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Sociolology: Women on ebay Sell at a Lower Price

Sociology: women make more profit on eBay by selling at lower prices.
Men and women are the same - well not really. There may be a drive to make the workplace equal for both sexes. However, there are clear biological differences and thought processes are not the same. Certain parts of the brain are preferred by either sex.  What is involved in selling? Description and layout are paramount. Relevant and stimulating pictures are required. The correct price to sell an adequate volume of a product and make a profit are also essential.
Men and women see these factors differently. An examination of eBay shows that women sell the same products at lower prices than men. Considering people can easily find the cheapest product in a category because of the way eBay is designed, women managers will make more sells.

Researchers said that buyers have lower expectations of women sellers. This is a red herring: buyers do not normally look to see whether a seller is a man or woman. I for one, search for the best value at the lowest price. Sociologists are prone to make errors in the desire to find relationships.

Yet some women do seek out women sellers. Men couldn't care less. Whether women buyers do this for a lower price is debatable. Perhaps women are better than men at business generally. Many men do believe that the world owes them a living.  This is seen in supermarkets when a new young male manager stops marking down specials. Goods do not sell and are ultimately thrown away.

I would say sociologists clearly made wrong assumptions about this study. They did not look are overall profit. Perhaps women sold more goods and made more money. Omission of theis vital information could be seen as manipulation of data. 
 Sociology by Ty Buchanan 
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Politics: Australian Conservatives Push to Privatize Healthcare

Health: Australian liberal conservative governments keep privatizing medicine
There isn't much doubt that the Liberals (read conservatives) would like a completely privatised health system. They look lustfully toward the US and their inefficient structure - the most expensive health mishmash in the world!
Protest against liberal conservative healthcare changes
There is a logic to this "conservative hiding behind liberal sunglasses" behavior. You see, businesses don't like their taxes being "wasted" on something the private sector can run perfectly well, descrimination notwithstanding. Businesses would like this money back in a tax rebate so they can make higher profits, thankyou.

Note how Liberal PM Menzies ended free pharmaceuticals brought in by Labor PM Chiffley. Gough Wittlam initiated Medibank after menzies It was just about the only thing he did that worked. This has now been pushed and poked by a series of Coalition governments to become the now private Medicare. No doubt, this political toing and froing will continue into the future.
 Politics by Ty Buchanan 
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Countries Must Bring in REVENUE TAX.

Multinational companies are making a mockery of national tax policies. Countries have set up collection systems based on the pre-internet period. Everything today is mobile. People and money are flowing freely around the world.

Google, Apple, Facebook and others are moving income from all their national operations to Ireland where the tax rate is ridiculously low. They inundate branches in other countries with mythical charges from head office, so profit is reduced to zero. Of course, in reality it is not zero.

What countries should do is instigate a REVENUE TAX. This idea will shock and frighten CEOs. It is the last thing they want. Companies should be levied with either revenue tax or company tax whichever is the greater. Setting a revenue tax rate at a realistic 4 per cent will solve national tax collection problems. Companies will not be able to avoid paying some tax.

Say a company has revue of $100 million. The tax payable on this would be $4 million. If the firm makes a 10 per cent profit of $10m then the tax owed to a government would be $10 x 0.45 (company tax rate), which means tax of $4.5m is due. Because $4.5 m is greater than $4m the normal company tax method would apply, namely $4.5m.

If a company fiddles the books and declares no profit at all they would have to pay a minimum of $4 and could not avoid it. At least large companies would pay something to national governments. Some businesses make as much as 30 per cent profit on revenue. A national government would not get the $30m x 0.45 = $13.5m. However, $4m is better than nothing.
Economics by Ty Buchanan
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The NBN May Never be Completed

We hear so much praise about progress of the new broadband network being rolled out by the National Broadband Network (NBN). The problem is - there has been little progress. Apart from the acclaimed network in a part of Tasmania, few customers enjoy ultra-fast broadband anywhere else.

The Internet divide still exists between city and rural. Obviously the NBN will be laid out in city areas because this is where the greatest income will be obtained. As it now stands rural regions will not get faster Internet until way past 2020. Many people will be dead by then. How do we know if fiber optics will be superceded? Soon the ocean protection walls will be finished around Venice and there are cries that it is old technology and will not save the valuable city. Perhaps the same will be said about the NBN.

In the present economic climate where will be few businesses left in populated cities to enjoy the improved communication. Only if the mineral sector declines and the Aussie dollar drops in value will manufacturing and service sectors become profitable again. But a fall in mineral income will mean less tax to pay for the NBN.

The Internet may make unforeseeable changes. For example, Skype and Gmail have pushed the cost of international calls down to a few cents a minute. Telcos can no longer make a profit from providing the service. Internet operations first offered this in the early 2000s. it faded. Now it is back with a vengeance. If Internet operators can find a way past the mobile barriers put up by the telcos that will bankrupt these monster companies who overcharge for mobile calls.

There is no question that the NBN is monopolistic. It will be the only Internet provider. Smaller companies will be given piecemeal resale access. However, this will be on NBN terms. Talk is all about the benefits. If the Coalition wins the next election they could dismantle the whole operation.
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