very long time, if ever. For storing the valuable minerals and promissory notes he gave promissory notes in return. This meant that he could create money. He could also give loans, a large part of which would return directly back because the debtor opened a new account.

When large private banks started, governments gave an assurance that a run on an institution would be protected by public money. We have seen how silly this concept has proved to be by the US and European governments bailing out private banks. Private debt has become public debt. This on top of the mushrooming private debt worldwide.

Much of Western debt is owed to China which buys US bonds. It is a mistake to believe that it wants the money back any time soon. If it did the world economy would grind to a halt. Then, who would buy its exports?

The real problem is economics. This social science is just theory. There are complicated models that do not apply to the real world, with demand and supply curves, meeting long term average costs and so on. Real business doesn't operate that way. There is not one model for cost plus 10 or 20 percent, or get it cheap and sell high until demand stops then throw the stuff out. That is how business really runs. Note the supermarkets, they don't cut the price of everything that doesn't sell. They would rather throw it away than sell it. After all, they make the supplier take the loss. Economic advisers have not helped one government to balance the books. And the advice they are giving now to raise taxes and cut spending will surely prolong the recession. Cutting debt is like turning the water tap down - someone has to go without! Let's be honest much of this debt will never be paid. It doesn't really exist.
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