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Countries Teaching Chinese Students are in Danger

Mercury pollution

Countries that carry out teaching of young Chinese are at risk. ● countries computer teaching to chinese numbers students we danger up countries figure teaching keys chinese text students of danger or countries make teaching colors chinese code students to to danger in countries or teaching on chinese by students to danger he ● ⁍ university c china c professor c government c family ⁌ ⧫ university b hong b china b kong b professor b government economy b family b people b taiwan b ideology b ⧫ ⏏ university hong china kong professor government economy family people taiwan ideology ⏏ ⦿ australian australia promoted university share news china professor universities influence varrall window site years china’s square tiananmen kong hong map video government dialog captions policy network relevant content email big economy family island buy need finance facebook play country question people media independent taiwan source ideology beliefs student academic newcastle settings transparency color ⦿ ∎ australian a australia a promoted a university a share a news a china a professor universities a influence a varrall a window a site a years a china’s a a square a tiananmen kong a hong a map a video a government a dialog a captions a policy a network a relevant a content a email a big a economy a family a island a buy a need a finance a facebook play a country a question a people a media a independent a taiwan a source a ideology a beliefs a student a academic a newcastle a settings a transparency a color ∎
Chinese students on train

Government Regulation Finishes Witch Doctors

Plants destroyed in australia
| Only tribal shamans had the knowledge to derive hypnotic and euphoria making chemicals from plants. They kept the secrets from everyone else. wizard government expert pyramid physician list professor scientist specialist surgeon doc healer intern MD medic medico quack medical government conjurer regulation bar finishes block witch break conclusion pause barricade cease cessation check close closing control cutoff discontinuation government ending regulation fence finishes finish witch freeze doctors hindrance layoff letup plug roadblock standstill stay stoppage termination wall desistance government magician regulation conjurer finishes enchanter witch necromancer doctors occultist sorcerer charmer adjuration authority ministry power regime rule state practitioner government union regulation bureaucracy finishes command witch control doctors direction domination dominion execution executive governance guidance influence boss twitter halt | market body global technology podcasts chikawe agency public plan ban funds news teads claim rival buy site money healthcare health albino tax york disorder follow united online thomson deter politics anthem pigment east senate charms life individual participation ipsos traditional breakingviews people poll revcontent information bring stock force bans debt murders reuters mobile advertising albinos bill cigna operation sponsored dar home task herbs industry feared acts evil day guidelines mwanza states africa cases pictures girl content salaam tanzania markets india research told wealth finance foundation france attacks parts society video witchcraft commentary data media business deals court u.s killings screener |  |
Witch doctor gets high!

Aged Vote Conservative

As people go through life they change their voting, moving to the right.research social public voting years bull social age center political social research party steadfast immigrants media research bull research conservative research social government religion republican study research republican government left conservative politics pew report typology conservative tank pew research political government years email research main bull fact years conservative liberal pew bull research middle liberal middle government bull business government liberal conservative fear early research media attitudes conservative years bull bull political part pew republican business political political years research social liberal lives president public pew liberal issues age social research politics desilver lived class generations politics pew social years government people lost part trends americans people center politics bull center bystanders attitudes americans political center politic spew 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liberals telecommunications note happy not staying interesting it is were members typologies difficult similar die bold change tilt senior york columbia enterprise reasonable terms experiences joke boils buddies careers engendered through attention married strongly copyright students general relationship young realizing money liberal || As people go through life they change their voting, moving to the right. young liberal on social issues the poltics of american generations attitude and voting behavior not registered to vote how age affects attitude and voting
One's political view does change over time - for some people. It is well known that the young tend to lean to the left. As they get older conservatism sets in. Of course, there are exceptions. Furthermore, do those who start out as conservative move further to the right and become fascists? Not really.
People move to the right politically
Low-income people are more likely to vote Labor. While high-earners favor parties on the right. The problem is complicated by the fact that the word Liberal is a label that can mean center-left or center-right depending on the country.

Those who stay Left all their lives feel put-upon by society. They never get a fair bit of the cake. Government makes changes too often and they feel that it is to take more away from them. It hits them hard, in the pocket. High-income earners are, for the most part, in control of the changes. The less well-off know this.

The "slide" to the right is curtailed in many because they remain on low incomes all their lives. If you have little spare change you cannot easily adapt to change. The world becomes a frightening place.
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Tys Outback
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Government Cuts Health and Technology Funding

  | Government is managing the economy poorly in health & technology health funding high court article highlights government elite excellent daniel hannan telegraph edition title technology breathtaking government brazenness referendum campaign british household eu official publication technology on health funding clear statement remainers formal government stronger I am confident technology or health constitutional propriety pro-eu legal battle parliamentary vote due process it sheer technology it health on funding does case niceties sudden somersault molotov-ribbentrop supremacy victorian was not sovereignty everyone ultimate power particular parliament commons didn’t tack david fuller uk political parties theresa may supreme court’s approval mps prime generalelection cross-party support gravy train personal option inevitably. |
For a coalition government that presumes to understand the business sector, its common sense is lacking. For any private sector to flourish the public arena must be supported. Employees are leaving the health and science sectors in droves. |
Health and technology spending cuts
Tony Abbott pulled the carpet out from under these areas and Malcolm Turnbull has continued the policy. Nurses are flying out to the UK where working conditions, as well as pay, are far superior. Medical research cannot get enough funding from pharmaceutical companies. Government money is essential to get projects off the ground. CSIRO is on its knees as skilled worker with decades of experience are sacked. They get their families together and head off to greener pastures overseas.

Even worse then this, Australian health has been abandoned by the federal government as parliament withholds tax and spends it on other secondary things. States are now expected to find the full cost of running the medical system. This is absolute madness and cannot be sustained. It is common knowledge that Malcolm Turnbull wants complete privatization.
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Australia Has Too Many Engineers

Australia does not need engineers from other countries.
The Australian Federal Government is devious in its behaviour to secure cheap engineering workers from overseas for businesses. Shaping the labour market in line with right wing beliefs on the freedom of movement of lower paid employees is normal for the conservative party misnamed the Liberal Party. The mistaken premise of wealth trickling down from the wealthy is also pushed by them.

Despite many Australian engineers being unemployed the government is seeking 22 engineers from other countries. This is absolutely stupid and is political bias by the conservatives. However, once in Australia after spending their savings to set up a new life they have to go into the oversupplied labour pool. Put succinctly, they will have to be on welfare payments.
Oversupply of Engineers in Australia
The Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, a dimwit at best, has ignored protests from engineering bodies to take engineers off the Skilled Occupation List. The mining boom is over which has created low market demand for engineers. Some new engineers brought in from other countries cannot even speak English.
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ONE MAN DESTROYS A NATION: David Cameron's Political Ambition Ruins the UK

David Cameron regrets the day he entered politics.
The Queen is tough. She will seemingly live forever. However, there is one thing that could diminish her driving force to continue ruling. That is the independence of Scotland. She will have one man to thank for that - David Cameron. Her Highness was pleased when the referendum two years ago favored Scotland staying in the UK. Indeed, Mr Cameron was praised by the Queen in a private audience.
The Queen stands over David Cameron like she made Maggy Thatcher wait
The Queen stands over David Cameron like she made Maggy Thatcher wait
Things are much different now. Shame on the Prime Minister for even offering the Scottish referendum and the poll on separation from the EU. He did it just to save his political life. That is selfishness indeed. He will go into history as the man who caused the breakup of the United Kingdom. Just as Tony Abbot will be known as the PM who killed Australia's Holden car. If they were both in the same room, there would be a terrible smell!

The first Scottish referendum did not have to take place. David Cameron could have overridden his ruling party and said no to talks with the Scottish Government to have a referendum. The Scots would have thought that such a challenge to the Kingdom was a bridge too far: after all there was the Queen to consider. No, David Cameron was so "up himself" that he thought he was invincible.

Now, the cows have come home and the pigeons have come home to roost as well. After putting the country into the sewerage pit Cameron is taking the easy way out and resigning. The incoming prime minister will have to clean up the mess, and it will not be easy. Scotland and perhaps Northern Ireland will get independence - Eire should not hold out for a united Ireland and heaven help us if Cameron has started another war.

The quota to call another referendum has topped the three million mark: they only needed 100,000 signatures. If the next referendum on EU membership goes the other way there will be a tit-for-tat call for a poll, yet again! The Queen will try to hand over power to Prince Charles before the coming Scottish referendum as she will want to retire as the last ruling monarch of the greater United Kingdom.

There is doubt: the British public will not allow Charles to be king. He is very hot on the nose with just about everyone. Some say he is too old and others hold that he is stupid. It is clear that any attempt to place the crown on his head will result in majority calls for Prince William to be king. Remember, Price Edward was forced to abdicate because he married a divorced commoner.

David Cameron has to be knighted for services to his country. After all it will be easier to govern, being so much smaller. Oh, we can now drop the "Great" in GB. Furthermore, without Wales the "United" can be dropped as well. We will have to wait to see what Wales does, maybe this maybe that. Wales would save the epithet "United".
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Politics: Australian Conservatives Push to Privatize Healthcare

Health: Australian liberal conservative governments keep privatizing medicine
There isn't much doubt that the Liberals (read conservatives) would like a completely privatised health system. They look lustfully toward the US and their inefficient structure - the most expensive health mishmash in the world!
Protest against liberal conservative healthcare changes
There is a logic to this "conservative hiding behind liberal sunglasses" behavior. You see, businesses don't like their taxes being "wasted" on something the private sector can run perfectly well, descrimination notwithstanding. Businesses would like this money back in a tax rebate so they can make higher profits, thankyou.

Note how Liberal PM Menzies ended free pharmaceuticals brought in by Labor PM Chiffley. Gough Wittlam initiated Medibank after menzies It was just about the only thing he did that worked. This has now been pushed and poked by a series of Coalition governments to become the now private Medicare. No doubt, this political toing and froing will continue into the future.
 Politics by Ty Buchanan 
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Malcolm Fraser Has Died

Today is a sad day for Australia. A past prime minister Malcolm Fraser has died aged 84. He was the last of the true Liberal prime ministers. He resigned from the Liberal Party five years ago because, he said, there were no true liberals in positions of authority in the party today. It is now a conservative party and there is no place for himself in it.
Malcolm Fraser dies
Malcolm in 1982
He has condemned the current government's policy of "turn the boats back" as racist.  All his life he was a strong supporter of multiculturalism in Australia.  He said look around you and people from all cultures live here.  This cannot be changed.  The policy of closing the door to true refugees is an anachronism.

Even John Howard was center right. He was never a liberal. When the Coalition gets into government it does the same thing every time - take from the poor and give to the rich, a conservative right wing policy. That is the reason for current problems in Government. The budgets are just too far to the right for senators to pass.

Malcolm Fraser did mend his falling out with Gough Whitlam over the "Dismissal". This is something that Prime Minister Tony Abbott will never do with his critics in the Labor Party and independents in the Senate. A video of Tony Abbott in the House of Representatives shows him shouldering aside Bill Shorten leader of the Australian Labor Party.

Tony Abbott is hanging onto power by being selfish, not stepping down when he knows the great majority of Australians hate him. Malcolm Turnbull seems to be a true liberal waiting in the wings. Tony Abbott's reign will be just a hiccup, a glitch, in history, a time of failures. No doubt the policy on boats will change with future governments.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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Foot in Your Mouth Prime Minister

Our beloved Australian prime minister has put his foot in his mouth yet again. I don't believe that I have experienced such a pig headed, mislead person who has gained the highest position in the land before.
Tony Abbot with foot in mouth.
He has weighed into the debate of Western Australia's intention to close down remote Aboriginal communities, despite the first Australians being born and bred there. It is a case of whites controlling the lives of black people because Caucasians dominate power and authority in Australia.

Western Australian governments of both persuasions have a history of being bigoted toward Aboriginals. There have been cases in the past of whites buying votes at state and federal elections by giving Aboriginals alcohol. This is despicable behavior.

Tony Abbott, the Australian prime minister, has said that aboriginals should be forcibly moved to cities because they are a drain on the welfare system. He believes that they will fill job vacancies that do not exist in built-up regions.

Apparently, living where you are born is a life-choice. What nonsense! Where are Aboriginals going to get the large amount of money required to make such a major move to cities? And without immediate employment, welfare will still have to be paid. It is impossible to pay high city rents on unemployment benefits.

It should be noted that many white Australians choose to live in remote places so they can more easily get long-term welfare benefits. Indeed, they choose to get in the "tiny" and go fishing every day.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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Tony Abbott Interferes in G20 Statement

There isn't much doubt that Tony Abbott the Australian prime minister is an ardent capitalist - odd for a person who calls himself a Liberal. This goes to show how Australian Political parties do not follow the international norm. Like most things in Australia our political system could be seen as unique with ardent conservatives forced to join the Liberal Party to secure power.

Tony Abbott is being accused of interfering with the G20 statement, taking out "fair" and "inclusive" in the description of desired economic growth. Apparently, he blatantly left in “promote economic growth and jobs growth by strengthening the private sector”, highlighting this. Australia has been told that it has left the moral high ground of previous G20 meetings.

Inclusive growth" is interpreted as a free for all in economies. Just getting there is important. Whether you run roughshod over the rights of people or not is not important in Tony Abbott's eyes. This follows the way he has behaved in domestic politics since the Coalition gained power - but only in the House of Representatives. He seems to have no understanding at all of negotiation. Being pig headed and putting the boot in is his manner.

Social cohesiveness is not important at all in the eyes of the Prime Minister: typical ultraconservative behavior. Not caring about anyone else it typical. Considering most right wing conservatives have inherited economic wealth, one could not expect them to feel otherwise. If you are born with a silver spoon how can you understand the hurt that others are experiencing? I feel that I am justified in calling Tony Abbott an ultraconservative.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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War Looming That Russia Cannot Win

The situation in Ukraine could be leading to a world war. Putin could also be doing the world a favor because Russia and China are decades behind the U.S. in war technology. If a war breaks out now the West would clearly win. Their isn't much doubt about this. Leading in scientific weaponry has always favored the side that is ahead.

It is certain that what is left of Ukraine, if there isn't a world war now, will push Ukraine to join NATO. Putin thinks his actions will prevent this happening. This is a great strategic mistake on his part. Adding eastern Ukraine onto Russia will make the rest of the Ukrainian people fearful.

A new cold war could result instead of a war, Probably a face off of missiles along the remaining Russian-Ukrainian border, much like North and South Korea. The thing is, Russia is a very small target. The West is a very large one. How can Russia possibly defeat the whole West. It isn't possible.

Russia is heading for further isolation that is pushing it backwards technologically. Furthermore, taking in eastern Ukraine will be a tremendous financial burden. Russians may like what he is doing now, but they will change when economic hardships begin. Note that the conflict has already pushed Russia into recession.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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NSA Does Not Spy on Allies - "Ah! Ah! Gotcha."

Apparently the U.S. National Security Agency is not listening in to people in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Seeing that these countries are America's closest allies this seems rational. However, terrorists are quietly leaving the shores of these countries and fighting for Islam of one color or another.

It seems to me that the United States would be involved with local authorities in these English speaking nations to keep an eye on what suspected terrorists are doing, probably at the request of these governments.

Note, that the United States had secret agreements with Russia that the UK found out about during WWII. Churchill was totally in the dark about them for quite some time. He too had secret talks with Stalin.

If the NSA is watching the IMF, World Bank, the Atomic Energy Agency and European countries why not "nose in" on what people in allied countries are doing? Germany is supposed to be an ally and snooping on Chancellor Merkel did occur.
Politics by Ty Buchanan
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