Conservation of Fish is a Losing Battle

Conservation: Overfishing is just as toxic as pollution. G+
We are already running out of food.  If carbon dioxide doesn't kill us diminishing fish stocks will.  Soon, the humble fish and chips will cost too much for most people.  When the crunch comes the decline will be sudden over a period of five years.  It will not be possible to increase fish stocks in the medium term and some fish species will disappear forever.
People must eat and in Asia in particular daily fishing is part of everyday life.  There will be little chance of a freeze on fishing.  It they are allowed to keep fishing and Western countries stop they will export to the lucrative fishing markets and nothing will change.

Manufacturers like Birds Eye are alreading putting "rubbish" fish in their food products rather than the old reliable species.  When you get a fishy taste that is the second rate fish formally called baitfish.  It is so bad that major predators have fallen by 90 percent over the last 50 years.  There is not enough out there for them to eat and sustain themselves.

It is not only fishing that is reducing available stocks, pollution such as plastic bags is also killing fish.  Human control their environment,  they also destroy it.  Soon you will be able to swim safely on beaches because there will not be any sharks left.  Or there could be the odd one looking for his last dinner which could be you!
 Conservation by Ty Buchanan 
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