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Time of Aboriginal Arrival Now 65,000 Years

Lost handwriting skills
Madjedbebe archaeological finds show Aborigines have been in Australia for more than 65 millenia. ⁍ shelter earliest excavation axes researchers sediment ⁌ ● time computer aboriginal to arrival numbers 65,000 it years we time figure aboriginal keys arrival text 65,000 in years of time create aboriginal colors arrival code 65,000 software years to time or aboriginal in arrival by 65,000 on years ● ⧫ humans dating artifacts excavation age samples rock researchers madjedbebe axes shelter sediment ancient earliest archaeologist ⧫ ⏏ archaeologist earliest ancient sediment shelter axes madjedbebe researchers rock samples age excavation artifacts dating humans ⏏ ⦿ sand humans study dating layers clarkson site university artifacts stone excavation human date age results luminescence samples determine long dark researchers buried grain people corporation gundjeihmi finding madjedbebe suggests schwenninger email involved provide jacobs team laser colleagues sunlight exposed amount energy shelter rock deepest called sediment continent animals evidence brien dominic migrated ancient axes earliest material studied author archaeologist chris timing ⦿ ∎ timing chris archaeologist author studied material earliest axes ancient migrated dominic brien evidence animals continent sediment called deepest rock shelter energy amount exposed sunlight colleagues laser team jacobs provide involved email schwenninger suggests madjedbebe finding gundjeihmi corporation people grain buried researchers dark long determine samples luminescence results age date human excavation stone artifacts university site clarkson layers dating study humans sand ∎
Madjedbebe Aboriginal art

Mysteries of 2015

KIC 8462852 star mystery
Well what happened in 2015? Some odd claims were made. In October KIC 8462852, a star doing strange things, was observed. Some said that it was created by intelligent life. Actually it is a comet swarm.

Bacon in frypan
The barbecue charcoal theory was taken a step further with suggestions that processed meat such as bacon causes cancer. However, the risk is statistically insignificant. Just don't eat too much of it.

Maunder Minimum London
NASA's mysterious EM Drive was announced which apparently is a microwave "powered" warp drive. Roll on Star trek. Thrust was produced from nothing but at a such a low level as to be unusable.

We do not have to worry about global warming because the sun will take care of it. The Maunder Minimum phase will push us into an ice age in the 2030s. Have no fear. Such a drastic 5º C fall will not happen. We have done far too much damage for the Maunder Minimum to have any effect.

Electron micrograph scan of tardigrade
The little Tardigrade creature picks up genes from the environment by horizontal transfer. That is why its DNA is a combination of virus, bacteria, fungi, plant and animal. This was the assertion anyway. Another research team ended the speculation when it found that only 36 genes were acquired by gene transfer, not the massive 6,000 plus in the earlier paper.

The world is a wonderful place, particularly when scientists get things wrong. We will still have to wait for the discovery of little green men. And what we do in our daily lives will always be suspect: saying that "the usual" is bad for us is easy to do and can cause short term panic.
 Science by Ty Buchanan 
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Drones Used to Control Sharks in Australia

Australians tend to be early adopters of new technology because they have inquisitive minds. Our old enemy, the shark, will always be around, so it is not surprising that drone technology is being used to solve this problem.
Shark caught by baited hook attached to a drum
It is not the buzzing sound that will scare sharks off. Drones are being used to gather visual information about where sharks are and the number swimming around, the theory being that if we know this we can be more careful.

At the moment hooks are baited on lines attached to floating drums. This method is a simple way to catch sharks, but other creatures are also caught such as dolphins. Unfortunately, sharks not tempted by the bait remain in the area. Baited hooks have warning devices in them that notify watchers on a boat when sharks take them.

This is a clumsy way to keep sharks at bay. Targeting sharks observed by drones is a better solution. Drones are far cheaper than helicopters and do a better job, going right down to sea level to collect data.
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
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Shark Ancestor had Bone

It was though that the evolution of sharks was known. However, a 380 million year old fossil found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia indicates the presence of bone as well as cartilage. In other words a virtual missing link has been found.
Shark fossil with bone kimberley region western australia
It means that an ancestor was a bony fish. Obviously, they lost the bone, lightening the body, to enable them to swim faster. The theory of a lineage containing only cartilaged ancestors has now been dropped. This is an indication of accepted beliefs about life in general being without foundation.

Animals with only cartilage were thought to be more primitive than boned ones. Accepted for centuries, this concept was incorrect all along. Be careful what you believe. This could be extended to the religious sphere. You could be following a false faith.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan
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Wax Ear Plug Illuminates a Whale's Life

Who would have thought that ear wax would add to scientific knowledge. A wax ear plug from a dead 12 years old whale has shed more light on its life. Traditional research involved blubber, faeces and blood.

Lipids, keratin and waxes built up by two layers a year. This was used to tell the age of the whale. When sliced ultrafine, 24 separate rings were identified.

Closer analysis was done and various industrial chemicals and pesticides were found. Some of the chemicals persisted in the wax despite being banned world wide ten years before. There is no doubt that these chemicals were stored in the females fat and passed onto the young.

Mercury was high at two periods in the whale"s life. Testosterone level rose when the whale reached maturity at ten years of age. The high chemical rate is believed to have an indirect effect on the high cortisol level, the stress hormone. However, a 12 year old male would have been driven to compete with other males for females and form social bonds.
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Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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