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Maya Sniffs Out Koala Scat

Genetics: Maya the dog sniffs out koala poo scat waste
Dogs like sniffing poo. Now they are being trained to sniff the poo of koalas. This is not unusual. In the United States trained dogs seek out the scat of wolves coyotes, lynx and bears.  Dogs are built for this type of work.
Maya the koala poo sniffing dog
Australian scientists want to know the location of koalas, what they are eating and their genetics. DNA can be obtained from the coating of cells. Humans searched a particular site and found no koala waste, but a trained dog pinpointed some.

Maya is the only dog working at the Sunshine Coast University to do such work. Crowd funding is being organized to train more dogs. Maya was rescued, so dogs in danger of being put down are going to be used.
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan 
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Australia's Internet Snooping System is a Useless Waste of Money

On Tuesday 13th of October the Australian communications surveillance system comes into effect. Apparently, privacy will end for all Australians. Contrary to this view, I believe Australians are smart enough to opt out. There is no way the Australian government can stop the use of  VPNs, nor the resetting of a modem to Google's 8080. The government does not have jurisdiction over Google, i.e., it cannot ban it!
Australian government internet security system 13 october 2015
This data, though extremely large, will always be incomplete and a waste of money. Anybody who intends to do something "underhanded" will obviously avoid the system. . Furthermore, what about Australians who have their websites on servers in other countries? This information is outside of the local loop. You can also create a site on oversees servers.  Some users will choose to do nothing and allow their information to be collected, however.

Abuse of power will happen from the start. Uncontrolled bodies like the Australian Federal Police as with all national forces do questionable things. They always go outside of their legislated boundaries. State police will treat the data as their own little honey pot as well.

I keep all of my personal email on overseas services that I can access at places like libraries. There is no record of this email on my computer. This isn't smart: it is common sense.   I have nothing to hide but I like to keep things private. Gmail and Yahoo are exempt.  Obviously, I will use Tor browser a lot more. My "critical" online activity will be hidden from the Australian government.

Don't worry! Carriers have the choice whether to store destination IP addresses (this is your browsing history). Because it will be a significant extra cost, none of them will do this unless it is the only way to record metadata. Even then, the government cannot force telcos to handover IP data. Moreover, getting IP addresses will not identify particular websites visited on a server.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Dog Saves Food

dog not waste food in dishwasher
"So much food is wasted!"
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