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Darwin Rebellion had Three Main Causes

All kids are instructed in history class about the Eureka Stockade yet they don't find out about the rebellion in Darwin. The Northern Territory was absorbed by South Australia in 1863. In 1911 the national government took control of the NT. Dr John Gilruth was named overseer. He had extraordinary plans to build up the region, however he was standoffish and would not tune in to the people. The administrator was involved in opening a meat works and would not deal with workers. Thus, Vesteys Meatworks fizzled.

On December 16, 1918 Dr Gilruth did not allow two bar workers at the Victoria Hotel to take night off in order to go to a gathering commemorating the finish of WWI. The union leader Harold Nelson went to the police headquarters and got a permit for a street march. Four weks later a gathering of men walked from Vesteys Meatworks to Government House. The little gathering of dissenters developed into a horde of thousands.

Things became serious. Individuals requested the director. Dr Giruth to stand down. The administrator turned spoke to the crowd which exacerbated the situation. The group moved into the grounds of Government House and a likeness of him was torched. To quell the disturbance the Royal Navy took control. The manager remained in a virtual jail for the following two months.

Dr Gilruth unobtrusively left in the night, late February. The circumstance stayed much the same for Territorians. Strikes increased. Individuals left to seek work elsewhere. The single positive thing to come out of the rebellion was the NT picking up a non-casting a ballot at the national House of Representatives.

There can be not question that different components added to the defiance action. The cost of ale rose 30 percent from 1915 to 1918 because hotels in Darwin were nationalized. New legislation in 1911 preferenced white laborers over Chinese. This increased the power of unions.

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Crowd at Darwin rebellion

Women and Men Were Not Equal in Hunter Gatherer Societies

Men and women in hunter gatherer societies had very defined roles. Men hunted for protein, namely meat. Women sought tubers and berries for long term family sustenance. Some scientists are saying that male and females were more equal in prehistory. This not really the case.
Male hunter gatherer man
Women, for example, could not go on the hunt with men. Males would not remain home with the women unless sickness prevented the hardships of seeking wild game. A women who did not find a mate had to remain home, unwanted, with her birth family. Indeed close breeding was frowned upon. Mates were invariably found in an unrelated group.

Scientists have mistakenly confused female independence in decision making, which supposedly pushes them to choose an outside mate, with women knowing that it is the wise thing to do, while males are dumb and stupid about this. The attraction between cousins is well known - thus the term "kissing cousins". Why would women have superior ideals than men. They wouldn't. No, it is something genetically inherent in Man that drives individuals to find unrelated mates, loose liaisons with cousins not withstanding.

If males saw nothing wrong with interbreeding they would clearly have forced their will on females. Since the beginning, males have always dominated in mammals. Women could not have forced their will on men, apart from persistent verbal onslaught. It is known that females do dominate the verbal sphere.

The scientists have it wrong. Women are persuasive over males in one-to-one negotiations, but in groups matters men would govern and set the rules. Men clearly felt that pairing with outside parties was a "natural" thing to do.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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