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Potential Health Damage From 5G in Australia 2020

We do not know the possible health effects from 5G phone network says expert. Professor Dariusz Leszczynski says the effect of radiation from mobile networks is not understood. We are ignorant about about this but are blindly plowing ahead in order for big companies to make money. This is extremely short-sighted. Damage could be a painful sunburn all over your body.

Updated August 29, 2018

More research needed potential health effects 5G mobile phone technology rolled Australia, international expert says.

high-speed mobile phone network operational Australia 2020, offering 50 times bandwidth currently available 4G networks, allowing users download equivalent three television episodes second.

Telstra announced last year would run world-first test technology visitors 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Coast.

International radio frequency expert Professor Dariusz Leszczynski, University Helsinki, public lecture Griffith University Brisbane Thursday night lack understanding health effects.

"We radiation penetrates skin deep," Professor Leszczynski said.

"We faintest idea normal-functioning skin affected."

Australia's radiation safety government body, Australian Radiation Protection Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), backed calls examine country's current radiation safety standards changed 5G rollout.

Research published agency's website said 5G technology penetrate skin depth millimetres.

ARPANSA assistant director Dr Ken Karipidis said research needed.

"At frequencies 5G operating, RF electromagnetic energy does penetrate further surface skin," Dr Karapidis said.

"Adverse health effects expected, current Australian Standard accounts these.

"Nevertheless, further research area required, particularly effects skin eyes."

Radio frequency emissions possible carcinogen

Professor Leszczynski one 30 experts international World Health Organisation research team 2011 classified radio frequency emissions possible carcinogen.

ARPANSA said Australian Radiofrequency Standard, based international guidelines, protected community harm.

Professor Leszczynski said examining health impacts technology rolled good enough.

"It appears having deja vu early 980s thought low-power emitting technology would safe, problems," he said.

"Thirty years later appears possibly carcinogenic."

ARPANSA said would individual university research labs pick agency's recommendations research 5G frequencies.

A Telstra spokesman said company ensured wireless networks comply Australian electromagnetic energy (EME) safety standards.

"We rely expert advice number national international health authorities, including ARPANSA World Health Organisation," spokesman said.

"Research EME, mobile phones health going many years.

" frequencies used 5G used radio frequency applications satellite radar decades … 5G wireless networks designed efficient minimise EME."

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Facebook Has a Very Long Nose

Plants destroyed in australia
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Cat is Measuring and timing

"I'm measuring n' timering."
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Impulse Buying Depends on Culture

Culture: we buy on impulse with east credit and fast pay.
We are all guilty of it. What is it? Impulse buying of course! It may not be for major purchase - we usually have a think about them before making a decision. Well most of us do. Minor things like snack bars and quick coffees are usually done on a whim. A site like eBay where thing are cheap but generally of low quality is also a vehicle for fast shopping.
Impulse buying on credit
Some people purchase "quickie" items more than others. It all depends on ones personality. Even being out with others affects buying behavior. Having money to buy is less of a factor because easy credit is available. A person's prevailing mood also has an effect: happiness drives impulse buying.

Advertising is perceived differently by individuals. "Buy one and get one free" is a trap for some. Indeed, Westerners seem to be particularly prone to buying things with little thought, people in Eastern cultures not so much. Culture does determine behavior to some extent. This could be changing for Asians. Culture does change over time. The British, for example, are not so conservative as they once were.

The Internet has impacted on societies throughout the world. It is so easy to buy things now. You can purchase things you don't really need while sitting down at home. Impulse buying is generally thought to occur only when we are at the shops. This is not the case. Easy credit and easy pay have
put a gap between budgeting and spending.
 Culture by Ty Buchanan 
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Strange Cats

"The cats on here are very strange."
Funny Animal Pictures
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Australia's Internet Snooping System is a Useless Waste of Money

On Tuesday 13th of October the Australian communications surveillance system comes into effect. Apparently, privacy will end for all Australians. Contrary to this view, I believe Australians are smart enough to opt out. There is no way the Australian government can stop the use of  VPNs, nor the resetting of a modem to Google's 8080. The government does not have jurisdiction over Google, i.e., it cannot ban it!
Australian government internet security system 13 october 2015
This data, though extremely large, will always be incomplete and a waste of money. Anybody who intends to do something "underhanded" will obviously avoid the system. . Furthermore, what about Australians who have their websites on servers in other countries? This information is outside of the local loop. You can also create a site on oversees servers.  Some users will choose to do nothing and allow their information to be collected, however.

Abuse of power will happen from the start. Uncontrolled bodies like the Australian Federal Police as with all national forces do questionable things. They always go outside of their legislated boundaries. State police will treat the data as their own little honey pot as well.

I keep all of my personal email on overseas services that I can access at places like libraries. There is no record of this email on my computer. This isn't smart: it is common sense.   I have nothing to hide but I like to keep things private. Gmail and Yahoo are exempt.  Obviously, I will use Tor browser a lot more. My "critical" online activity will be hidden from the Australian government.

Don't worry! Carriers have the choice whether to store destination IP addresses (this is your browsing history). Because it will be a significant extra cost, none of them will do this unless it is the only way to record metadata. Even then, the government cannot force telcos to handover IP data. Moreover, getting IP addresses will not identify particular websites visited on a server.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Speed of Light Broadband for Australia

Netflix came to Australia and within a few months the entertainment landscape changed. All of the major free-to-air televisions stations now offer movie and program downloads at an exceedingly low monthly rate. Foxtel reduced the prices of some of its packages by 60 per cent. The Internet market per se is about to be hit as well.
myrepublic versus telstra
MyRepublic is coming to Australia. It has heavily condemned Telstra for its lacklustre provision of broadband Internet via the National Broadband Network (NBN). The Singaporean company will invest in its own network and provide super-fast broadband at prices lower than Telstra. The offer of 100 megabit per second at $80 a month is at the low end of Telstra much slower offer. The copper to homes from the node will hamper Telstra Mr Rodrigues of My Republic says. He says the government has been lying all along about the NBN's ultimate speed.

Just about every Australian believes that the NBN rollout is a mess. It is the target of ongoing jokes with, "Have you go the NBN yet." "No, but the neighbours have it and I should get it in 10 years." Fibre to the home is MyRepublic's business motto that it will never give up. It will offer fibre all the way for free.

The government say the final speed will be 20Mbps. MyRepublic says it will be far less than that. With many ADSL2 customers already getting 25Mbps it is mot really a beneficial investment at all! Australia will be well down the list when the international minimum speed is set at 50Mbps. Disagreeing with Mr Rodriques' claims will not make them go away, particularly if they are the truth.

Telstra says MyRepublic will probably move the nodes closer to homes. The "feet stuck in mud" telecom giant says it will not do this because the government will not give them more money. How often do we see former market leaders end up on the scrap heap of history?

Yeah, saying the goal is the supply of faster Internet to the majority of Australians sounds marvellous, but individual Australians only care about the minimum speed.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Laws Only Change Behavior for a Short Time

You cannot change the way people think. Legislating will change behavior for a time until civil unrest or violence moves things back to the way they used to be. This will be the case with Internet laws in Australia to stop piracy. Only when the programs demanded are made available at a fair price will piracy stop.
New laws regulations rules government
The same will be true will new "compulsory" vaccination. Some people would rather go to jail than immunize their children. Their religious or moral beliefs may seem misguided to others, but such parents are entitled to their faith.

Similarly, attempts to stop paracetamol poisoning will fail because society has been inculcated with the concept that you pop a Panadol when you feel the slightest pain. We learn this as children. A crying baby makes a mother reach for the paracetamol syrup. Babies love the sweet, fruity taste.

Putting all analgesics on prescription will boost the income of doctors and pharmacists. The cheap brands will not be available. Doctors will prescribe the main brands at an exorbitant price. Note, you can buy anything you want on the Internet today.C
Law by Ty Buchanan
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Battery Technology Not Advancing Quickly Enough

Despite claims that battery technology will improve over the next few years, the battery has remained the same for half a century. Sure base materials that make the battery store electricity have changed, but not that much in recent years.
Communication batteries
All the same battery technology
Due to mass production and increasing demand the price of batteries will fall. This is just economics really. The cost of Solar has fallen 80 per cent in five years. Don't expect batteries for your phone or tablet to fall this much though.

The great hope is that advances in solar technology in electrical catchment and storage can be "transferred" to other products. Communication and motor vehicle manufacturers could be putting too much faith in this, however. It may not happen.

Batteries can be charged in a matter of minutes now. The future could see people carrying a "spare" mobile phone power pack in their pocket. Exchange stations could spread and be ubiquitous everywhere.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Netflix Begins in Australia - Foxtel Trembles!

As Australians get ready to get Netflix this month, rival media companies are trembling in trepidation. Prices are falling and packages are getting larger for Foxtel, which has held a monopoly in TV and movies mainly over a satellite network. It is partially owned by Telstra the largest phone company in Australia and Telstra does include the premium Foxtel package in its phone/broadband offering.
Foxtel got in early with its movies over broadband being already established. It is not taking the market by storm, however. Foxtel movie signups are a bit dated now that Netflix is gathering content. Unlike Foxtel which is mainly only on satellite, cable and basic broadband; Netflix will ultimately be available on all smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Foxtel Go is still only offered on ipad and Samsung GALAXY devices.

When Netflix is fully operational, users will abandon the Telstra bundle with Foxtel because it is still very expensive. A short ago Foxtel threw in two free movies each month. This is turning back the clock. A few years ago two movies a month was part of the package. It amazes me how company CEOs treat customers as if they are stupid. We do know the real value of products.

Smaller Australian media companies are entering the movie-over-Internet market.  It is not yet known how they will get their content.  Offering movies later but cheaper seems to be their only option.  This could suit some customers.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Australia's National Broadband Network is a Mess

Development of Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) has been a disaster. Mismanagement by governments run by both major parties are at fault. The Coalition won office on the promise to clean up the mess and speed things up. Currently, the roll out is slowing down and it is still in a mess. Neither party knows how to manage a punch-up in a pub.
Australia is falling down the international ranking of broadband efficiency. Industry is waiting for it to be working Australia wide. Completion will probably be 2030. The technology will be superseded by then and the investment will be a waste of money.

There are pockets of users with fast broadband in the country. This is causing frustration and anger from those who cannot get it. Some people are actually buying houses in areas already covered. The poor miss out yet again.

The Coalition has been accused of bypassing Labor electorates. This is disgraceful behavior. Leaving wire connections from the node was bad enough. There is no doubt that since the election of the Liberal/National government construction has come to a standstill.

Australians move from anger to ridicule. It is seen as a joke. Telstra is laughing all the way to the bank though. The longer it goes on the more unearned income it gets.  The monopoly created by government and privatized is still a monopoly.

With the United States making the definition of broadband 25Mbps down instead of 4Mbps the technology cannot be classed as broadband internationally. Ninety nine percent of users will get something in the order of 20Mbps or less depending on the length of copper to their homes from the node.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Australian Laws Lag Behind Technological Change

Culture changes steadily with technological development. Some values have their own inertia which means that they stay around for much longer. Legal adaptation to a new environment is very slow. We are living with laws suited to a pre-internet era.

The Uber app took the world by storm. It spread through many countries and clashed with legal restrictions which were made for the benefit of taxi drivers and the public. Unfortunately, people do not like rapid change to the legal system. It upsets the way they live.

Like the Chinese, Australians embrace new technology, much to the frustration of government. Whether it is legal or not we adopt new things. They "get in" because their is some legal framework that benefits some participants in the market place. New systems get under the barrier, so to speak.

Australians seems to lead the world on illegal movie downloads. This is because the market is distorted. We pay over the odds for the latest films due to overpricing by American companies: they obviously do not understand that they lose money in the long run.

Some market distortions are being dismantled by Companies who have had the market to themselves for years. The pay TV business Foxtel has halved its small packages largely due to the appearance of Netflix Australia. Unfortunately, Teltra partly owns Foxtel and sells the premium Foxtel service with their broadband bundles. The Foxtel subscription remains the same but with two free movies a month given now. Some companies will never learn! This is why consumers move to new products, legal or not.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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New Technology Not for Everyone

Playing around with new tech devices and writing reviews full of praise is all well and good, but many people in all countries are still using dial-up modems. This brave new world is not available to them.

Even for users in built up areas where ADSL2 is available, 200GB is never going to be enough to watch streaming high-definition movies. Magic dongles are wonderful for those on the main line. However, some will never be connected to this line.

Netflix is being accused of using up to half of all bandwidth. This state of affairs cannot continue. The Internet will ultimately slow down. It is not a bottomless pit. There are limits.

Third world countries will never put fiber in for the majority. Capital cities in all countries will probably get very fast Internet. Even in suburbs though fast speeds will never be seen.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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