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My Health Record will be Ineffective

Being able to opt out of the new My Health Record is going to make it difficult for GPs. Doctors will not be able to make a correct diagnosis with no record being available. The government is wrong in saying that the new system will have a summary of health information. It won't. GPs will be the ones updating information.

my health record path nowhere mja insight 25 july 2018 doctor portal home find doctor tools back tools resources gp desktop doctors health jobs bookshop learning events mja insight sign log profile privacy logout sign log home find doctor tools back resources gp desktop doctors health jobs bookshop learning events mja insight log sign log email address username email password log forgot password didn't receive activation email × subscribe home news views polls current issue previous issues mja mja podcasts search more_vert home news views polls current issue previous issues mja search × july 2018 health record path nowhere authored bernard robertson-dunn related links health record health care choice australians mja insight issue 25 july 2018 impending move opt out health record potentially have significant impact gps their work practices suggested gps need make informed decisions regarding their system advice they give patients following summary health record its context government’s broader agenda acquisition health datasets well way government attempting persuade gps participate its health record according government’s website health record secure online summary health information gives impression patient signs health record registered opt-out scheme they get summary their health information they won’t opt-out scheme register patient health record patient wants their health record contain shared health summary shs they must appoint nominated service representative often their gp work them populate manage regularly update information won’t happen automatically isn’t simple matter clicking button uploading data government’s website says first time you log health record there may little information information added visiting healthcare provider gp pharmacist hospital you begin add personal health information notes straight away data health record not health information they.

data relating patient’s medical treatment system not designed store health data weight height blood type alcohol smoking exercise patterns health record simple document database based primarily pdf files simply aggregated being integrated managed clinical perspective owned controlled federal government attached clinical hospital pharmacy imaging pathology systems upload medical data download medical data ironically supposedly personal health record patient cannot print copy their health information health record additional record system top addition gps’ existing systems requires extra effort manage yet offers benefit gp not data already gp’s existing clinical system pdf format data files makes difficult time consuming access lack context makes their research analytics problematic uploading shs not simply matter clicking button patient’s gp takes unknown responsibility liability sense has not yet been defined legislation tested court ama’s guide medical practitioners the personally controlled electronic health record system makes clear uploading shs not trivial exercise government’s website says creating shs nominated healthcare provider needs ensure aspects have been completed verify accuracy information contains assessing its content nominated healthcare provider should take account relevant information patient’s health record health record may include discharge summaries recent mja insight article critical its analysis title gps want clinical handovers not discharge summaries authors said real world gps grappling being thrown links hospital electronic records systems ‘the viewer’ investigations likely uploaded delay health record raw data unfiltered disorganised more throw handover being thrown raw data being expected catch them way akin hospital doctor being given.

login gp clinic’s patient management system being expected extrapolate referral probably applies equally summary documents shs discharge summaries event summaries issue raw data health record applies test results context useless best dangerous worst patients low health literacy numerical skills confusion meaning results common many tests reported same form doctor sees them even savvy patients may find ‘literally meaningless’ … situations we run risk patients misinterpreting there problem there assuming there’s problem there isn’t addition summary documents test results there data derived government systems health record not designed replace existing clinical systems appropriate federal government not directly involved responsible delivery health care services health record additional source summary health care data data derived existing health care systems words not data patient’s health record already their gp’s clinical system far largest number documents come medicare system comprising billing data minimal clinical information pharmaceutical benefits scheme prescription data 677 177 059 combined compared clinical documents 477 845 reported 29 april 2018 health record context announcements australian digital health agency website seem suggest government extending health record order relate medicare benefits schedule pharmaceutical benefits scheme data health care activities detailed data held gp hospital systems difficult see useful either clinicians medical researchers help gps know health record not initiative government pursuing regard health data government using data include australian bureau statistics project multi agency data integration project madip designed link data department social services department health department human services australian taxation office australian bureau statistics purpose madip create enduring linked publicly accessible research dataset hand help government agencies researchers respond nationally important policy service delivery questions practice incentives program – activities include continual improvements quality care enhanced capacity improved access health outcomes patients new division department health provider benefits integrity division responsible.

identifying investigating treating incorrect claiming inappropriate practices fraud department consulting stakeholders intention changing number acts proposed changes would amend health insurance act 1973 health insurance act 1973 dental benefits act 2008 allow department directly collect information employing organisations corporations hospital authorities practice records persuasion government planning actively promote health record gps variety techniques technologies information its intention available request expression interest rei government calls test beds repeated objective test beds project identify benefits health record not costs not risks not evaluate health record identify benefits says slide 16 21 minutes 30 seconds presentation available youtube their purpose promote innovation address australia’s highest priority health challenges generating evidence new approaches improve health outcomes tender documentation says rei process intended enable agency establish test bed projects produce evidence positive impact new digitally enabled services models care demonstrate they sustainable scalable first tranche test beds should include health record system utilised create new digitally enabled services models care particularly rapidly implemented already underway addendum test bed rei australian digital health agency provided information its activities six evaluation projects mentioned youtube presentation evaluating gps primary care health record improve their patients’ health improved medicines management sharing information reducing unnecessary duplication diagnostic services national prescribing service nps medicinewise university melbourne evaluating gps hospitals health record improve their patients’ health improved medicines management reducing unnecessary duplication diagnostic services reducing hospital admissions length stay pencs western sydney primary health network university western sydney nsw.

health educating gps health record improve their management patients’ medicines specifically deprescribing inappropriate medicines reduce unnecessary duplication diagnostic services project specific multifaceted education intervention medcast university wollongong quarterly tracking health care providers investigate awareness readiness attitudes experience regarding health record system early 2019 mcnair yellowsquares rodika research services changing clinical behaviour primary care using health record improve uploading viewing documents sharing useful accurate information informed clinical decision making project involves discipline behavioural economics behavioural insights team australia evaluating performance health record system conducting data analytics de-identified administrative non-clinical health record data investigate impact medicine management ordering diagnostic services adherence evidence-based care patterns health care associated costs conclusion australian digital health agency operators custodians health record government have failed understand health care professionals need better access current accurate well formatted managed high quality patient data few patients want access their medical data achieved minimal zero cost government improved interoperability patient portal access gp systems – available sweden gps benefit tools assist them understand data make better decisions current accurate point care data much more important historical data current focus health medical records danger turning gps data entry clerks lead burnout ineffective pseudo health summary record system doesn’t meet needs health professionals patients increase costs reduce medical effectiveness put patient privacy risk better sharing patient data health professionals has significant potential medical benefits giving them government doesn’t especially intent monitor question activities.

decisions health professionals unintended consequence health professionals further distracted health care having ify their activities decisions quo vadis health record health record replaces nothing nothing gps apart increasing their workload nothing patient gp can’t minimal cost required path nowhere major privacy risk potentially lead further bureaucratic inefficiencies may provide insights gp work practices clinical methodologies government has made plans persuade gps participate health record using variety mechanisms ly far unannounced would wise gps fully aware nature health record full range uses government make data system benefits patients techniques government contemplating bringing bear gps potentially health providers future health record hands gps dr bernard robertson-dunn not gp health care professional he trained electronic automation engineer has phd modelling electrical activity human small intestine has had 40 years modelling architecting designing large scale information systems ly government environments he has been following progress has contributed debate health record years he has association affiliation vendor government organisation he chair health committee australian privacy foundation statements opinions expressed article reflect views authors not represent official policy ama mja mja insight stated find doctor job gp desktop doctors health book track cpd buy textbooks guidelines visit doctorportal poll health record staying opting out select staying opting out older polls results loading 20 thoughts health record path nowhere anonymous says july 2018 49 excellent comments fully agree never heard guy but they should give him job govt health record make white elephants obsolete anonymous says july 2018 11 22 have watched diligent gp registrars sifting reams unhelpful allied health uploads searching important material success each them gave we have eventually multi billion repository mainly useless documents.

let’s call haystack needles hard find brendon wickham says july 2018 11 35 statement based primarily pdf files not correct documents cda format them computable it’s computable has already been used enhance content example medicines view extracts medication data different documents presents single view document types pdf pathology result main example many gps uploading shs has become simple task get point they find way embed their consultation workflow particularly their interaction patient granted data quality barrier needs work but gps not solely responsible work … it’s le practice usability clinical software improved lot it’s true hasn’t been tested court there apparent medico-legal risks tasks responsibilities involved different gps currently doing bernard robertson-dunn says july 2018 47 pm brendon re shs website used say creating shs nominated healthcare provider needs ensure aspects have been completed verify accuracy information contains assessing its content nominated healthcare provider should take account relevant information patient’s health record has now disappeared however there still reference ama’s guide medical practitioners the personally controlled electronic health record system say article makes clear uploading shs not trivial exercise based primarily pdf files were changed many documents based pdf files would there anything else substance you’d see modified there major question you willing give answer health benefits there patient’s data given government there number ways achieving government’s aims better health record giving health data government making system opt-out diminishes much usefulness reliability system comments would useful appreciated prof paul says july 2018 52 pm doubt matter time we see legal clerks spending hours days trolling info find trivial details have been looked basis hugely speculative ‘negligence’ claims.

defence funds respond paying out repeated moderate amounts expensive fight courts doctors premiums start sky rocket poor patients better off but partners lay firms able afford another luxury yacht not sure ‘wealth transfer’ meant work entire system it’s current form joke huge medico-legal risk anonymous says july 2018 59 pm patient multiple chronic conditions would have preferred billions wasted 30 years project had been spent primary secondary prevention has anyone decided time taken gp uploads added billed time gp consultation mine doesn’t bulk bill try find consultation time increases end paying for better outcome opt out soon possible enough us become irrelevant hopefully cancelled anonymous says july 2018 05 pm has always been more political ification billions spent people’s jobs system works unfortunately recent stick gps carrot pathology companies approach easy predict going happen gp ‘persuasion’ government words more appropriate fact gps hospital doctors bearing brunt system denial has been its biggest oversight has been forgotten way ‘myhealthrecord’ glory gps hospital doctors have responsibility care patients well incomplete records they forced look contribute untested medico-legal risk not contribute aim not take time alleges there lies problem ‘myhealthrecord’ would open their eyes answer right there they want anonymous says july 2018 40 pm excellent review confirms previously held thoughts programme high time society le outed purveyors schemes great wasters money they millions spent white elephant idea better used improve real health outcomes providing more actual health services we spending much time form rather content e.g plan process racgp gets more points actually updating learning new clinical information less mba’s more mbbs’s bsc’s anonymous says july 2018 15 pm agree agree agree promises sky but burden workers brendon wickham says july 2018 03 pm hi bernard i’ll respond order importance i’m assuming major question referring so-called secondary last time i’ll scare quotes – prefer abide record many times principle data means there never secondary question must health record data not given government agencies.

secondary mechanism following comment i’m not sure that’s actually you meant nevertheless secondary then answer should obvious secondary framework answers pretty well its appendices good methodology deep understanding context data useful insights derived going well should lead improvements outcomes patients better healthcare system overall caveat may not go well deep understanding not present i’d stronger reassurance involved accountable pay price should anything go wrong there indeed number ways improving healthcare system assume that’s you mean achieving government’s aims better health record but that’s limit comment can’t tell you mean seems you’re conflating secondary opt out you clarify it’s interesting website longer says … should take account relevant information patient’s health record understand why it’s gone current usability health record clinical software not make possible ama’s advice probably fair certainly not trivial but then doctor not trivial becomes problem workflow needs happen done either easily great difficulty depends components practice’s system working together possible shs upload fairly simple task gp confident data practice supporting her patient awareness practice data used re-used incorporated improvement then should quick fit easily consult conditions often not met improvements clinical software should have been place day have finally made technically easy but there elements friction but true many aspects clinical practice judging benefits uploading shs probably comes not you think concept shared electronic health record good think think we have starting point now should get better saying many documents based pdf files still misleading hardly making point you’re ignoring benefits atomic cda benefits already realised e.g medicines view you make difficult focus pdf manageable it’s not there few would change example – you say government has failed understand.

health care professionals need better access current accurate well formatted managed high quality patient data you’re talking here unicorn data ly doesn’t exist healthcare healthcare data extremely complex take us get workable shareable state incidentally health record help getting shape re-uses data – few patients want access their medical data encourage you read opennotes follow epatientdave statement isn’t true health literacy incredibly important outcomes more health literate person more important they find data but even non-health literate patients find themselves frustrated lack access effort improve situation usually leads increased health literacy – you should not compare insurance-driven system usa australia ehrs absolutely causing problem north american doctors but experience not shared same degree their australian counterparts though feel hospital clinicians wrestling usa software i’m not saying rosy usability needs much better there needs much richer understanding patient clinician experience but work field don’t think criticism reflects broader context health record fits anonymous says july 2018 14 pm another completely useless but costly squillions thought bubble previous federal labor government anonymous says july 2018 11 52 pm think public needs made aware system especially risks privacy negligible positives professional friends gps intend opt out many tertiary educated acquaintances risk people unaware need opt out short window opportunity mental health patients substance issues face real possibility discrimination their details uploaded mukesh haikerwal says july 2018 47 bravo bernard excellent piece hope widely disseminated read heed paid push has become hefty shove citizens have month window opt-out being opted-in become out-out system they really need access someone hold their hands guide them – not web-site podcast youtube video – but real person explaining record works today aspirations future log enable security settings actually good x00 000 ahpra registants eligible providers have fun enrolling understanding using.

being visible electronic health record – cui bono se benefit – dro http view du 30090274 .wzqbty5vcee.twitter anonymous says july 2018 11 mukesh – people cancel their record time opt-out period opt-out period hasn’t started yet meaning consumer awareness activities have yet really ramp-up mr robertson-dunn doesn’t seem understand information record isn’t visible patient helping them further understand their health but visible their health care providers true bulk useful information come gps but minute takes upload shs would great benefit patient overall wouldn’t anonymous says july 2018 12 35 pm wonder consumer awareness activities you expecting opt-out period tim kelsey head adha stated his recent press club address there would letters sent out patients nor would there tv radio campaign rather they would rely gps pharmacists educate patients heaven help time-pressed gps check-out chicks chemist warehouse supposed explain ins outs complex government policy bernard robertson-dunn says july 2018 17 pm course understand information record isn’t visible patient many people have access it downloaded myhr prohibitions authorisations don’t apply not government has free unconstrained access data protect public revenue it’s legislation – look something mentioned article behavioural economics techniques department health using it’s division bert http internet main publishing.nsf content behavioural-economics-research there’s report here you find interesting gp letter experiment bl dy hell bert https news gp-letter-experiment-so-what-bldy-hell-bert anonymous says july 2018 44 pm re true bulk useful information come gps but minute takes upload shs would great benefit patient overall wouldn’t response – uploading shs not necessarily great benefit patient done ad-hoc believe – ad-hoc snapshot health information – reliable don’t we want real time data re impact each consultation assumptions – standard consultation booked 15 minutes – maybe 12 minutes patient maybe minutes creating medical record additional – minutes myhealthrecord suggests either consultation time made shorter patient attend longer potentially pay higher fee medicare time goes 20 minutes has financial modelling been made available healthcare professionals.

community re issues even extra 90 seconds admin average gp consult means something 12.5 patient consulting time lost disclosure – currently working gp piotr says july 2018 39 pm think you’e never been doctor public hospital on-call weekend trying get information patient presenting ed unconscious peers provide collateral history even scarce information available emergency access health record extremely useful allows us provide better care let’s make effort make out wasted millions rather criticise resist anonymous says july 16 2018 02 pm own experience patient believe e-record obtaining second independent medical opinion condition become impossible independent second opinion saved me radical ‘suspected cancer’ surgery gp specialist radiologist another specialist surgeon suggested needed have surgery order save life 17 years track still alive never had cancer questions many patients have died medical errors doctors not knowing patients’ medical history serious adverse side effects medications won’t admitted doctors pharmaceutical companies outcome e-health records x number patients’ lives saved wouldn’t admission x numbers lives were lost past we were never told why there risk medical records not patient being treated broke leg end er important doctors learn e-health records three years ago antibiotics sinus infection checking records has taken longer relieve pain plaster leg unconscious er patient doesn’t carry personal identification kind e-health records useless then skills doctors nurses assess condition still believe doctors nurses well trained capable assess condition unconscious patient ‘doctor medication shopping’ yes there risk patients opt out may consult several doctors order get may dependency causing addictive medications yet pharmacies already keep records.

minimizes risk really would see is being made mandatory pharmaceutical companies pharmacists include detailed patient information each every packet prescription medication patient having ask horrified gps write x number tablets day potent prescription medications even cause drowsiness have ‘mild’ side effects accumulated not ‘mild’ wonder grand-parents parents managed survive their mid-eighties e-health records ken wilson says july 24 2018 41 billing information system good way checking you had last skin cancer check colonoscopy screen bowel cancer 60 i’m skin check annually colonoscopy every years you get reminders gp skin clinic specialist sometimes reminder system fails example they put new computer system simply lose records leave reply cancel reply email address not published comment name comment anonymously name hidden email always hidden email poll australian climate change inaction threatens lives select strongly agree agree neutral disagree strongly disagree older polls results loading latest tweets blurred lines happens misconduct comes patient 2ugh9ad thanks to… web status 1…

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Aboriginal trek to Australia

Student Study Shows Religious Belief is Declining

There has been a fall in the belief that God created humans in an Australian study over 32 years. The landmark research shows Australian university students who believe in divine guidance has declined since the annual surveys of student opinions began. Now the majority hold that evolution is a scientific thing. Creationists are in the very low single digit percentage.

Journal conference Evolution: Education Outreach. University New South Wales. Australian university students far credit previous generation science human evolution far less creationism divine guidance, according landmark study. University New South Wales. overview last 32 years annually-assessed student opinions, clear belief students god ultimate contributing cause human origins steeply declined majority view 986 minority view 2017. Conversely, conviction humans evolved divine involvement kind rose steeply same period become dominant view students.
University New South Wales

Every year 986, researchers polled first-year biology students UNSW Sydney views evolution creationism. 986, 60% students believed god something origin humans, 29% held view 2017. contrast, percentage students convinced god nothing origin humans increased 25% 986 62% 2017. findings – published today Evolution: Education Outreach – longest continuous annual survey opinions creationism evolution first-year university students world-wide. Professor Michael Archer, lead study author Professor UNSW Science’s School Biological, Earth Environmental Sciences, original intent poll assess level commitment incoming students supernatural explanations origins.

Given creationist view (that humans created God last 0,000 years, evolved naturally millions years involvement God) common American students, challenge introducing evidence evolution first-year students would Australia Archer. Australian student views key issue changing time. From 986 2017, student attending first-year biology course invited complete one-item poll strictly anonymous basis. An average 530 students year participated survey. results relevant year’s survey – previous years – always openly presented class lecture. Each student handed slip paper circle four options, agreed:

God created people (Homo sapiens) pretty present form sometime last 0,000 years. People developed millions years less advanced forms life, God guided whole process, including development. People developed millions years less advanced forms life. God process. honestly opinion matter. Analysing survey results 32 years (Fig. a), researchers identified main findings. First, percentage Australian students endorsing creationist option (the four) consistently small, averaging 0.4%, slowly declining less 5%, Professor Archer says. Second, striking cross-over opinions successive cohorts students. 986, 60% students endorsed creationist option theistic, god-guided evolution option (the second four above). 2017, proportion students endorsing theistic options fallen 28.8%.

Conversely, endorsement non-theistic option rose 25.1% 62.2%. This rise appears mirror endorsement theistic options. Reports long-term trends views origins humans rare and, cases, limited surveys adult populations US and, rarely, areas world. extent pace decline Australian students' commitment religious views divine creation, especially creationism, distinct contrast corresponding beliefs American students American public. USA, belief creationism, slowly declining, appears remained 40% range, four times Australian survey Professor Archer. fact commitment Australian students view, involves refusal accept evidence humans evolved animals, always low—and declining, suggested Archer’s team extra effort needed communicate year students scientific evidence human evolution.

team proposed additional strategies better understand long-term changes student viewpoints. “ value running similar annual survey schools contribute majority incoming students university,” Archer says. Slight changes national census questionnaire enable detailed assessment long-term changes public opinions issues would valuable, too, already clear (Fig. b) steep decline religious commitment occurring general public well. authors suggest assess potential impact university education opinions expressed students, useful same survey possible same cohort students three years undergraduate education. facebook icontwitter iconemail icon

top figure shows percentage students who, 986 2017, choose four options relation human evolution: (1) humans created God last 0,000 years (green); (2) humans evolved millions years whole process guided God (blue); (3) humans evolved millions years God process (red); (4) uncertain (yellow). Figures include lines fit linear quadratic regressions 95% confidence intervals. bottom figure shows percentage wider Australian public declared national censuses years 986 2016 religion.
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Belief graph
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High-Latitude Cold Region Corals Change Chemistry to Survive

There is concern about the survival of corals in the Great Barrier Reef, particularly from bleaching due to global warming. But corals in colder, higher latitudes are doing very well indeed. They are adapting by changing internal chemicals. The question that needs to be asked is - are tropical reefs getting enough nourishment? high-latitude can cold big region has corals down change ah chemistry up survive an high-latitude will cold for region mus corals up change uh chemistry hi survive eh high-latitude more cold be region fa, corals as change ho chemistry at survive do high-latitude should cold of region to corals on change be chemistry or survive we = mi coral al reefs re study em growth is western ch internal yu reef = ~ ob coral et reefs lo study pi growth oy western di internal te reef mm studies mo temperatures an arc eh centre er excellence do australia ~ * us coral xu reefs ha study aw growth da western ag internal ab reef ef studies no temperatures my arc wo centre up excellence by australia aa ocean so acidification ba ross of climate bi marine to university if researchers * $ on coral an reefs to study it growth at western or internal we reef he studies up temperatures to arc uh centre eh excellence go australia at ocean ok acidification la ross me climate no marine so university is researchers us winter ox years a research i effects oh populations ah reveals by cope id promote my cooler ax growing as bremer an bay am degrees of link be light hi rates la tourism as compared ox due up natural od proceedings na royal ai calcification za society oh regulation gu tropics ex limits el important oi temperate ta australia's ou co2-driven po grow ka surprised um control ut helps ho resist me protected yo areas qi uwa ya impact de bleaching un healthy fy produce $ + coral study growth western studies temperatures arc centre excellence australia ocean acidification ross climate marine university researchers winter years research effects populations reveals cope promote cooler growing bremer bay degrees link light rates tourism compared due natural proceedings royal calcification society regulation tropics limits important temperate australia's co2-driven grow surprised control helps resist 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High latitude coral

No Breakthroughs in Medical Research Since HIV Cure

Lost handwriting skills
Aids continues to persist with ongoing treatments. No end is in sight for the disease. ➤ ➤ ✿ ✿ ➽ No j Breakthroughs j in j Medical j Research j Since j HIV j Cure j antibody j virus j ➽ ▶ No i Breakthroughs i in i Medical i Research i Since i HIV i Cure i antibody i virus i cent ▶ ⬢ No g Breakthroughs g in g Medical g Research g Since g HIV g Cure g antibody g virus g cent g strains ⬢ ◉ No f Breakthroughs f in f Medical f Research f Since f HIV f Cure f antibody f virus f cent f strains f attacks ◉ ⧭ No e Breakthroughs e in e Medical e Research e Since e HIV e Cure e antibody e virus e cent e strains e attacks e antibodies ⧭ ▩ No d Breakthroughs d in d Medical d Research d Since d HIV d Cure d antibody d virus d cent d strains d attacks d antibodies d scientists ▩ ⏏ No c Breakthroughs c in c Medical c Research c Since c HIV c Cure c antibody c virus c cent c strains c attacks c antibodies c scientists c people || || ⏏ ⦿
No a Breakthroughs a in a Medical a Research a Since a HIV a Cure antibody virus cent strains attacks antibodies scientists people breakthrough treatment developed due eventually ability spikes change coverage million disease health sanofi institute || || ⦿ ∎
No b Breakthroughs b in b Medical b Research b Since b HIV b a b Cure b antibody b virus b cent b strains b attacks b antibodies b scientists b people b breakthrough b treatment b developed b due b eventually b ability b spikes b change b coverage b million b disease b health b sanofi b institute ∎ || findings, data, medicine, health, doctors, hospitals, NRTIs, NNRTIs, PIs, Cobicistat, , ||
HIV survivor

For 50,000 Years Australian Aboriginals Were Genetically Pure

Genetics: Australian Aboriginal stone tools use was made within the Aboriginal gene pool.
Australian Aborigines have been isolated on this vast continent for 50,000 until Europeans came and messed everything up. DNA sequencing shows Aboriginals were pure for this whole period.

Contrary to the view held by many scientists for centuries, people did not arrive from India 4,000 years ago. Seafarers from India and Southeast Asia did stop here to get fresh water and herbs to treat constipation. Yes, this is true.
Australian Aboriginal stone bladed knife

Data tracing the Y chromosome from father to son shows no Asian genes in their profile. Aboriginals were the first people out of Africa. Once they reached Australia no more came from Asia. The out of Africa theory has now been pushed back 200,000 years. There is no real evidence of where these people went as far back as that.

Tasmanian Aboriginals are a mystery. All have now died out so we will never know if they came here before mainland Aboriginals. Their DNA could have been different to mainland Aboriginals. They certainly did not know how to light fire. "Flames" were stole one to the other.

It was thought that because Aboriginals had an abrupt change in culture particularly in regard to stone tools that there must have been an outside influence, but this wrong. The change was made within the Australian gene pool.
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Household Robots Not Here Yet

Despite the advances in artificial intelligence, useful robots are a long way off. Humans can do limitless things, whereas robots can only do one thing well. They cannot have the broad perspective. So don't hope to have a "Maisy who washes the dishes and cleans the house anytime soon.
Businesses want to profit from new technology. However, adapting quickly to advances in artificial intelligence is difficult. The business that shows the way will be the winner. Those who follow will have to pick up the scraps. The leading business will have moved on to something else.

The time is approaching when the first damaging, even fatal, decision is made by a computer. It could be a major disaster. Artificial intelligence is not sentient: it does not feel any harm it does. Machines can now learn both good and bad. To a computer everything is equal. Give a robot a conscience - that will be a great leap forward!
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Genetic Improvement of Honey Bee Output

The worldwide threat to the survival of honey bees is still here, but work on improving honey production continues. Selection of the best queen bees ironically has not been done in the past. If breeding queens only of the highest yielding hives is done, output per hive could increase by a kilogram a year.
Genetic improvement to honey bee output by selection of only the best queen bees
Genetic improvement in cattle has not been a one-off. The gain is cumulative each year. For this gain to be achieved small producers will have to come on board so old poor stock will not be "kept alive". Tests show that the queen bee is the main depository of better genes. Input from males is relatively stable with little change.

External factors such as hive location and length of season do affect the quantity of honey, but gene selection would raise output overall. The Genetic Evaluation of Australian Honeybee report recommends the method of data collection and evaluation. Breeders must get into the habit of keeping data. The industry needs to be reformed away from small ad hoc production toward uniform management.
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Unhappiness Does Not Shorten Life

Being happy helps you to live longer right? Wrong! The grumpy old man is real. He just makes life miserable for everybody else. People have to earn a living. Many jobs, particularly the monotonous production line ones, are boring, tedious and soul destroying. Unhappiness is the consequence.
Happy elderly women
Poor health can also contribute to discontent. Unfortunately, only a group of women in their sixties were surveyed. This is neither young or old. I wonder why they didn't examine elderly people? Ah well, scientists work in mysterious ways.

If you are chronically ill, you could behave in a way that does shorten your life, like giving up exercise and adopting a poor diet. Some even harm themselves which does damage the body, but does not really shorten life.

It seems 83 per cent of women in their sixties are "generally" happy. This is very high. It needs to be qualified, however, as 44 per cent said they were "usually" happy. There was another choice: "happy most of the time". Isn't this the same as " usually" happy? Thirty nine per cent chose "most of the time". Throw in unnecessary choices and you get odd results. There was a strong correlation between being ill and unhappiness.

Older women were happy if they enjoyed the following conditions: were physically active, had a partner, not deprived, mixed socially, participated in church and slept well. Some of these are out of one's control, like being married and having wealth. For the most part happiness is beyond our control.
 Society by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Drones Used to Control Sharks in Australia

Australians tend to be early adopters of new technology because they have inquisitive minds. Our old enemy, the shark, will always be around, so it is not surprising that drone technology is being used to solve this problem.
Shark caught by baited hook attached to a drum
It is not the buzzing sound that will scare sharks off. Drones are being used to gather visual information about where sharks are and the number swimming around, the theory being that if we know this we can be more careful.

At the moment hooks are baited on lines attached to floating drums. This method is a simple way to catch sharks, but other creatures are also caught such as dolphins. Unfortunately, sharks not tempted by the bait remain in the area. Baited hooks have warning devices in them that notify watchers on a boat when sharks take them.

This is a clumsy way to keep sharks at bay. Targeting sharks observed by drones is a better solution. Drones are far cheaper than helicopters and do a better job, going right down to sea level to collect data.
 Technology by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Psychologists Make Up Research Findings

Yes, the truth is out!. All of those silly questionnaires you are made to fill out when you apply for a job to see if you are psychologically suitable are rubbish. There is no truth or relevancy in them. They are just made up. Measuring nothing is their purpose. People are now in jobs requiring skills that they do not have - they should be doing something else.
Psychology is based on belief wrong
Tests from three psychology journals show that measures for skills, memory, personality, learning and relationships were very weak indeed. There was no consistency with the real world. Manipulation of data wasn't the problem: claims and statements were made by writers when there was no foundational proof for them.   It seems that hearsay, myth, misconception and blatant lying are features of academic articles on psychology. Didn't we suspect this all along? Of course we did!

A top psychologist withdrew 50 academic papers because they had false conclusions. Research on ESP was found to have no data showing proof. Misrepresentation seems to be the cultural norm among psychologists. This is a bad state of affairs. Academics are supposed to be critically aloof with their findings, suggestions being used to instructively guide the community.
Psychology  by Ty Buchanan
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