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kaskawulsh Glacier Stops Flowing into Slims River

 ▶The river Slims stops as a Glacier called Kaskawulsh changes direction of river water. kaskawulsh it Glacier to flowing on arctic Glacier kaskawulsh ◀ |
Most accept that global warming as scientifically proven, though some still will not accede. The north pole is getting smaller as glaciers melt due to higher temperatures. This can seen "on the ground" and from space.  ||| north arctic Stops at flowing in Glacier up kaskawulsh |
Kaskawulsh Glacier Slims River
Canada's Slims River in Yukon did receive inflow from the Kaskawulsh glacier. The weather got a lot hotter in 2016. This increased the melting rate of glaciers.  The flow has stopped because a deep opening formed in the glacier: dust storms sweep along the dry river bed that used to go north. It happened in four days. The glacier now feeds west into the Alsek River that turns south.
  ||| arctic Stops as flowing to Glacier it kaskawulsh | ||    
Researchers got a shock when they visited the area recently. They hadn't been there since 2013. Just before the river stopped flowing, the temperature increased - 4.3 degrees Centigrade higher than normal. Rivers and lakes downstream of Slims have been detrimentally affected. The ecosystem of the Alsek River has also changed because there is more water flowing. |.| not. |.|       vel news to   | ambitious up.
| | Stops arctic slims |

◆ kaskawulsh
Tys Outback
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People of Vanuatu are Southeast Asians!

Vanuatu ancestors were from Taiwan and the Philippines.
A discovery has sent shock waves through anthropology. The ancestors of Vanuatuans were put in the pot of Pacific Islanders. People of this island do not look like Asians. However, DNA tests on the oldest skeletons found show that the island's first arrivals came from the Philippines and Taiwan only 3,000 years ago.
People of Vanuatu
It seems that Australian Aboriginals and New Guineans did not initially venture out onto the sea, though Pacific islands were much closer to Vanuatu than Southeast Asian countries. Scientists say Papuans moved their later to produce the modern Vanuatuan gene pool.

There is a problem here. Combining the facial features of Filipinos and Papuans does not produce modern Vanuatuans.  There was movement westward of people from South America. Pacific islanderSs of South American descent obviously arrived in Vanuatu at some time. It seems scientists do not always show common sense!
 Chemistry by Ty Buchanan 
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Dangerous Frogs of South America

Though South American animals have been named little is known about many of them. Scientists fell into the trap of taking frogs for granted. They got more than they bargained for.  Aparasphenodon brunoi and Corythomantis greeningi are the first venomous frogs to be identified. The dart frogs have bony spines on their faces that they jab into potential predators.
Venomous toxic frog corythomantis greeningi
Like snakes, the frogs inject a toxin into the body of threats. This is odd really, because the frogs have evolved this defence while having no natural enemies. The target of a frog was Edmund Brodie, a biologist, who suffered intense, radiating pain lasting for over five hours. He was lucky: a gram of this venom can kill 300,000 mice or 80 people. It would take many frogs, though, to make this much toxin.

The attack on the scientist was a glancing blow by C. greeningi, which is not as potent as A. brunoi. The team was not going to test out A. brunoi, however. Another thing was learned by the biologist: when you walk in the jungle don't go around picking things up. You may get a surprise!
Biology  by Ty Buchanan
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Scientists Hold to Outdated Origins of Americans

It is known that genes from ancient France were "inserted" into the Indians of North America very early in settlement days, just after people moved across the land bridge of Siberia to populate the Americas. Despite this finding scientists treat the genetics of people in South America as pure Asian. Furthermore, skeletal evidence of residency go back at least 18,000 years. Some scientists are stubbornly selective.
Remains of a Giant Mound Builder of North America
Of course there is proof of the arrival of Vikings on the east coast. This is also ignored. The date of 15,000 years ago is a fixation that all scientists must accept as false: people were in North America thousands of years earlier.

New evidence shows that a now extinct group of people came from Asia before the latter "Red" race arrived. This earlier group moved down into Brazil. People of this group also spread to Australia and New Guinea. Now we know where Australian Aboriginals came from. They moved out of Africa well before the mass exodus from Africa.

Scientists will not yet change the text books, showing that science has inertia like cultural change that can take a very long time to "update".  It should now be taught that two waves of Asian people populated America. Unfortunately, this will not happen. Universities will continue to teach incorrect evolution for decades if not centuries into the future.

Note: American sailors found skeletons of red-haired giants in Alaska when they were posted there in during WWII.  The remains were destroyed by the Smithsonian Institute so scientific papers would remain unchallenged.  This behavior is disgraceful as it affects the heritage of humanity.
Evolution by Ty Buchanan 
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New Mustering System to Revolutionize Farming

Cattle mustering has always been a manual labor enterprise.  Little has changed for centuries.  Some minor improvements have occurred but the new Remote Livestock Management System (RLMS) developed by Precision Pastoral Pty Ltd is a leap forward to more efficiency. 

Computer Hardware and software are combined in a practical control method.  All animals have to drink.  When Cattle drink at a watering point they are guided through a pathway that identifies, weighs and drafts animals into particular holding pens.  Those who are not ready for market are automatically released back into the paddock.  The system is solar powered so there are virtually no running costs.  Cattle tags are easily read.

Growth rates, calving and fertility are all monitored.  Feed supplements can also be effectively regulated.  This will improve profitability for farmers.  They have been waiting a long time for something like this.  Degradation in rangeland can be solved by relocation into new pastures via the gates.

The new computer mustering system is seen as a revolution in cattle and sheep production.  There are strong prospects for its adoption in north and south America, Asia and Africa.
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