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People on Newstart Cannot Afford Rent - Welfare

Australians on welfare do not have enough to pay rent even with the $67 week assistance. They land a position which is generally part-time, however they find that they are still in hardship. Transport costs are at least $20 a day. Centrelink is now stopping payments when the unemployed do the smallest thing wrong in their work applications. They are ending up living on the streets. +
tie people say newstart he cannot let afford of rent of welfare on + $ aye people stay newstart was cannot hi afford by rent pad welfare at $ % of people run newstart hi cannot ho afford ha rent on welfare or % ~ do people play newstart yet cannot oh afford so rent do welfare up ~ % of payments bi complaints to financial if centrelink. za department be year % 0 ag payments ab complaints ef financial no centrelink. my department wo year up delays by recipients aa payment. so food 0 ! ou payments po complaints ka financial um centrelink. ut department ho year me delays yo recipients qi payment. ya food de figures un show fy agency nu recipient li australia at social us system xu raised ha recovered. aw wed ! * of payments if complaints hi financial ho centrelink. ha department in year on delays an recipients to payment. it food at figures or show we agency he recipient up australia to social uh system eh raised go recovered. at wed ok aedt la jumped me unable no pay so resolved is affected us monday ox told a reserve i bank oh institutions ah problems by human id services my blamed ax banks as delayed an related am annual of dissatisfaction be concerns hi report la showed as including ox media up included od phone na prior ai debt za debts oh worth gu campaign ex brotherhood el pie oi laurence * = payments complaints financial centrelink. department year delays recipients payment. food figures show agency recipient australia social system raised recovered. wed aedt jumped unable pay resolved affected monday told reserve bank institutions problems human services blamed banks delayed related annual dissatisfaction concerns report showed including media included phone prior debt debts worth campaign brotherhood pie laurence = || unemployment, dole, working, jobs, wages, money, income, families, children, workplace, , |
Australian electric car Ace

Beware Bunnings is Tricking Customers

Bunnings buyers should beware of their policy of claiming the cheapest prices. Beware e Bunnings e is e Tricking e Customers e. Beware a Bunnings a is a Tricking a Customers a. Beware b Bunnings b is b Tricking b Customers b. Beware c Bunnings c is c Tricking c Customers c. ⧫ scam n store n terms n ⧫ Once upon a time ⏏ gift m scam m store m card m terms m advice m ⏏ ⦿ gift scam store card services paint health warning terms advice d.i.y experience javascript site content information home bathroom kitchen garden outdoor range contact lead-based equipment personal enhance browser enable top follow shop hire cards electrical lighting cleaning storage decorating plumbing living hardware building tools zealand trade jobs test page safety materials timber treated cca asbestos hazards expert safely reporting scams details number facebook pages road morayfield 00pm 30am entire sign skip ⦿ jack and jill went up the hill ∎ gift k scam k store k card k services k paint k health k warning k terms k advice k d.i.y k experience k javascript k site k content k information k home k bathroom k kitchen k garden k outdoor k range k contact k lead-based k equipment k personal k enhance k browser k enable k top k follow k shop k hire k cards k electrical k lighting k cleaning k storage k decorating k plumbing k living k hardware k building k tools k zealand k trade k jobs k test k page k safety k materials k timber k treated k cca k asbestos k hazards k expert k safely k reporting k scams k details k number k facebook k pages k road k morayfield k 00pm k 30am k entire k sign k skip || policy ||

The NBN in Australia Fails the Test

NBN experiment has ended badly for Australia. It has a bottom of the class slow service. ⁍
telstra broadband infrstructure delays internet mislead ⁌ government ● nbn computer australia to fails numbers test it government we nbn figure australia keys fails text test in government of nbn make australia colors fails code test software government to nbn or australia on fails by test on government ● ⧫ telstra network internet connections broadband users slow infrastructure services mislead accc delays providers ⧫ Once upon a time ⏏ providers delays accc mislead services infrastructure slow users broadband connections internet network telstra ⏏ ⦿ speed network speeds internet connection isp consumers service consumer broadband information content accc isps promised connectivity users upload download quality transmission melbourne performance australian providers access slow experience customers delays premises connect conversation university nirmalathas thas report monitor it's infrastructure part million problem range typical optimised server slower services times congestion delivery day scale networks national provider measured 100mbps tier connections peak fibre storage advantage higher offer tests provide takes factors industry accurate mislead confused deal telstra ⦿ jack and jill went up the hill ∎ telstra speed network speeds internet connection isp consumers service consumer broadband information content accc isps promised connectivity users upload download quality transmission melbourne performance australian providers access slow experience customers delays premises connect conversation university nirmalathas thas report monitor it's infrastructure part million problem range typical optimised server slower services times congestion delivery day scale networks national provider measured 100mbps tier connections peak fibre storage advantage higher offer tests provide takes factors industry accurate mislead confused deal ∎
NBN cartoon

Wages are Declining in Advanced Western Countries

First economies are facing falling real wages as the capitalist system balances itself. ⁍ earnings developed spending disposable incomes ⁌ ● wages computer declining to advanced numbers western it countries we wages figure declining keys advanced text western in countries of wages make declining colors advanced code western software countries to wages or declining on advanced by western on countries ● ⧫ earnings future spending developed disposable global decline research incomes government ⧫ ⏏ incomes research decline government global disposable developed spending future earnings ⏏ ⦿
incomes households people flat increase growth decade research financial market decline government sweden policy mgi global crisis report disposable segments transfers united france netherlands fall million population developed social spending time recovery slow phenomenon mckinsey trade number support advancing future tax impact rise earnings billion aest seekers job ⦿ ∎ job seekers aest billion earnings rise impact tax future advancing support number trade mckinsey phenomenon slow recovery time spending social developed population million fall netherlands france united transfers segments disposable report crisis global mgi policy sweden government decline market financial research decade income growth increase flat people households incomes ∎
Wages are faling

Elderly Must Do Asset Test for Care

Lost handwriting skills
Elderly have to agree to a review being done on their home before they can get into an aged facility. ⁍ assessment aged retirement form home ⁌ ● elderly computer must to asset numbers test it care we elderly figure must keys asset text test in care of elderly make must colors asset code test software care to elderly or must in asset by test on care ● ⧫ form aged complete retirement residential accommodation assessment apply properties ⧫ ⏏ apply properties aged residential form complete retirement assessment accommodation ⏏ ⦿ aged home income assets nursing assessment read 101 file homes pay need costs complete password login retirement services financial living agedcare 101 forum receive website operators residential accommodation time combined department form email user applications submit address nsw contact donaldson maroubra apply estimator fee human government create notifications news forgot click client information subscribe discussion video days house foord dudley golder kate calculate assessed fees question wait good weeks moved results completed circumstances search check participate vacancy opt-in bulk properties shortlist allowed username e-mail instructions top media village policy privacy listing disclaimer advertise community newsletter perspectives topics open sisters questions list cost waitress saved bath woman kill talk dying articles featured assistance suites junction road environment court paling chris move options main next valid acat significantly find idea remember letter affinity director calling date based change eligible system moving agreements finances working set-up informed definitions ⦿ ∎ notifications contact combined assessed set-up human woman address circumstances news user community instructions website remember submit receive donaldson foord 101 file sisters assistance aged search estimator operators completed create good perspectives video idea cost open court list eligible forgot residential e-mail vacancy bulk acat based assessment results complete talk paling dying subscribe topics apply main time password information environment maroubra village username policy days next finances bath find client suites email road affinity services nsw waitress shortlist junction informed listing director articles kill definitions questions accommodation fee check house assets need weeks applications privacy pay advertise disclaimer working living question kate newsletter forum allowed moved fees costs calculate agreements properties valid chris move system login featured government income nursing change moving retirement click letter significantly participate agedcare 101 top golder date form media discussion saved dudley department options financial calling homes wait opt-in read ∎
Asset test for aged care

Millennials are Strange Creatures to Elderly People

Plants destroyed in australia
Millennials seem to be difficult to understand for seniors. They are too politically correct. ● millennials computer strange to creatures numbers elderly it people we millennials figure strange keys creatures text elderly in people of millennials create strange colors creatures code elderly software people to millennials or strange in creatures by elderly on people ● ⧫ single gigs stereotypes citizens carefree values trends parents happiness millennial meaning young older ⧫ ⏏ older young meaning millennial happiness parents up trends no values or carefree citizens stereotypes gigs single ⏏ ⦿ workers older work jobs money young important economy meaning percent part-time restaurants decade happiness millennial parents trends values carefree citizens senior rise kolko labor fact stereotypes highest feel commission shift gigs company single income working uber arrangements alternative years workforce age gig aging america’s prefer ⦿ ∎ prefer america’s aging gig age workforce years alternative arrangements uber working income single company gigs shift commission feel highest stereotypes fact labor kolko rise senior citizens carefree values trends parents millennial happiness decade restaurants part-time percent meaning economy important young money jobs work correct workers politically correct to politically ∎
Odd millennials

Wealthy Invest in Education to Show Status

▶ Wealthy people buy exclusive service to display wealth. affluent independent moneyed prosperous well-heeled well-off well-to-do booming comfortable loaded wealthy at invest to education on show ah status hi opulent pecunious culture discipline improvement information learning literacy scholarship wealthy an invest it education no show at status ah schooling science study teaching training apprenticeship background brainwashing breeding wealthy up invest as education is show of status ox catechism coaching cultivation direction edification enlightenment erudition guidance inculcation wealthy eh invest ah education oh show be status as indoctrination learnedness reading tuition tutelage book learning tutoring condition dignity place wealthy in invest is education of show eh status we position prestige prominence quality rating situation stature cachet caliber capacity character consequence degree distinction eminence footing grade merit renown stage standing state station appearance fair pageant parade presentation program spectacle array expo exposition fanfare fireworks grandstand manifestation occurrence pageantry panoply pomp representation shine showboat showing sight splash view | learning |◀
Phillips Academy
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Cat Calls at Poker Game

Cat calls at poker
"Do you want more cards or not?"
▶ cat it bream boxer Affenpinscher brocket Squirrel tarsier salmon wombat lemur jerboas cat at calls to poker on game ah jaguarundi labrador emu cacomistle penguin sloth parrot puppy camel rooster Turkey cat an calls it poker no game at okapi springer wolf hammerhead toucan dove bellied catfish blue canary deermouse cat up calls as poker is game to crab swordfish woodchuck shepherd dachsbracke marten ermine manatee snail duck cat eh calls ah poker oh game of whippet finch goldfish Ibis alpaca shrimp pike coyote lamprey cottontail kitten cat in calls it poker of game eh numbat Bee-Eater cougar lark donkey staffordshire swan capybara antelope kowari rhinoceros lizard dogfish kestrel racer lorikeet zorse chow armadillos angelfish sandpiper zebu akbash groundhog quoll coonhound seadragons greyhound Chicken lungfish Pointer heron solenodons Whitespot cow monkey macaque minke robin bat ◀
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▶ | Do you want more cards or not? | hands banned countertop bet bonus pokercast micro coaching privacy times rules display tools place crap buying waiting joking people noataima action spin manage sponsored dig lol cats call fake rest confident fact galfond hand checked adept feedback events sporting software commercial gambling sng tournament hold coaches ◀

Small Tech Companies Will Get Government Funding

| ▶ Moderately sized tech operations to be offered contracts by the minister in Australia to. |. | ◀ |
Large tech organizations like Hewlett Packard and International Business Machines have botched up in their endeavors to effectively carry out subcontract assignments in Australia. The Census was a disaster. It was thrown onto the public without even fundamental testing. | ▶ international Government of funding at Use on Small up Tech of Companies | minister stories of news and for too all few number small or tech at funding minister. | australia ◀ |
IBM versus HP
Angus Taylor, digital transformation assistant minister said that $900 million was budgeted for be spent on smaller, creative comp anies. Regrettably, he created confusion by expressing that the government will "be a superior client" while also saying, "no gifts." Surely these two are not compatible. | ▶ Government australian small Companies in funding of Use up Small on Tech at Companies funding stories news | articles ◀ |    

Furthermore, the amount is not substantial, as $9 billion is the overall expenditure doles out every year for technical work.  HP and IBM remain the most influential players. Funding small companies is positive because established tech enterprises are not more reliable.| ▶ minister | not. | ◀     

There is a noteworthy policy change: Selection boards which more often than not go for the major firms are being supplanted. The public sector will look at the entire market for a supplier of services related to technology. Exactly how the minister's assistant will make projects smaller is unknown. Size of a project is set by what government needs.  This cannot be changed.      | ▶ in Use on as an.
  ▶ | travel news stories blog | ◀ |
◆ Technology 
Tys Outback
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| ▶ rulers ◀ | American of photos ibm and hp businesses international |

Government Cuts Health and Technology Funding

  | Government is managing the economy poorly in health & technology health funding high court article highlights government elite excellent daniel hannan telegraph edition title technology breathtaking government brazenness referendum campaign british household eu official publication technology on health funding clear statement remainers formal government stronger I am confident technology or health constitutional propriety pro-eu legal battle parliamentary vote due process it sheer technology it health on funding does case niceties sudden somersault molotov-ribbentrop supremacy victorian was not sovereignty everyone ultimate power particular parliament commons didn’t tack david fuller uk political parties theresa may supreme court’s approval mps prime generalelection cross-party support gravy train personal option inevitably. |
For a coalition government that presumes to understand the business sector, its common sense is lacking. For any private sector to flourish the public arena must be supported. Employees are leaving the health and science sectors in droves. |
Health and technology spending cuts
Tony Abbott pulled the carpet out from under these areas and Malcolm Turnbull has continued the policy. Nurses are flying out to the UK where working conditions, as well as pay, are far superior. Medical research cannot get enough funding from pharmaceutical companies. Government money is essential to get projects off the ground. CSIRO is on its knees as skilled worker with decades of experience are sacked. They get their families together and head off to greener pastures overseas.

Even worse then this, Australian health has been abandoned by the federal government as parliament withholds tax and spends it on other secondary things. States are now expected to find the full cost of running the medical system. This is absolute madness and cannot be sustained. It is common knowledge that Malcolm Turnbull wants complete privatization.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
| cuts |

Cashless Society Will Not Happen

A cashless society will not happen despite predictions by economist and journalists.
In the near future some countries could legislate to ban the use of coins and notes. This will be a drastic move. Indeed, people in the United States would argue that it is a protected right in the Constitution if it passed both governmental houses there.
Cashless society
A shop would be stupid to put this sign out
A myth is promulgated throughout the world that Singapore is a cashless society. This certainly isn't true. Ninety per cent of consumers in Singapore prefer to use cash rather than electronic payment. Just why there is a push to get rid of cash is a mystery. One can understand governments wanting to keep all transactions visible - it will stop tax evasion. However, there would be no benefit for people generally to use cards and transfers to buy everything.

Economists and journalists have got the future totally wrong. How could cash be abandoned when it has almost universal appeal? It just will not happen. A government that forced it upon its people would lose office at the next general election, unless
it is a dictatorship.

Culture has inertia. Values do not change overnight. Card payments are increasing, but it is like asking an Englishman to give up his fatty fried breakfast - there would be major resistance! Like driverless cars and delivery by drones, it is fairytale stuff.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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The Melbourne Cup Carnival

Every year at about 3 pm on the first Tuesday in November, all Australians stop what they’re doing and turn on the television or radio. Why? They’re waiting for the country’s most famous horse race, the Melbourne Cup. At the first Melbourne Cup back in 1861, 17 horses competed in front of a crowd of about 4000 for the grand total of £170 prize money and a gold watch!
Melbourne cup horse race carnival event party
These days 24 of the world’s best horses run the 3200-metre race, competing for some of the biggest prize money in the business - about $5 million. Not only are the crowds huge at Flemington Racecourse, but more than 700 million people around the world also watch the race on television. A lot of people only ever bet on a horse race once a year — on the Melbourne Cup.

The event is a party. It doesn’t matter if you are not at Flem
ington to see the race yourself. People all over the country, and many in other countries too, hold Melbourne Cup parties, where they dress up, catch up with friends, and of course, watch the race! Dressing up is a regular part of Melbourne Cup Day Each year. There are competitions to find the best dressed man and woman at the racing carnival on the racecourse.
 Australiana by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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Australia a Cashless Society? Not Bloody Likely!

Experts have predicted that Australia will be cashless by 2022. Even Singapore which planned a cashless society cannot do it completely. Non-cash buying has reached 69 per cent. It has remained there. People love money and sometimes they want to see it. If you take it away they will lose confidence in the currency. This is just common sense.
Cashless society in Australia is not likely
Has Singapore made major steps? Note, the world average for electronic purchasing is 66 percent of consumer spending. A pitiful 3 per cent is not a big step! While 79 per cent of Australians say that using mobile phones to make payments will be standard, most still have some cash in their pocket. What they say and what they do is not the same thing.

Purchasing electronically, then going to pick it up will be the norm say 81 per cent. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable. Most pre-purchasers go out to physical shops to view what they intend to buy, looking at variants and price. If four fifths of the population actually did pre-purchase, existing shops would not be there - they would be bankrupt.
Hardly any article overtly states the real reason why people will not let go of cash: individuals will not say it, but they want to avoid paying tax. Yes, it is simply tax avoidance that will keep cash alive, always. Hardly anyone keeps all their money in the bank. They know the tax department can access the real time data. You cannot hide anything that goes onto a record sheet. Business as well as consumers want cash. Why do shops ask if you want a receipt? If they don't issue a receipt the cash goes straight into the pocket!

Remember: Electronic buying with no electric power means no economy.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Australia's Internet Snooping System is a Useless Waste of Money

On Tuesday 13th of October the Australian communications surveillance system comes into effect. Apparently, privacy will end for all Australians. Contrary to this view, I believe Australians are smart enough to opt out. There is no way the Australian government can stop the use of  VPNs, nor the resetting of a modem to Google's 8080. The government does not have jurisdiction over Google, i.e., it cannot ban it!
Australian government internet security system 13 october 2015
This data, though extremely large, will always be incomplete and a waste of money. Anybody who intends to do something "underhanded" will obviously avoid the system. . Furthermore, what about Australians who have their websites on servers in other countries? This information is outside of the local loop. You can also create a site on oversees servers.  Some users will choose to do nothing and allow their information to be collected, however.

Abuse of power will happen from the start. Uncontrolled bodies like the Australian Federal Police as with all national forces do questionable things. They always go outside of their legislated boundaries. State police will treat the data as their own little honey pot as well.

I keep all of my personal email on overseas services that I can access at places like libraries. There is no record of this email on my computer. This isn't smart: it is common sense.   I have nothing to hide but I like to keep things private. Gmail and Yahoo are exempt.  Obviously, I will use Tor browser a lot more. My "critical" online activity will be hidden from the Australian government.

Don't worry! Carriers have the choice whether to store destination IP addresses (this is your browsing history). Because it will be a significant extra cost, none of them will do this unless it is the only way to record metadata. Even then, the government cannot force telcos to handover IP data. Moreover, getting IP addresses will not identify particular websites visited on a server.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Refugees Mean Poverty, Unemployment and Economy Decline for Europe

More refugees are coming from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. This is putting a tremendous burden on European countries. It will bring three things: poverty, unemployment and economic cost.
Refugees in boat heading for Europe Italy
These people will not find accommodation. In all Western countries the cost of average housing has gone through the roof in the last decade. Europe has a relatively dense population already. Land for new building estates has mostly been exploited. Refugees do not have a nest egg of money for a deposit nor do they have established friends and relatives for help. They will live in parks for the rest of their lives.

Almost all of the refugees are unskilled. There is a mass of unemployed native born people in European nations now. They have no future, so refugees face the same bleak future. Training is expensive. With freedom of movement to other countries in Europe no individual nation is going to pay to train non-citizens. let's face it only a small minority will ever get full citizenship.

Temporary housing is a high drain on a national economy. Stateless people also have to eat. United Nations welfare bodies have run out of money. Rationing of handouts is applied to areas of world conflict. They will not give food to advanced countries.

Estimates of arrivals have probably passed two million in the last five years. It is doubling every year.

The official figure of 350,000 is way short of reality.  This is only the number of actual political refugees.  The great majority are economic refugees who get no benefit from giving their information to authorities.  Once they get into any European country "unnoticed" they head for their country of choice.

What lies ahead? The countries refugees want to live in will go into economic decline. There is no "good life" waiting. Because refugees come from many sources racial tensions and ghettos will become normal in European countries. The peace and quiet of the English green land will end, for example. Hard times is the future for all European nations.
Economics by Ty Buchanan
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