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Do-Gooders Steam off in Anger

Our freedom of speech is under attack from do-gooders who want to stop others expressing their views. There is a bit of nastiness in all of use. We do not act on this because our sense of humour can be used to smooth things out.

A case in point is the adoption of bumper stickers with "Kangaroos, run the buggers over" written on them by a rental caravan company. This is dry wit and harmless fun. If you do try to run them down you will be arrested. Even the RSPCA protested. It would be expected that the Australian Society for Kangaroos would have something to say.

The company did remove the stickers, though they should have left them because even bad advertising sells.
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Save the Rabbit!

It's amazing. With all the suffering in the world from hunger and war, you would think people would be concerned about something other than a rabbit. No home can be found for Copper the rabbit so the Humane Society has decided to euthanize the animal. People are up in arms about this. There have been protesters in the street holding placards. Pleas for the rabbit to be spared have come from all over the world.

The little animal has a feisty disposition, apparently. It bit a society worker. Veterinarians have found Copper to be unfit for rehabilitation. Many have said they will take him, but the society does not want to be held responsible for any consequent injuries.

This outpouring of concern is touching. Yet there is no such reaction for the thousands of dogs and cats euthanized every day. Humans have really unusual feelings about the external world. They don't worry about the cow that was slaughtered to make the pie they are eating. But end the life of a pony or a cuddly rabbit and they are impassioned to the nth degree.
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