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Updated Divorce Laws to Make Men Equal

Courts favor females too much when they make decisions on financial separation matters and who looks after the offspring. The current environment is toxic with the fairer sex being not so dainty. ➤ ➤ ✿ ✿ ➽ ➽ ⬢ updated f laws f to f make f men f equal f children f marriage f women f assets ⬢ ◉ updated e divorce e laws e to e make e men e equal e children e marriage e women e assets e maintenance e years e law ◉ ⧭ updated d divorce d laws d to d make d men d equal d children d marriage d women d assets d maintenance d years d law d married d work d wife ⧭ ▩ updated c divorce c laws c to c make c men c equal c children c marriage c women c assets c maintenance c years c law c married c work c wife c man c time c house c short c case ▩ ⏏ updated b divorce b laws b to b make b men b equal b children b marriage b women b assets b maintenance b years b law b married b work b wife b man b time b house b short b case b marries b appeal b family b career b awarded b costs b marriages b poor b couple b matrimonial b b division b easy b parliamentary b judges ⏏ ⦿ children a marriage a women a assets a maintenance a years a law a married a work a wife a man a time a house a short a case a marries a appeal a family a career a awarded a costs a marriages a poor a couple a matrimonial a a division a easy a parliamentary a judges a sister a sisters a clergyman a well-off a mother a amount a top a workforce a claim a year a employment a left a white a woman a mothers a single a lasted a female a favour a divorced a wealthier a put a awards a rate a making a pay a funds a high a society a certainty a welfare a couples a father a order a legal a wealthy a sum a notion a attitudes a european a parties a position a occupation a carer a payable a claimant a care a aim a older a state a breakdown a reform a ruth ⦿ ∎ children marriage women assets maintenance years law married work wife man time house short case marries appeal family career awarded costs marriages poor couple matrimonial home division easy parliamentary judges sister sisters clergyman well-off mother amount top workforce claim year employment left white woman mothers single lasted female favour divorced wealthier put awards rate making pay funds high society certainty welfare couples father order legal wealthy sum notion attitudes european parties position occupation carer payable claimant care aim older state breakdown reform ruth ∎ || ||
Equality of the sexes

UFO Sightings Worldwide

    Unidentified flying objects are about again with sights in many countries. ▶ articles to stories on news ufo high not approval excellent somersault does train sovereignty highlights john ufo as sightings supreme option top it title parties attenborough richard official supremacy ufo on sightings it worldwide battle edition process elite food am particular telegraph was clear brazenness ufo go sightings at worldwide american stronger may parliament gravy sheer court confident remainers ufo if sightings in formal personal draw election breathtaking support campaign propriety service ufo sightings worldwide everyone brown courts vote fuller across publication monitors continent ufo of on worldwide referendum did sudden phone mp3 general inevitably party ultimate niceties constitutional statement tack power household parliamentary policy legal | in of articles at stories in news on |◀ |
What is going on here? UFOs are knocking about again. You would think that with the large number of commercial flights and the boosted observation of today that the myth would be put to rest. This is not the case, however, with more sightings in Australia, the UK and America. | ⧫ worldwide not articles if stories of news on flying saucers disks aliens space craft ⧫
Over the Christmas-New Year period the skies have been active with cups, sorry saucers, everywhere. Not only disks, but orb and rod shapes were observed. A Canadian, Chad Haines, took a photo of one hovering across the face of the moon.  ⬢ man articles stories news on flying saucers disks aliens space ⬢    

A football-sized translucent thingy was seen in Manchester, England. It was like a bubble with flashing colored lights. Again, it was snapped for all to see with a camera. When observers got closer to the object it disappeared.  ▩ not articles stories news if flying saucers disks aliens. ▩  

Another 'craft' came into the presence of Victorians in Oz. The pinpoints of light were recorded on video (have a look above). This was corroborated by a New Zealand witness who saw the white dots at the same time.|    ◉ not articles to stories on news to flying saucers disks aliens ◉

With phones in common use these days there will more of these mysterious visions frozen for ever in photos. A solid data base will be built up for detailed analysis, Maybe, the truth about the annoying pests will become known. Watch out Hollow Earth!
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The Young are Lacking Manners

Mind your manners. "Sorry, I mean NOT sorry. I'm young I don't have any manners." Observation of people up the age of 35 years shows that few of them know anything about old fashioned human etiquette. The rules of behavior have died with the technicization of the world.  young lacking statement paper information narration exposé proclamation young utterance squawk tale composition fable report narrative young lacking anecdote apalogue novel recitation fiction discourse myth young lacking chronicle commentary spread theme telling feature young it lacking manners relation annals allegory editorial item journal history manners recital memoir essay novel publication recountal piece scoop assertion epic treatice folktale article romance a in gag revaluation description exposition version blurb
The old courtesy of giving a lady your seat on a crowded bus has been forgotten. Today, men treat women as equals so a man would only consider a disabled old lady worthy of their seat. Of course, the majority would not change their "me first" for anyone.
        interesting entertaining informative info data new tell talking lacking on.
Females have also forgotten the courtesies of life. They do not act demure and dignified, so males cannot behave in a complimentary manner. Couples these days do not dress up in their best to go out. They just turn up at venues in tatty old shorts or jeans. Some things do remain thank goodness. If there were not some rules left societies would be in absolute chaos. People still know how to queue.
lady seat forgotten

Sociolology: Women on ebay Sell at a Lower Price

Sociology: women make more profit on eBay by selling at lower prices.
Men and women are the same - well not really. There may be a drive to make the workplace equal for both sexes. However, there are clear biological differences and thought processes are not the same. Certain parts of the brain are preferred by either sex.  What is involved in selling? Description and layout are paramount. Relevant and stimulating pictures are required. The correct price to sell an adequate volume of a product and make a profit are also essential.
Men and women see these factors differently. An examination of eBay shows that women sell the same products at lower prices than men. Considering people can easily find the cheapest product in a category because of the way eBay is designed, women managers will make more sells.

Researchers said that buyers have lower expectations of women sellers. This is a red herring: buyers do not normally look to see whether a seller is a man or woman. I for one, search for the best value at the lowest price. Sociologists are prone to make errors in the desire to find relationships.

Yet some women do seek out women sellers. Men couldn't care less. Whether women buyers do this for a lower price is debatable. Perhaps women are better than men at business generally. Many men do believe that the world owes them a living.  This is seen in supermarkets when a new young male manager stops marking down specials. Goods do not sell and are ultimately thrown away.

I would say sociologists clearly made wrong assumptions about this study. They did not look are overall profit. Perhaps women sold more goods and made more money. Omission of theis vital information could be seen as manipulation of data. 
 Sociology by Ty Buchanan 
 Australian Blog
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HIV Aids Thrives in Western Gay Men

Like in days gone by humans will have to live with the possibility of losing a family member suddenly, at a young age, due to the inability to effectively fight disease. Antibiotics are failing as superbugs take hold. Some diseases such HIV have traits that make it impossible to cure. At best we can only fight the ailment and prolong life.
Gay men
A vaccine is a long way off. It may never be developed. This is the view of Francoise Barre-Sinoussi the person who first identified HIV. She is about to retire. Her position is that it is essentially a gay disease. The worst features of the disease are still in the homosexual population, despite one-eyed claims that everyone is in danger of contacting it.

More gay men than heterosexuals are now getting the sickness in the Western world. There is a swing back to its initial form when it broke out in the 1980s. There is something about contact will contents of the bowel which suits HIV. It is the practice of gay men that is of primary concern.

While the epidemic in Africa is homosexual, it could be that the adoption of certain sexual methods is the primary factor. However, people are unlikely to change because it is commonly known that treatment is available that keeps people alive.
Biology by Ty Buchanan 
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Women and Men Were Not Equal in Hunter Gatherer Societies

Men and women in hunter gatherer societies had very defined roles. Men hunted for protein, namely meat. Women sought tubers and berries for long term family sustenance. Some scientists are saying that male and females were more equal in prehistory. This not really the case.
Male hunter gatherer man
Women, for example, could not go on the hunt with men. Males would not remain home with the women unless sickness prevented the hardships of seeking wild game. A women who did not find a mate had to remain home, unwanted, with her birth family. Indeed close breeding was frowned upon. Mates were invariably found in an unrelated group.

Scientists have mistakenly confused female independence in decision making, which supposedly pushes them to choose an outside mate, with women knowing that it is the wise thing to do, while males are dumb and stupid about this. The attraction between cousins is well known - thus the term "kissing cousins". Why would women have superior ideals than men. They wouldn't. No, it is something genetically inherent in Man that drives individuals to find unrelated mates, loose liaisons with cousins not withstanding.

If males saw nothing wrong with interbreeding they would clearly have forced their will on females. Since the beginning, males have always dominated in mammals. Women could not have forced their will on men, apart from persistent verbal onslaught. It is known that females do dominate the verbal sphere.

The scientists have it wrong. Women are persuasive over males in one-to-one negotiations, but in groups matters men would govern and set the rules. Men clearly felt that pairing with outside parties was a "natural" thing to do.
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Vasopressin Gene Makes Women Promiscuous

Do you think that extramarital relationships are morally wrong? Well, ninety one percent of people do. However, men are predisposed to wander due to their genes. A fifth of married men had on the side affairs over the last two decades. More than 10 per cent of women who are "programmed" to be loyal to one man also had liaisons.

The most common excuse given is that the marital relationship is not fulfilling. Of course, the proclaimed reason has little to do with the motivation. Other reasons put forward are moral flaws of one party, or this is the thing to do in today's society.

Throughout history men have been away from home sowing their wild oats to increase the number of offspring, while their partners remained tied to the kitchen to feed the couple's children.  There have always been women who have not followed this path who have lived a profligate existence.
A woman flirting extramarital behavior
A new slant on this is that some women have the vasopressin receptor gene which makes for promiscuity. In research on twins it was found that women who had extramarital relationships had one of five variants of the gene. Indeed, forty per cent of women who had promiscuous behavior had a gene variant. This is surprising as women are believed to be driven into relationships by emotions rather than high genetic sexual drive as in men.

The presence of the gene in men is difficult on measure due to the overriding mating drive, though many faithful men had a variant of the gene. It seems that the environment may have a role in the opportunities for men and women to stray, but genes are the main cause.
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan
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Political Correctness is One-Sided

Being politically correct is the right things to do always - wrong! When it forces people to scrap their plans and conform to another's point of view it is absurd. Women have got more rights than men today. Men are kicked from pillar to post.

Those in control of all types of organizations believe that women should be pandered to all the time. This is getting ridiculous. The University of Sydney Union was planning to stop a society that meets the needs of men from operating. The body's aim is to help men with mental issues cope with life. Obviously, these males do not want women around. Females have no place in such a body.

Women get their university child care and "womanly" things like that. Why shouldn't men have the same rights. The rights of males is denied. What place do women have in a "Men's shed"?  The society advised that it copied the concept of a place for men from a similar body set up in 2007.

Oddly, many members of the board refused the application not due to women: they pointed out that it damaged the caused of the queer members of society. Yes, they were referred to as "queer". Transgender would have been a more seemly thing to say. A female member of the board interjected with don't forget women!

How could the new society be "breaking down gender roles?" If anything it was upholding them. It should be noted that some of those involved in the decision were not happy about the view put forward. They saw it as a step backward, not forward. Some said the society could operate if it let women in. This would run roughshod over what the society stood for - a place for men. Thankfully, a one vote majority allowed the body to run as it stood.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Men Choose Degrees That Provide Good Incomes

There is a reason more women are not in high income occupations. Let's face it the truth is the truth - most women do not have a mathematical mind. It is based on evolution where women developed social skills to collect berries and tubers. Men on the other hand had to hunt dangerous large animals and this needed calculating brains.

Even today the sexes express their differences. More men choose university degrees in maths, engineering, technology and science. This where big money is earned. Humanities degrees especially the common or garden Bachelor of Arts will leave you in the unemployment line.

Australians generally persist in studying for a BA despite all the statistics showing how weak this honor is. They know it is easy to get, but the easy way is not the best and more rational way.

Just choosing a non-humanities degree is not that easy for females. A few have extremely good mathematical skills. They are at least equal to men. Most do not have the mental precondition to do well in maths at school.

As an example, a quarter of men choose engineering degrees. Only 3.7 per cent of females choose this course of study. The only "maths" area of science studied by more women than men is veterinary science.
Education by Ty Buchanan
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Men No Longer Have an Identity

It seems women are changing to fit into the new technical society.  Men, on the other had, see traditional values fall away and struggle for an identity.  The old 40 hour week is gone for ever.  Men in particular are working more hours, up to 65 hours a week.  They feel that they are always on call to go back to work.  There is nowhere to hide.  Mobile phones have moved the "work/finished-work" barrier right into the home.  Despite more women in the workforce, men feel that they have to work to leave women free to look after children.

Men and women are living separate lives.  They are not communicating.  Even though couples share the same bed, men feel that they are left out and on their own.  They want to have quality time with the children.  With the mobile always ringing they don't get the chance.

Mothers are so tied up with their children that they won't even consider taking a part-time job to free up more of their partner's time.  Society has been moving too far away from the traditional to meet the demands of modern women.  In the process men have been forgotten.  Many men now feel that getting married was the worst thing they had ever done.  They get no appreciation from their partners and are fiercely told by females that the role of men is to work and provide.

It is sad that many men stay in a relationship because they fear their partners will say that they want a divorce, take over half the property and leave the man financially burdened for life.  They earn good money but have to ask female partners if they can spend money on what they want rather than on what they need.  Surveys show it is a myth that women spend more hours on domestic duties than men doing formal work.
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The Poor Health of Men Prevents Conception

Healthy sperm levels in "modern" men are declining. It is increasingly males who are responsible for their partners' failure to conceive. Men today do little exercise, eat too much fat and carbohydrates, and drink too much alcohol. It is no wonder their sperm counts are low.

No longer can women be blamed for being overweight. Being a little overweight does not prevent women from conceiving. Men need to lose their beer guts, pleasantly referred to as love handles.

Tests on male mice showed that obesity decreased the probability of fertilizing female mice. The success of embryo implantation was also decreased, and babies born from these males showed delayed fetal development.

Three quarters of Australian men are overweight. This is way above the world average of 48 per cent. Male mice fed fast food gave disastrous results in producing healthy offspring. Foods that improve sperm count are eggs, sweet potatoes, yogurt, berries, seeds and nuts. Furthermore, consuming more omega-3 was of great benefit.
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Women Get into Beer

In the past if you took a lady out for a drink you would buy her a shandy or a white wine. Today, she is likely to ask for a beer. They don't just like the stuff, they make it. The number of female brewers is increasing daily.

Brewing is much like cooking. Women find it interesting to vary the recipe and taste the subtle difference. It is an extention of cooking. They may cook but they brew as well.

Even Brewing companies are targeting both sexes for their "craft" beer. The female interest started at beer festivals where a few women ventured. Today 40 per cent of people attending will probably be female. Beer-interested women have formed a mutual support club - the Pink Boots Society. Some are so good they sell their craft beer.
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The Month in Which You Are Born Affects Later Life

Horoscopes may be the formulation of words that can mean just about anything, but the month you are born in does affect your behavior. This can be taken further - the season in which you are born dictates temperament, longevity and susceptibility to disease.

Obviously a baby born in winter is liable to catch a cold. This can sometimes be life threatening. A summer baby will probably be happier and more active. Research in England shows that 17 per cent of men are obese if born from January to March. This falls to 9.4 per cent for those born from October to December. It is because winter babies lay on more fat which stays on for life.

Age does affect how we turn out, however. American tests show women under 45 who were winter babies were risk takers and became bored quickly. On the other hand Women over 45 lost their curiosity and were no longer bored, a reversal of behavior. Serotonin and dopamine level are believed to be the cause of this. These fluctuate over time.

Summer babies have a greater chance of being schizophrenic. Spring babies are generally taller. Apparently, more sunshine increases the level of melatonin in mothers which stimulates production of the growth hormone. There is a downer for spring babies: they are more likely to get multiple sclerosis. Autumn babies live longer. Furthermore, autumn and winter babies are prone to allergies.

Don't worry if you were born in winter: data is (are) just data anyway. And as many scientist will tell you - lying with statistics is common practice.
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Yoghurt Prevents Heart Disease

While some doctors are not in favor of yoghurt saying it is just milk gone sour, others are now claiming it assists in the prevention of heart disease. Apparently, it slows the build up of plaque in the arteries.

Daily consumption of yoghurt in moderate amounts reduces the thickness of artery walls. Consuming cheese and milk had no effect. Tests were only done on elderly women, but the effects are believed to be the same for men.

Not much research has been done into the effects of dairy products in regard to disease prevention. The positive result of yoghurt has increased interest in dairy food and more tests will be done.
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Childcare Makes Men More Effeminate

Men become more effeminate after marriage. When men marry, particularly when they have children, the level of testosterone in men's bodies falls. Tests on Filipino men highlighted this phenomenon. It appears that the more men care for children, adopting female behavior, the lower their testosterone.

Research subjects were 21 years old on average. They were tested at the beginning and after 4 years. At the latter time 50 per cent were married. These married men had very high testosterone levels initially, which indicates that testosterone makes men more attractive as marriage partners.

Very low testosterone was found in married men with a child less than one month old. Males who cared directly for a child had 80 per cent of the testosterone level of men who left childcare to mothers.

Obviously behavior drives hormone level. This is a new discovery. If testosterone is affected by behavior it is possible that other hormones levels are determined by the way people act.
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University of Queensland Blunders on Data

New research shows excessive watching of television is bad for your health. This is commonsense really. When you are watching TV you aren't doing anything physically. It is claimed that for every hour of TV one's lifespan is reduced by 22 minutes.

Many people watch eight hours of television each day, so the calculation is,

8hrs x 30Years x 365Days
-------------------------------- = 3.7 years lost.
65.5(22 minutes) x 365Days


8hrs x 365days 30yrs = 87600hrs total

87600hrs x 22mins
------------------- = 32120hrs total

--------- = 3.7 years lost
24 x 365

Just how did they reach this specific conclusion? Apparently obesity and diabetes were mentioned; then the figure was just fished out of the air.

They chose a ridiculous figure of two hours of TV every day over a lifetime. No one watches this tiny amount. They even decided that men were affected more than women: 1.8 years lost for men and 1.5 for women. Because women live longer the calculation should show a greater loss for them!

The University of Queensland should be careful about releasing such nonsensical information. The institution will lose all respect.
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