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What is a Bandicoot?

  ||| marsupial nose long short. |
Bandicoots are marsupials that live in Mainland Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea and its surrounding islands. They do not like water and make funnel-like pits when going after insects and plants for food. Country people treat them as pests. They are dying out.  There are about twenty species.  The four most interesting are shown below.  ||| what bandicoot marsupial in native up nose on long region snout marsupial as bandicoot long it nose short. |
The Perameles, a bandicoot with a long nose like a rat is confined to eastern Australia.
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Short-nosed bandicoots, Isoodon, are common in all regions. 
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An endangered rabbit-eared type called a bilby, Thylacomys, is only found in isolated inner Australia.
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The Chaeropus ecaudatus or pig-footed is also rare, not seen in years, and is similar to a deer but smaller.   Its feet are little hoofs with one finger attached to each rear leg and two on each front.
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Bulldog Waits for Swing to be Pushed

Push swinger dog
"Just a little pushy wushi."
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▶ | | Just a little pushy wushi. ◀

Loony Dogs Fight for Stick

Dogs battle over stick - buffoonery.

Dogs fight over stick
"Cool it Harry!  You know it's mine."
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Lion Investigates

lion hunter gun rifle
"What you doing with that gun?"
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New Chinese Theme Park for Australia?

A theme park is to be built at Warnervale in New South Wales. It is not your usual holiday inspired park like Marine World or Disney World. The name of the new entertainment precinct is not yet known, but it will be devoted solely to things Chinese. Buddhist

It is aimed more at Chinese tourists than Australians. A panda paradise, thanksgiving temple and treasure ship are expected to draw the customers. A massive half a billion dollars is dedicated to the project.

The rather odd name of "Chappypie China Time" is being put forward as the preferred choice by Chinese developers. This choice will not go down well with Australians. It is awkward and doesn't translate well into Australian culture.

It will based on "old" China, not the present totalitarian state. Things such as a copy of the Forbidden City, thousand-hand Guanyin and dragon boats will be the main theme.  Developers say it will rival Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. However, these are thing quintessentially Australia. How can a Chinese project be marketed as an Australian icon?

The Wyong Shire Council insisted that the park must have rides to make it relevant to Australian customers. Disney has also said that legal action will follow if the word "Disney" is in the park's name. The move by the Chinese consortium comes as a bit of a shock to Disney which says there is no local market there for such a huge investment.

Such a project could be a ruse to build a thanksgiving temple. This will be the first thing constructed. It could also be the last. Local people would not want such as large temple built near to them. Councillors should be wary of the "easy out" clause in the contract.
Culture by Ty Buchanan
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New Pedestrian Detection System Applies Car Brakes

We are moving toward a safer driving future. It is not just the development of driver-less cars. Special highways will have to be built for these, so it some time away before it is in common use. Just how "hoons" are going to get their fix with no risky overtaking existing anymore is anyone's guess. No, it is all the research going into improving existing vehicles.

Bosch Australia is working on a system whereby people walking behind a car will automatically trigger the brakes on a reversing vehicle. One company is already going ahead and selling its own version that can be fitted to older cars. Considering rear beepers have been on cars for years would the average driver buy the product? It would be easier to modify existing beepers to apply the breaks and have an override switch. Then, I am only a consumer not a developer. How do I know what I want?

It would be useful if a toddler could be detected in a driveway for example. The family car market could certainly be a target. This device could save lives and prevent serious injury. The Bosch system is not yet refined enough to work above 5km/h and a toddler may not be of sufficient size to trigger the device. Fleet buyers have been approached with no orders being arranged. Similar buyers overseas will probable respond in the same way. The product must detect children and function reliably before it is accepted.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Bushmeat Trade Is Depleting Natural Forest

Bushmeat is not just a problem in Africa. Asian countries have the same problem, as the demand for meat from wild animals increases. Taking animals from tropical forest changes the whole ecosystem. It is common sense really. As the number of creatures feeding on vegetation and other animals decline there is an abundance of vegetation growth and remaining fauna.  More growth kills off food for these animals.

While some plants increase, others decline.  Even the amount of vegetation not consumed can fall.  Uneaten vegetation crowds out growth for all, so saplings do not grow tall. Plants need animals to disperse seeds. Consequently, the variety of plants falls.

Just two decades ago the Lambir Hills National Park in Sarawak was pristine. There was an abundance of animals and trees. Now all the large animals have been killed off by hunters after a profit.

Once such dramatic change occurs there is no way back. The large animals will not breed back to original numbers. The damage also impacts on remaining animals who find their usual food source is no longer plentiful.
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Native Claim Wins Out Over Commonsense

Here we go again. Beliefs of a small group win out over commonsense. We all know that the land around Uluru, Ayers Rock, is sacred. That is accepted. Saying it is too sacred to go boating on a freshwater lake in South Australia is absolute rot. The native Aboriginals, the Arabunna, at Lake Eyre are making outrageous claims. How does boating affect their beliefs that objects have souls? If you want to believe that grains of sand have souls so be it, but leave everyone else alone.

The Arabunna were quite happy with local boating until plans were made to hold a sailing event by a yacht club. Nothing has changed. Swimming will be banned next. Aboriginals are afraid to use the lake anyway because they fear the lake's spirit keeper.

It all boils down to a dispute with the government over native title. If things aren't going well say something is sacred and stop this, stop that, stop everything. It is just bloody mindedness.

As the commodore of Lake Eyre Yacht Club says: this infringes on the natural right of people to use the lake as a navigable waterway. Talks have stalled. It seem nothing will be done until the Arabunna have their way.
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