kaskawulsh Glacier Stops Flowing into Slims River

 ▶The river Slims stops as a Glacier called Kaskawulsh changes direction of river water. kaskawulsh it Glacier to flowing on arctic Glacier kaskawulsh ◀ |
Most accept that global warming as scientifically proven, though some still will not accede. The north pole is getting smaller as glaciers melt due to higher temperatures. This can seen "on the ground" and from space.  ||| north arctic Stops at flowing in Glacier up kaskawulsh |
Kaskawulsh Glacier Slims River
Canada's Slims River in Yukon did receive inflow from the Kaskawulsh glacier. The weather got a lot hotter in 2016. This increased the melting rate of glaciers.  The flow has stopped because a deep opening formed in the glacier: dust storms sweep along the dry river bed that used to go north. It happened in four days. The glacier now feeds west into the Alsek River that turns south.
  ||| arctic Stops as flowing to Glacier it kaskawulsh | ||    
Researchers got a shock when they visited the area recently. They hadn't been there since 2013. Just before the river stopped flowing, the temperature increased - 4.3 degrees Centigrade higher than normal. Rivers and lakes downstream of Slims have been detrimentally affected. The ecosystem of the Alsek River has also changed because there is more water flowing. |.| not. |.|       vel news to   | ambitious up.
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