Refugees Mean Poverty, Unemployment and Economy Decline for Europe

More refugees are coming from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. This is putting a tremendous burden on European countries. It will bring three things: poverty, unemployment and economic cost.
Refugees in boat heading for Europe Italy
These people will not find accommodation. In all Western countries the cost of average housing has gone through the roof in the last decade. Europe has a relatively dense population already. Land for new building estates has mostly been exploited. Refugees do not have a nest egg of money for a deposit nor do they have established friends and relatives for help. They will live in parks for the rest of their lives.

Almost all of the refugees are unskilled. There is a mass of unemployed native born people in European nations now. They have no future, so refugees face the same bleak future. Training is expensive. With freedom of movement to other countries in Europe no individual nation is going to pay to train non-citizens. let's face it only a small minority will ever get full citizenship.

Temporary housing is a high drain on a national economy. Stateless people also have to eat. United Nations welfare bodies have run out of money. Rationing of handouts is applied to areas of world conflict. They will not give food to advanced countries.

Estimates of arrivals have probably passed two million in the last five years. It is doubling every year.

The official figure of 350,000 is way short of reality.  This is only the number of actual political refugees.  The great majority are economic refugees who get no benefit from giving their information to authorities.  Once they get into any European country "unnoticed" they head for their country of choice.

What lies ahead? The countries refugees want to live in will go into economic decline. There is no "good life" waiting. Because refugees come from many sources racial tensions and ghettos will become normal in European countries. The peace and quiet of the English green land will end, for example. Hard times is the future for all European nations.
Economics by Ty Buchanan
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