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Pyrethroids Damage Young Children

 ▶ Insecticide products used by mums to kill head bugs does damage to small children - pyrethroids. |. Young | damage ◀ |
Pyrethroids are commonly used in the home. You buy spray to repel mosquitoes or to eradicate lice off the supermarket shelf and assume that it is safe.  Unfortunately, it has dangers. A French research team tested 287 women and six years later examined their children.  ||| Young Pyrethroids do damage to is pyrethroid Pyrethroids Young |
Dangers of head lice treatment
Pregnant mothers who have a particular pyrethroid in their urine can give birth to children with life problems. The youngsters are withdrawn and anxious. Another pyrethroid in children's waterworks makes them hyperactive. They show their feelings too readily and are aggressive.   ||| Young Pyrethroids as damage it go children Pyrethroids pyrethroid Young damage||    

Permethrin is in nit treatments and scabies creams. Though recommended for use on toddlers over six months of age, manufacturers know it is unsafe. Profit outweighs their obligation to put correct information on packages. | | pyrethroids australia pyrethroid not. |   
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Scientists not involved in the study said it was too small for the findings to be accepted. They also said that we all have the chemical in our systems. This is a normal reaction from people who do not want to accept the truth. An adult will probably have no impairment, but a child is another matter.
   | or an Young up children.
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People Refuse Genetic Testing

||| half of those surveyed did not want to submit to testing of their DNA. | genetic |||
Can researchers be trusted?  It seems not.  Scientists just seem to want the funding with no real benefit to society.  Of the US$3 billion they get every year, only 3 per cent is spent on studies that are taken up by Doctors.  ||| People do Refuse to Genetic is Testing | population |||
Genetic testing
It should be noted that genetics adopted by medical practioners serve operational functions and is not for disease prevention.  Money should be allocated directly for stopping diseases, but it is not.  Even programs to test family members when a patient is found to have a genetically linked ailment are seldom completed.   ||| as Refuse it Genetic go Testing | australian |||    

Only half of people asked if they would take a test to see if they were carrying a gene predisposing them to future sickness, agreed to be tested.  The general public are either uninformed, not motivated to be screened, did not want to know or will put it off for the future. | | not. |      | Por Refuse an Genetic up Testing.
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Disguise Working for Dog

Dog hides on train
"I am getting away with it!"
Funny Animal Pictures
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 Adventure Australia
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Australian Privacy Will End

We need more privacy. What's that say Australian police? They are ignoring the public and installing a system that intercepts emails and keeps them for future perusal. It is called "deep packet inspection". Whether they will need permission from a judge like phone tapping is not yet known.

The American NSA has been using the system for a few years. Data collection is immediate, in real time. Everything is caught by this new technology - content, duration, location, times, dates, email addresses and even phone numbers when used.

Australian Federal Police say it will be used as a "system tool". Does this mean it will not be used routinely? You can bet your bottom dollar it will be used all the time if they can get away with it! There will certainly be a public outcry.

It has been compared to the post office opening mail to see the content. As the system will be on all the time and will be used to continually monitor someone, it is not similar. The post office does not open all the mail from an individual.

Tony Abbott is talking out of his hat again saying it is within the law. There will be a High Court challenge very soon.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Privatization Is Not the Answer for Government

Australia is going down the same road as the British by privatizing public resources. There is a major problem with this economic theory. That is, that once resource are sold and the money is used to pay off debt it cannot be sold again. When railways, electricity and water are privatized they are no longer under public control. Ordinary people are at the mercy of private enterprise who have been shown to continually increase charges beyond what citizens can bear.

This is the cold reality of what the future will be like. Politicians of the right have put faith in private enterprise for a century or more. The trickle down benefits of wealth are shown to be completely wrong. The riches of nations is still being consolidated into fewer hands. The poorer are poorer still. Despite consumer goods being widespread, very few can afford a Ferrari. Millionaires have been superseded by billionaires. And the these consumers of all things monetary still want more.

When services are outsourced to the private sector there is one significant effect - wages and conditions get worse for lower-paid workers. Casual and part-time employment becomes the norm. The Premier of Queensland is stripping the public sector of "unneeded" departments. This has personally affected me. My son was dismissed after more than ten years of loyal service when his department was closed. Now the state government has to pay enormous costs to private industry to obtain these necessary service and the debt has not been reduced.

Like the nonexistent trickle down effect it is faith not economics. Some things still need to be kept in public hands. Are we going to have toll roads everywhere with road taxes payable to private companies? This will definitely not happen. Water supply is too important to be privatised. It is best handled by councils as local monopolies. The present experiment of having separate bodies manage water will fail in the end. It will go back to councils.
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Politics by Ty Buchanan
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Gene Bank Needed to "Save" Endangered Native Animals

There is no way that Australia can prevent the extinction of some native animal species. Some can  be preserved with a national gene bank. Though a seed bank has already been set up to save native flora, nothing is planned for fauna.

Present debate is centered on the loss of the northern and southern gastric brooding frog. If a gene bank had existed the frog would have been preserved. Australia has the worst record of native animals going extinct than anywhere else, not something to be proud of. Over 40 birds and mammals have disappeared since European settlement.

Because government has been slow in allocating resources, private organizations have started gene banks. Indeed Taronga Conservation society Australia has stored genes from 20 native animals. This is far from adequate. Over 2,000 species need preservation.

With the Taronga Conservation Society Australia, the Animal Gene Storage and Resource Centre of Australia at Monash University has a total of 100 endangered species in storage. Funding from the public and enterprise supports these "frozen" storage facilities. Nothing has been added for four years due to lack of resources. Looking the other way is not the solution.
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Conservation by Ty Buchanan
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Accident Witnesses May Not Remember the Truth

Witnesses in a trial may reiterate what they believe to be an accurate statement of what happened before their very eyes, but this may be distorted if they were stressed at the time. During a bank robbery or hostage taking they will be stressed if they are the victims.

Certain parts of the brain are known to be affected, when a memory (engram) is created. Once a memory is made and filed, recall of this is the same whether the engram is true or false.

In mice the chemical structure of a memory of a bright flashing light was identified. This chemical "program" was induced in some mice. When electric pulses were applied to the animal's feet for memory recall, those with the program froze in shock, while the others reacted normally. Obviously, the mice deemed the false memory to be absolutely real. Placement of the memory is fixed and immediate.

Human memories tend to improve with age. As time goes by, what actually happened and what really occurred during childhood is rosier. Bad memories affect health. Amnesia could be a safety mechanism to forget a very bad, painful memory.
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