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Cat has Great New House

Dig with glasses
"Welcome to my home."
▶ Cat gets a spanking wonderful abode for a residence. He likes to live there. Invites you in. abode home sloth brucie cow cuckoo octopus numbat snail kitten ermine koala moth albatross cat canine great animals new dish house salmon bandicoot buffalo lungfish bellied dhole cacomistle lemming rooster Ibis cat feline great pets new petting house kookaburras herring sandpiper shepherd jaguarundi elk insect alpaca goose cat pussy great owner new collar house brocket oxen kangaroo chimpanzee woodpecker spider buzzard shark gold platypus cat pet great food new internet house play boxer dartfish grasshopper dolphin lobster baboon goat cougar Coral toad | residence ◀
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▶ jumbo den condominium hole advanced tomcat unlike malkin courant major lengthy setup husky decided puma long shanty uncontaminated panther unfamiliar grievous ultramodern dewy inexperienced modernistic tabby recent flop bulky hearth mammoth residence tremendous distinct extreme turf building lean-to unused puss lion cheetah tom fat spick-and-span novel apartment dwelling contemporary lodging untried rack oversize topical modern latest habitat base sanctuary just first-rate cutting-edge quarters excellent coop considerable unusual habitation residency seat youthful homestead champion gigantic leopard huge pigpen lynx cubbyhole headquarters terrible dump untrodden co-op different vast state-of-the-art mondo superb strong diggings unknown kennel protracted colossal pad virgin extravagant joint numerous plate mouser unspoiled shack domicile inordinate pronounced newfangled high outstanding titanic roost haunt towering bobcat grimalkin condo mansion jaguar master edifice brand-new current immense virtuoso layout extensive untouched now bull commorancy castle excessive prolonged dissimilar strange casa kitty distinguished digs unskilled flat brilliant original tiger unseasoned prodigious the cave roof ample modish pigsty up-to-date humongous fashionable flophouse expert pied-à-terre untrained wall late abundant big stupendous enormous ocelot extended out box unaccustomed neoteric unique address crib bullpen | Welcome to my abode. ◀

Drinking Issues in Australia

There is much talk about allowing sales of alcohol in service stations and corner stores.  Of course, it is by vested interests in order to make more profit.  The weakness is that allowing small businesses to be distributors will bring on calls by supermarket to stock beer, wine and spirits as well.
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Drinking problem
It is like legalizing marijuana.  It doesn't solve the problem.  Much more is sold though.  The same for alcohol.  Like all drugs there is dependency.  This has a cost to society.  Families suffer most, with wives, husbands and children having to go without necessities.  Let's face it, booze is a multi-million dollar industry.

People who drink too much are flooding into hospitals for treatment.  Indeed, one in six admissions nationwide are alcohol related. Nurses and doctors are calling for body cameras to record assaults.  Western Australia is pushing for "drunk" tanks to be introduced.  It is going to be put forward at the next state election.  They have such a system in the UK.
◆ Sociology 
Tys Outback
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Impulse Buying Depends on Culture

Culture: we buy on impulse with east credit and fast pay.
We are all guilty of it. What is it? Impulse buying of course! It may not be for major purchase - we usually have a think about them before making a decision. Well most of us do. Minor things like snack bars and quick coffees are usually done on a whim. A site like eBay where thing are cheap but generally of low quality is also a vehicle for fast shopping.
Impulse buying on credit
Some people purchase "quickie" items more than others. It all depends on ones personality. Even being out with others affects buying behavior. Having money to buy is less of a factor because easy credit is available. A person's prevailing mood also has an effect: happiness drives impulse buying.

Advertising is perceived differently by individuals. "Buy one and get one free" is a trap for some. Indeed, Westerners seem to be particularly prone to buying things with little thought, people in Eastern cultures not so much. Culture does determine behavior to some extent. This could be changing for Asians. Culture does change over time. The British, for example, are not so conservative as they once were.

The Internet has impacted on societies throughout the world. It is so easy to buy things now. You can purchase things you don't really need while sitting down at home. Impulse buying is generally thought to occur only when we are at the shops. This is not the case. Easy credit and easy pay have
put a gap between budgeting and spending.
 Culture by Ty Buchanan 
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Coca-Cola is It - Just Watching You

We are reaching a point now where you will not be able to stop companies having free reign to monitor and cajole people into doing things enterprises want. The legislation to prevent this will just be too complex to effectively use. Individual rights will be trodden underfoot in the rush for higher company profits as oligopolies rule the world.

These big companies are snapping up smaller rivals at their whim. They have massive amounts of money to spare. Australia is a favored testing ground for such enterprises due to its small population and established markets
. Companies can easily check out something new and see how it will work in larger economies.

Coca-Cola is putting facial recognition software on fridges in Australia so it can watch the behavior of customers and how they react to adds on the refrigerator. Sales have increased by 12 per cent over standard fridges. This is great for building up your waistline and for Coca-Cola.

When you go to get a fizzy drink in future you will enjoy a targeted entertainment program which is really just a colorful add just for you. If it is a hot day expect shows of people frolicking on sunny, sandy beaches quaffing coke.

It must be noted that targeted ads are commonplace today. What do you think Google does with all the data? Facebook is sending ads just for you right now. All the spyware and trojans are just ways of collecting information.

There could be hurdles though - what if governments legislation to make facial recognition an opt in service? Oh, by the way, turn off that location finder on your mobile phone. It is not there to help you! Soon Coca-Cola will be putting drink machines only in hot areas of buildings. Heat and higher sales go together.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Horse Buys Trailer

"This trailer is a little small. Have you got something larger?"
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Funny Animal Photos

Housing Not Affordable for the Young

The concept of building one and two bedroom houses instead of the traditional three and four bedroom homes seems doomed to failure.  More adult children than ever are going back home to live with their parents.  A single person simply cannot earn enough  to get a loan for a house.  If you are a labourer or a TAFE trained worker this is  increasingly the case.  As many as 70 per cent of people aged under 35 cannot buy a  home of their own.

While specialists say tax incentives are needed to enable young people to buy, this is not the problem.  Australia will have a housing shortage for decades because there are  not enough qualified builders in outback Australia.  This is particularly the case in  booming Western Australia with mineral companies being forced to have accommodation  built at great cost.

Giving the young tax breaks and just giving them handouts is not a solution.  It is a  bottom up issue not a top down problem.  Getting trades persons from other countries will not make any difference either.  Countries have unique building codes.  For  example, in the UK houses are built in double brick where the two walls hold up the roof.  In the US they built much larger houses.  In Australia brick veneer is the norm  where timber holds up the roof and bricks are just decoration.

The next Australian government will probably be Liberal/National. They will not be inclined to give handouts.  Moreover, with the push toward a balanced budget next year the current Labor government has no money to spare.
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