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People on Newstart Cannot Afford Rent - Welfare

Australians on welfare do not have enough to pay rent even with the $67 week assistance. They land a position which is generally part-time, however they find that they are still in hardship. Transport costs are at least $20 a day. Centrelink is now stopping payments when the unemployed do the smallest thing wrong in their work applications. They are ending up living on the streets. +
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Refugees Mean Poverty, Unemployment and Economy Decline for Europe

More refugees are coming from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. This is putting a tremendous burden on European countries. It will bring three things: poverty, unemployment and economic cost.
Refugees in boat heading for Europe Italy
These people will not find accommodation. In all Western countries the cost of average housing has gone through the roof in the last decade. Europe has a relatively dense population already. Land for new building estates has mostly been exploited. Refugees do not have a nest egg of money for a deposit nor do they have established friends and relatives for help. They will live in parks for the rest of their lives.

Almost all of the refugees are unskilled. There is a mass of unemployed native born people in European nations now. They have no future, so refugees face the same bleak future. Training is expensive. With freedom of movement to other countries in Europe no individual nation is going to pay to train non-citizens. let's face it only a small minority will ever get full citizenship.

Temporary housing is a high drain on a national economy. Stateless people also have to eat. United Nations welfare bodies have run out of money. Rationing of handouts is applied to areas of world conflict. They will not give food to advanced countries.

Estimates of arrivals have probably passed two million in the last five years. It is doubling every year.

The official figure of 350,000 is way short of reality.  This is only the number of actual political refugees.  The great majority are economic refugees who get no benefit from giving their information to authorities.  Once they get into any European country "unnoticed" they head for their country of choice.

What lies ahead? The countries refugees want to live in will go into economic decline. There is no "good life" waiting. Because refugees come from many sources racial tensions and ghettos will become normal in European countries. The peace and quiet of the English green land will end, for example. Hard times is the future for all European nations.
Economics by Ty Buchanan
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Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are misguided in believing they can hide the jobless. Taking all income away from unemployed youth will only increase poverty and crime. Taking careers' income away and forcing them onto the dole queue will only ruin their lives and the lives of people they care for.

The elderly who need full-time care will only head for "old peoples' homes", particularly if they do not own a house that the government can hock to pay the fees. To say they are not hitting those who cannot hit back is definitely not true. These elderly sick people are defenceless.

Australian youth are in fact losing jobs. The proportion with work has fallen to its lowest rate for twenty years. Cutting penalty rates and wages generally will only drive the young into poverty. Having enough to buy food and nothing left for accommodation is a recipe for social disaster. Do you think for one moment that they will not take what they don't have. Watch the numbers rise for those living for free in empty houses owned by others.

If they want to study, the young will go into massive debt even before they start their working lives. Paying HECS for trade coursed is stupid. Next to laboring, trade jobs are the lowest paid. They certainly will not be able to save for a house deposit while paying off debt.

Where is the money coming from to move to a place that supposedly has work - as if these places exist. It costs money to move to a new city and the government is offering nothing. They know that the young cannot move so they will lose their unemployment benefit. No human being can live on nothing.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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We Have Never Had It So Good - Maybe

According to the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey we have never been able to buy so much with our income. Over the last decade income inequality has hardly changed, Wages have risen faster than inflation. Of course, we know that announced inflation is lower than real price rises.

Although Australia's debt is low compared to other developed countries, less than half of Australians believe this. Despite the good times, many are feeling down and depressed feeling that the country is not doing well economically. This is probably due to the negative political arena at the moment with any bad news being blown out of proportion, with political blame and counter denials being kept uppermost in people's minds.

We should be happy but the minority, politicians, are pulling us down. Things are certainly changing now with Chinese demand for primary products falling as well as prices producers receive. The new government, in September, will have to deal with rising unemployment. There isn't much doubt about this. Pressure to reign in national debt will mean job cuts in the public sector, and reduced government spending will push up unemployment.

The job market has structurally changed over the last 10 years. More people are in part-time and casual employment, good for business bad for job security. Welfare is being cut and will fall further as politicians take larger income rises for themselves and a "couldn't care less" attitude to the poor. Charities are feeding more of the less well off than they ever did before.

While incomes have remained the same, wealth inequality has risen. This continues as wealth is solidly held and increased by a few. The top 1 per cent have assets of $5 million. The bottom 10 per cent enjoy less that $10,000. Some of these have no assets at all.

Good times are not for everyone apparently.  We should be laughing or at least smiling.  If you are poor and without a job or assets you have to grin or grimace and bear it.  No help for you mate either today or in the future.
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High Wage Rate a Problem for Australia

The overseas economic crisis is changing the perception of wage rates in Australia. Over recent months the Aussie dollar has fallen in value.  It helps exporters. The retail sector has also been calling for the dollar to be intentionally weakened. This is odd considering Australian consumers are heavily "addicted' to imports, so prices will probably rise in the shops.

There will be an election in September. Any color of government will have to cut back on spending. This will mean higher unemployment. Therefore, despite inflation steadily rising there will be downward pressure on wages. There is already a glut of people seeking employment in the vegetable and fruit picking industry.

When you go shopping a distinct feel of recession is in the air. With many buying online, the shops are almost devoid of shoppers. The lowest income earners have just been given a 2.6 per cent pay rise. This was done to redistribute income. Higher unemployment will prevent future artificial tinkering with the economy.

Australian wages are already too high when compared internationally. We have the highest rates of any developed country. The minimum wage is more than twice that of the US. Within Australia things have been much worse. The minimum wage today is 44 per cent of average full-time earnings. This compares to 50 per cent a decade ago. However, it is still very high.

It has been claimed that letting wages fall and redistributing wealth via welfare payments is a better idea. This of course depends on whether government can collect enough in taxes to have the money to do this. Even this though has been "damned" by some saying welfare reduces the drive to find work.
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Government Spending Has to Be Reduced

Many people in developed countries rely on welfare to live their lives. The welfare state has been accepted as the only way for government to go - until now. Britain where the welfare state began is making major cutbacks in government payments.

Even in the US, where government support is perceived as low by non-US citizens, middle class welfare is rife. The term middle class is a widely misused term. Everyone knows it means the rich. It seems everyone has the their hands in the government feed trough.

In Australia the baby bonus was introduced by a right wing Howard government. It is ironic that it has been virtually abolished by a left wing government. It was available to all, rich and poor. No means testing was ever done.

The problem is political parties keep giving in order to be elected. This happens until a major deficit occurs and cutbacks are forced onto prevailing government.

If redistribution of income was not done the rich would get richer and the poor would be used as "serf" labor. Unfortunately, political parties "look after their own" when they are elected to government. Right wing governments do have a heart and do redistribute mainly to the poor. However, middle class welfare tends to creep up over time.

It is now accepted by the average voter in developed countries that the time has come for significant cuts in government spending. People do "squeal" when spending is cut specifically to them. There are immediate consequences when recipients no longer receive benefits. The Salvation Army has had a major increase in single mothers wanting food assistance.  This is due to single mothers being forced onto the dole by recent government changes.

A direct problem to hard government cutbacks, when public servants are dismissed, is an increase in unemployment. Of course, this means a higher demand for unemployment benefit support. There is always the danger of pushing the economy into recession. If this is the consequence of spending cuts voters soon change their tune and blame a government. Rationally, continuous priming of an economy by more spending must ultimately end. The piper must eventually be paid.

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No Sympathy for the Unemployed

Even though Australia is booming with the economic downturn hurting elsewhere, the unemployed are being targeted by the government. Several years ago pensioners were given a significant rise in payments. The unemployment rate remained the same. The "dole" is indexed to inflation, but it remains very low.

Youth Allowance is paid to young people to the age of 20, full-time student under 24, and also apprentices to this age. Those living at home receive A$110.15 a week (2010). Independent recipients get A$167.35. Living away from home, sharing the rent of a house could easily cost more than A$100.00 a week. Attending university would be just as expensive, so the burden falls on parents.

Newstart which is the actual "dole" paid to eligible unemployed workers over 18 years is A$228.00 a week. There are severe restrictions on getting the full amount. Recipients must sign an Unemployment Pathway Plan (Activity Agreement) where they are monitored and told to do certain activities in preparation for work. If they earn more than A$32.00 a week the benefit is reduced. It ends entirely when income reaches A$228.00.

Those who own a home must have assets valued below A$161.500 to receive the full rate. Non-homeowners can have A$278,500 of assets. More benefits are paid to people who have children. Rent assistance can also be obtained.

Conservative governments tend to be harder on dole recipients. John Howard, for example, toughened Activity Agreements. The present Labor government has not increased the unemployment rate. Obviously, sympathy for the unemployed is not important to them either. Labor has got rid of Work for the Dole for those unemployed for more than six months.

Government policy on all sides seems to be to keep the unemployed on their toes and anxious. Because there are few jobs available unless you move to the bush to mining companies, this appears to be the only purpose. learning to use computers, write resumes and do interviews serves no real function. Australia's workforce is becoming increasingly part-time and "casualized". Many work three days a week or less. Little research has been done into under-employment in this country.
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Australian Fisheries Management Authority in League With Greenies

If you are a business the Greenies can close you down. It's no good protesting about it. Just accept it, sack your staff, and close. That's the message that comes across in the case of a shark fishery in South Australia.

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority has introduced draconian new rules in its protected zones. It is spelled out that when a "trigger point" is reached everything must stop. The authority took the advice of environmentalists and reduced the number of deaths of protected species from 15 down to one as the trigger point.

Because a sea lion was killed the shark fishery must close and apply to reopen in May of 2013. An environmental spokesperson said, "We're pleased that there's now a process in place so that when there are animals killed that steps can be taken in the management of the fishery to make sure that the deaths are limited."

This is shortsighted. Businesses cannot operate in this way. When May 2013 comes around it will not open again. Ex-workers will probably be on unemployment benefits and what little capital that can be gained from a company compulsorily closed will be invested elsewhere.
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