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Tax the Activities That Pollute the Planet

People need to be punished for doing things that damage the planet. The only way to do this is by putting tax on such activities. Setting target years to ban fossil fuel burning cars will not work. People need to be enticed to change their ways. Riding a bike is an option that people can make

It seems way impact climate change reduce pollution regulation. Such ideas banning petrol diesel cars 2030 not work, however. People have learn live luxury jumping car driving road. There must form "punishment" driving car. Sure using bicycle virtually free. Obviously, punishment not high enough yet make you bike

There doubt cost motoring rise dramatically future countries accept human cause unhealthy planet. This obvious even now governments addicted taxation.real answer change people life habits make financially painful damage environment.

It costs less 000 a year now to register a car. In coming years this will rise to a realistic level of $5,000 year now register car. In coming years rise realistic level $5,000. It hurt. Prices shops increase, but standard living has fall cover full cost green environment. Tax oil based fuel must go least 500 percent. Coal must given high tax. Power stations using pump tons carbon dioxide.price electricity dirty power stations must pushed up. Producing own solar power choice you make.

There political consequences dramatic change people lives.poor attack wealthy they see rich more easily cope burden. A more equitable distribution wealth countries result. Executive bonuses main target.

This scenario happen planet saved. Continuing current destructive path result millions deaths natural disasters weather moves fro. City infrastructures collapse cost maintaining them rises repeated damage bad weather. Man move back primitive living conditions fresh water tap effective sanitation systems.

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Carbon tax survey

Beware Bunnings is Tricking Customers

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Cat Lays Down the Law

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Shopping cat
"Then I Said Buy the Thing!"
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Dog Drinking Beer in Pub

Dog drinking beer
"But is this cheese really cheddar?"
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▶ | finds | animals peculiar odd free playing | photo photos funny | smart But is this cheese really cheddar? ◀

Impulse Buying Depends on Culture

Culture: we buy on impulse with east credit and fast pay.
We are all guilty of it. What is it? Impulse buying of course! It may not be for major purchase - we usually have a think about them before making a decision. Well most of us do. Minor things like snack bars and quick coffees are usually done on a whim. A site like eBay where thing are cheap but generally of low quality is also a vehicle for fast shopping.
Impulse buying on credit
Some people purchase "quickie" items more than others. It all depends on ones personality. Even being out with others affects buying behavior. Having money to buy is less of a factor because easy credit is available. A person's prevailing mood also has an effect: happiness drives impulse buying.

Advertising is perceived differently by individuals. "Buy one and get one free" is a trap for some. Indeed, Westerners seem to be particularly prone to buying things with little thought, people in Eastern cultures not so much. Culture does determine behavior to some extent. This could be changing for Asians. Culture does change over time. The British, for example, are not so conservative as they once were.

The Internet has impacted on societies throughout the world. It is so easy to buy things now. You can purchase things you don't really need while sitting down at home. Impulse buying is generally thought to occur only when we are at the shops. This is not the case. Easy credit and easy pay have
put a gap between budgeting and spending.
 Culture by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
            Australian Blog   Adventure Australia
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Difficult for the Young to Buy a Home

Housing is just too expensive in Australia for the young.  To get a home at the lower end of the market one needs to stay away from auctions and be ready to go to the potential purchase as soon as it goes up for sale.
Young couple buying a home looking buy purchase
People panic at auctions.  They put a whole day into it usually bring the family in tow.  Once they have made the time and opportunity investment they really want the home and keep bidding against each other finally paying over the odds.

Already the young are making purchasing choices that are not what they originally planned.  Buying further out of town and going into flats instead of separate houses is not what they had intended.  However, they feel that they have to buy something, before or soon after marriage.

Only those with significant deposits are in the market now.  In 1981, more than 60 per cent of people under 35 "owned" a home.  Now it is under 50 per cent.  In the 1980s the young could buy their ideal home.  Today, they are buying something that they are not happy with: they are not content.  Moreover, they are borrowing double the amount of the 1980s.

It is not easy to go to parents and beg for help with a deposit when you left home two years before on bad terms - such is the culture today.  It is likely that young people buying homes now will enter retirement with many more years of mortgage repayments to go.
Society by Ty Buchanan
            Australian Blog   Adventure Australia
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Marketing Must Be Internet Based

The marketing game has changed. Long gone are the days when ad program were created for free-to-air TV advertisers. People spend most of their day on the phone, so advertising must be online.

Not only that, but the "early bird gets the worm". If you have a new marketing idea and put it on the Internet first then you win with rising sales. The new marketing concept that leads to sales is spread quickly through social media.

Marketers must not only be in the game: they need to be ahead of the game. New ideas win out. Replicating the old ways of doing things no longer works. Any perceived barriers are avoided by buyers and you lose out on sales.

Economics used to presume that consumers were all knowing about prices. Today, they really do know the price of things. They may look in the big stores. However, they usually buy online.

Buyers really analyze the advertisers message now. They look for "catches" in ads and ignore them moving on to buy elsewhere. Purchasing is so easy that buyers are becoming more patient, fully analyzing what they want and prices before opening their wallets - sorry bankcards.
Marketing by Ty Buchanan
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Firms attempt to Circumvent Australian Consumer Laws

This country has longer "proving" times for consumers. It means that a product must do what it expected to do for longer than in other countries. The public is well protected here.

Fisher & Paykel a New Zealand company recently lost a court battle because it did not exchange faulty goods. Clearly, businesses do not like the protection laws. It is not only foreign firms like Apple that are ignoring or trying to circumvent Australian consumer laws. Harvey Norman, a large chain of franchises, has had five of its stores fined for not abiding by the law.

Companies continue to fight to the High Court where all cases so far have been lost. The law is very clear - a product must serve its primary function for a decent period of time. If it doesn't, a refund or exchange for a new item must be given.

Because firms are wasting court time the fines are increasing. They have reached $32,000. Besides the fines, stores are ordered to display signs setting out consumer rights and staff must do a compliance program.
Business by Ty Buchanan
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Society by Ty Buchanan
     Australian Blog