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The Melbourne Cup Carnival

Every year at about 3 pm on the first Tuesday in November, all Australians stop what they’re doing and turn on the television or radio. Why? They’re waiting for the country’s most famous horse race, the Melbourne Cup. At the first Melbourne Cup back in 1861, 17 horses competed in front of a crowd of about 4000 for the grand total of £170 prize money and a gold watch!
Melbourne cup horse race carnival event party
These days 24 of the world’s best horses run the 3200-metre race, competing for some of the biggest prize money in the business - about $5 million. Not only are the crowds huge at Flemington Racecourse, but more than 700 million people around the world also watch the race on television. A lot of people only ever bet on a horse race once a year — on the Melbourne Cup.

The event is a party. It doesn’t matter if you are not at Flem
ington to see the race yourself. People all over the country, and many in other countries too, hold Melbourne Cup parties, where they dress up, catch up with friends, and of course, watch the race! Dressing up is a regular part of Melbourne Cup Day Each year. There are competitions to find the best dressed man and woman at the racing carnival on the racecourse.
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"Got any tips? Yeah Little Boy in the 2.30."
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