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Beware Bunnings is Tricking Customers

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Volcanic Chain Found in Australia

Scientists have always said that Australia is the safest country on earth in regard to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  Now we find that this is totally wrong.  A massive volcanic chain has been discovered stretching from Hillsborough in central Queensland in a straight line down to Cosgrove in Victoria, then into the sea.
Cosgrove hot spot volcanic chain north to south in the east of australia
The Australian continent has moved right over the top of the chain leaving volcanoes under the sea in Bass Strait.  Yellowstone in North America is only a third as long as the new Australian hot spot.  It is unusual because it is not located on a tectonic plate boundary.  This type of volcanic chain was not thought to exist.

A weakness above a mantle plume has allowed volcanoes to break through to the surface.  The mantle is 3,000 kilometers below.  The Cosgrove hot spot could become active especially in the south where it is younger.  This could happen as the Australian tectonic plate is the fastest moving on the planet.

Active volcanoes normally exist where the mantle is less than 100 kilometers thick on average.  Cosgrove is 150 kilometers thick at its greatest.  This is not a law for activity.  Eruptions are still possible.  Seismic activity is occurring off the north coast of Tasmania.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Kentucky Fried Chicken Gets Smaller

If you buy a meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken in Australia expect to pay more, because you will. KFC has redesigned its packaging. The fried chips, for example, are now in a brightly colored box. Turn the box upside down and you will see that the rectangular base is smaller. And get this - the chips are cut smaller as well!

A few months ago something else happened. The action was a bit underhanded and unannounced. The cups that the mashed potato and coleslaw come in are now a bit smaller. This is a major downsizing. In other words it is a price rise done in disregard for the intelligence of customers. We are not stupid Mr KFC.

The takeaway market place treats customers as cash cows. Australians are used to being told lies. McDonalds has the audacity to call its hamburger a Big Mac when the roll is not even an average size roll. It is a mini-roll by anyone's standards.

Hungry Jack's (Burger King in the U.S.) offers small size meals at a cut price. However, since this began the price of standard size meals has increased steadily. It is an ongoing price rise. The normal size meals used to be a little more than $6.00: now they are close to $10.00. Recently the small meals went up by $0.50.

We all know that take away chains make most of their profit from the sale of soft drink. Some food lines run at a loss, but this is the reality of the market place. There is competition out there. The least we can expect is that they are honest with customers. Unfortunately they are not.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Dog Bikie

"Sod the Queensland bikie laws."
 Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan
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Windy Cow

"I'm getting a bit of wind today."
Funny Animal Photos by Ty Buchanan

Japanese Fast Food Chain Storms Australia

Just what Australia wants - another fast food chain. The Japanese are invading Australia with a burger chain, MOS Burger, which is a copy of McDonalds. The fourth store has opened in Booval, Brisbane. For some reason the chain is targeting Queensland for its new outlets.

The company claims, of course, that their offering is different than McDonalds. Project manager Vincent Cheng says they offer better service. This is difficult to justify considering service at McDonalds is second to none. When was the last time you waited for more than five minutes to order and another five minutes to get your food?

What potential customers really want to hear is lower prices not better service. The market place shows that when customers have a choice between paying extra for service or a lower price for the product they overwhelmingly choose the cheaper price. With another 10 stores opening in Queensland this year and further developments in Sydney and Melbourne time will tell if their massive investment is worth it.

If they sell food which is basically Asian they will be doomed to failure. Aussies don't like change.
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