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Tax the Activities That Pollute the Planet

Carbon tax survey

People need to  be punished for doing things that damage the planet. The only way to do this is by putting tax on such activities. Setting target years to ban fossil fuel burning cars will not work. People need to be enticed to change their ways.

The NBN in Australia Fails the Test

NBN experiment has ended badly for Australia. It has a bottom of the class slow service. ⁍
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NBN cartoon

Wages are Declining in Advanced Western Countries

First economies are facing falling real wages as the capitalist system balances itself. ⁍ earnings developed spending disposable incomes ⁌ ● wages computer declining to advanced numbers western it countries we wages figure declining keys advanced text western in countries of wages make declining colors advanced code western software countries to wages or declining on advanced by western on countries ● ⧫ earnings future spending developed disposable global decline research incomes government ⧫ ⏏ incomes research decline government global disposable developed spending future earnings ⏏ ⦿
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Wages are faling

Working for the Dole Not Financially Viable

| Money is wasted on work for benefits on those unemployed.
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Work for the dole
Working for the dole
Tys Outback
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Politics: Australian Conservatives Push to Privatize Healthcare

Health: Australian liberal conservative governments keep privatizing medicine
There isn't much doubt that the Liberals (read conservatives) would like a completely privatised health system. They look lustfully toward the US and their inefficient structure - the most expensive health mishmash in the world!
Protest against liberal conservative healthcare changes
There is a logic to this "conservative hiding behind liberal sunglasses" behavior. You see, businesses don't like their taxes being "wasted" on something the private sector can run perfectly well, descrimination notwithstanding. Businesses would like this money back in a tax rebate so they can make higher profits, thankyou.

Note how Liberal PM Menzies ended free pharmaceuticals brought in by Labor PM Chiffley. Gough Wittlam initiated Medibank after menzies It was just about the only thing he did that worked. This has now been pushed and poked by a series of Coalition governments to become the now private Medicare. No doubt, this political toing and froing will continue into the future.
 Politics by Ty Buchanan 
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Parliamentarians Can Be Trusted - Ah ah ah!

politics funding cuts to CSIRO
Malcolm Turnbull loves private business so much so that he is making massive funding cuts to CSIRO. The public/private body is sacking 110 highly skilled employees from the Oceans and Atmosphere division. More sackings are in the pipeline because CSIRO has been forced into this position by first Tony Abbott and now Malolm Turnbull. The soft smile of the PM is only a thin veneer over the right wing belief that the market solves everything.
Australian senate
No work being done here!
We would be driving on dirt tracks if road funding was not public. The poor would be dying in the streets if medical treatment was private. There would be no trains to the city for daily commuters, as the only private rail tracks transport minerals to the coast. Rural people would have no means of communication if Telstra had not been a public enterprise. The copper wire still used for the Internet was put down over a century ago and is still being used in some places.

We always get this when the conservative party called the Liberal Party gets into office. The GST increase has been put on the back burner for now. We know this is a ruse. When the Coalition wins control of the Senate after the next election they will raise the GST. John Howard clearly promised not to introduce the GST but when elected in 2000 he passed it.

Let's face it, all parliamentarians are liars including those on the left. There is such a load of *!? bull #~! pushed out at election time from both side. Yes I say - plague on both your houses!
  Politics by Ty Buchanan 
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Inquiry Into Tax Dodge by Tech Giants is a Lie Fest

It amazes me how people can blatantly lie, and continue to lie, when everyone else knows the truth. There is a Senate inquiry in Australia into big companies, mainly tech giants, avoiding tax that is owed to this country. Mr King, the head of Apple Australia strongly denies that the company is reducing its tax payments through questionable methods. Fair "crack in the door mate" we all know what is really going on. Is Ireland involved in these methods?
Tony King head of Apple Australia
Apple and Google are the major companies targeted by the inquiry. Britain is planning to regulate to make them pay what is due there. Other countries are watching to see what Britain does. Of course, the easiest way to get money out of the tech megaliths is to introduce a revenue tax irrespective of profit, because it is profit that is being skimmed off subsidiaries by head office for non-existent services.

The Australian Tax Office wants its pound of flesh from internationals as it does from locals. Last year Apple paid $80m in tax from profit of $250m. Revenue was $6 billion. While this is a tax rate of 32 per cent, the profit margin of only 4.17 percent is highly suspect. Apple charges a fixed rate of 30 per cent on all app revenue in its App Store. Furthermore, it has huge income from sales of its own merchandise for which the profit margin is not widely known.

Mr King said that Apple would willingly enter into an agreement with the ATO. By saying this he clearly believes that he can choose not to follow Australian law. Apple's tax rate of 32 per cent seems reasonable at first glance when compared to Google Australia's rate of 15 percent. However, Google's profit margin of 13 per cent is more realistic.

Lastly, Mr King of Apple said that Australian app developers had made a fortune out of new apps.  He fails to mention the gargantuan amount made by Apple from these.  The guaranteed 30 per cent on all downloads is a money grab by any definition considering Apple has set this rate itself and it can easily raise it at any time, even for apps already available.
Technology by Ty Buchanan
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Countries Must Bring in REVENUE TAX.

Multinational companies are making a mockery of national tax policies. Countries have set up collection systems based on the pre-internet period. Everything today is mobile. People and money are flowing freely around the world.

Google, Apple, Facebook and others are moving income from all their national operations to Ireland where the tax rate is ridiculously low. They inundate branches in other countries with mythical charges from head office, so profit is reduced to zero. Of course, in reality it is not zero.

What countries should do is instigate a REVENUE TAX. This idea will shock and frighten CEOs. It is the last thing they want. Companies should be levied with either revenue tax or company tax whichever is the greater. Setting a revenue tax rate at a realistic 4 per cent will solve national tax collection problems. Companies will not be able to avoid paying some tax.

Say a company has revue of $100 million. The tax payable on this would be $4 million. If the firm makes a 10 per cent profit of $10m then the tax owed to a government would be $10 x 0.45 (company tax rate), which means tax of $4.5m is due. Because $4.5 m is greater than $4m the normal company tax method would apply, namely $4.5m.

If a company fiddles the books and declares no profit at all they would have to pay a minimum of $4 and could not avoid it. At least large companies would pay something to national governments. Some businesses make as much as 30 per cent profit on revenue. A national government would not get the $30m x 0.45 = $13.5m. However, $4m is better than nothing.
Economics by Ty Buchanan
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Capitalism Is Bad for Us

Research shows that capitalism is bad for us. Since the 1970s there has been an increase in mental illness of adults and children. Indications are that it is due to capitalism because the rise has been noted in English speaking capitalist countries and not in non-English speaking non-capitalist nations.

About 23 per cent of Americans, Britons, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians suffered in the last 12 months, but only 11.5% of Germans, Italians, French, Belgians, Spaniards and Dutch.  Could language itself be a factor? Selfish Capitalism has massively increased the wealth of the rich, robbing the average earner to give to the rich. But there is no "trickle-down effect" despite what politicians say.

Real wages have decreased in the US over the last three decades. Governments have reduced tax payments of the rich, placing responsibility for payment on low income earners.  Nothing is being done to reduce "middle class welfare".  Many people use the term middle class when they are really speaking about the wealthy upper class.  There seems to be an odd taboo about saying the words "upper class". 
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Economics by Ty Buchanan
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Cash Reward for Whistleblowers

Australia has a culture of a fair go and don't dob your mates in. The question is, are your coworkers mates? In England, for example, the government encourages people to dob their neighbors in for fleacing social security. It is accepted there. But in Australia there has been an outcry against offering cash to dob others in to the authorities.

This kind of offer could backfire. Dobbers could just make things up to get cash. Who is to monitor this? It is hoped that companies will jump in to catch employees stealing from the business. Dodgy financial traders should watch out. Some rewards offered in the US have gone as high as $US104 million: though a court case resulted and fines were paid, this is a huge amount.

Tax authorities are examining the possibility of reward for information that brings to light tax evasion. It seems though that those in high places will still not be caught. The Australian government turned a blind eye to Kerry Packer paying hardly any tax at all. He once said it is my duty as an Australian to pay no tax at all and I hope others do this as well. If no one paid tax there would be no schools or hospitals, except perhaps, for the very wealthy - those who pay no tax.

It should be noted, however, that in Australia whistleblowers are victimized. Australians have a culture of ask no questions about a person's past or private activities. This probably goes right back to convict days when prisoners of the crown rose to prominent places in Australian society after serving their sentence. Perhaps Australians really are different.
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The Tax Working Group Makes Predictable Recommendations

The Tax Working Group (TWG) has reached the conclusion that there should be a corporate tax cut. This finding was not surprising considering it was set up for this purpose. It is said that this will bring more investment money into Australia. Considering the Australia currency is already far too strong and is slowing down exports because they are too expensive on the world market, the last thing we need is more money flowing in.

This can be funded by reducing tax offsets for R&D development, it says. What a silly idea this is. Reduce R&D and we will have nothing new to sell. This is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. These are the same companies who will enjoy the corporate tax cut. By cutting back on gas, oil, agriculture and transport tax write offs, there will no overall benefit. Furthermore, ending tax deductions for multinationals will slow foreign investment not improve it.

These inquiries are often a waste of public money. They make recommendations that are usually only the "moving of furniture around the room". Nothing fresh and forward looking is ever suggested by them. The TWG even says the government will collect more revenue by these changes, so it can lower the general tax rate. Great, everyone pays less tax.

What a wonderful state of affairs this will be. Of course, we will pay the "same" tax to government, whether it is direct tax or indirect tax. The TWG are in dreamland.
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