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Comical Cat Lives in Box

"I'm leaving to live in this box!"
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Kookaburra is Mocking You

Here is laughing at you kid, just a Kookaburra is. laughing bird.
Is that someone laughing at me? No it's the Laughing Jackass, the kookaburra. This long living bird can be around for two decades.   Early settlers thought they were being mocked in their attempts at farming as most new arrivals were convicts.  The "noise' closely resembles a laugh. kookaburra.
Kookaburra laughing
A dominant male bird will begin the call to mark his territory; then the rest of the family will join in.  Young will stay with their parents for up to five years. The youngsters will even sit on the eggs and feed new hatchlings. Diet is varied: small mammals, amphibians (frogs), invertebrate (worms), reptiles and insects.
  Mocking Kookaburra
Native to eastern Australia, Kookaburras were introduced to WA and Tasmania. They are good survivors and probably did not need this help. Dacelo are the world's largest kingfisher.   The bird has become an icon:  in poetry, on household products,
in newsreels and on cricket balls.
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Lace Monitor - Australiana

The Lace Monitor lizards in an Australiana icon.
There are several kinds of goanna in Australia. The largest is the Lace Monitor, Varannus varius. It lives in trees and in summer it is very active hunting for food. In winter it slows down and spends its days resting in hollows in trees.
Lace Monitor
They often hang around picnickers looking for food scraps. Some people fear goannas, but for the most part the reptile is harmless - they could hardly swallow a human whole. They would rather run than bite a large living animal: their main target is carrion.

When male Lace Monitors mate they go through the set patterns of who is the strongest to get the female.  Having young is an easy matter. A female lays her eggs in a termites nests which stays at a steady 31°C.

Aboriginals used goanna oil to ease body pain and as a protective layer on wounds. Early European settlers used the oil on guns as it was a good substitute for standard lubricating oil.   Goanna linament does not contain any Goanna oil because killing the animal is illegal. This stops the oil being put to test - folk lore says that if put in a glass jar it will seep through the bottom and be underneath in the morning. Rogue research shows this claim to be right. This is a very interesting property and could possible be put to a good use!

Anyway, we will have to live with the saying: "Flat out like a lizard drinking". Yes, their tongues move very fast when they drink water.
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Refugees Mean Poverty, Unemployment and Economy Decline for Europe

More refugees are coming from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. This is putting a tremendous burden on European countries. It will bring three things: poverty, unemployment and economic cost.
Refugees in boat heading for Europe Italy
These people will not find accommodation. In all Western countries the cost of average housing has gone through the roof in the last decade. Europe has a relatively dense population already. Land for new building estates has mostly been exploited. Refugees do not have a nest egg of money for a deposit nor do they have established friends and relatives for help. They will live in parks for the rest of their lives.

Almost all of the refugees are unskilled. There is a mass of unemployed native born people in European nations now. They have no future, so refugees face the same bleak future. Training is expensive. With freedom of movement to other countries in Europe no individual nation is going to pay to train non-citizens. let's face it only a small minority will ever get full citizenship.

Temporary housing is a high drain on a national economy. Stateless people also have to eat. United Nations welfare bodies have run out of money. Rationing of handouts is applied to areas of world conflict. They will not give food to advanced countries.

Estimates of arrivals have probably passed two million in the last five years. It is doubling every year.

The official figure of 350,000 is way short of reality.  This is only the number of actual political refugees.  The great majority are economic refugees who get no benefit from giving their information to authorities.  Once they get into any European country "unnoticed" they head for their country of choice.

What lies ahead? The countries refugees want to live in will go into economic decline. There is no "good life" waiting. Because refugees come from many sources racial tensions and ghettos will become normal in European countries. The peace and quiet of the English green land will end, for example. Hard times is the future for all European nations.
Economics by Ty Buchanan
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Is Cloning of Extinct Animals Possible?

It seems researchers are close to cloning the woolly mammoth and perhaps a species of frog that gives birth to offspring with its mouth - swallowing fertile eggs then incubating them in its mouth. The frog died out in 1983. We have heard claims like this before. Personally, I believe we are a long way from being able to do this.

Repairing the damage that pushed them to extinction is not sufficient to bring them back. Finding specimens with suitable preserved material is near impossible. Even the few frozen southern gastric-brooding frogs were not initially preserved with the intention of "cloning". Special techniques were not applied.

It is thought improved systems like somatic cell nuclear transfer will enable creation of a living frog. Some presume this can be used on viable mammoth cells. The issue will be producing a healthy living creature. Previous research has resulted in incomplete clones: many do not live long. Most scientists are pessimistic about the possibility of "perfect" cloning.
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Fame Can Shorten Life

If you want to be famous or are driven to it, there may be a cost. Though, I am still not sure if it is statistically proven, it seems that being well know shortens life. Obituaries were examined and they showed that celebrities lives were shorter by a few years.
james dean fame famous
People in physically or mentally stressful occupations such as ex-sportsman and performers had the shortest lives. This was followed by academics and those in medicine. The next group was composers, writers and artists. Those in business and politics lived longer.

It is surmised that having fame at a young age then losing it later in life is a burden that shortens lives. This is questionable because many famous celebrities remain so even when they officially retire. It could be that the drive for fame remains into old age and this destroys life. This is closely aligned with a risk taking personality. Life could be shorter due to self-destruction.
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Cat in New Zealand Falls Five Stories and Walks Away

A New Zealand cat falls from a great height and lives!

Alison and Graham Pike live a quite life in an apartment on Auckland's viaduct. They had no idea that their tabby cat, Camo, would become a celebrity. Spending life on an apartment balcony can be quite dangerous. One small slip and you fall a very long way.  And Camo did fall.

It is not actually a free-fall from the balcony - there are things in the way to block the fall. The cat either jumped onto the glass balustrade then fell on to the tarseal, or ducked under the balustrade then slid off and fell further. A balcony lower down sticks out more than the fifth level balcony so the cat would have bounced off that before finally landing at ground level. In all it must have been like an obstacle course for the cat.

Well, the outcome was a broken jaw and three broken teeth. Mr and Mrs Pike were informed by security staff that their cat was under the restaurant sofa and its mouth was bleeding.

The cat has learned something though - It doesn't go out on the balustrade anymore. You see it is new to this way of living. The couple only moved into the apartment with their cat 15 months ago. Living high up is much different than living at ground level.
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