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HIV Aids Thrives in Western Gay Men

Like in days gone by humans will have to live with the possibility of losing a family member suddenly, at a young age, due to the inability to effectively fight disease. Antibiotics are failing as superbugs take hold. Some diseases such HIV have traits that make it impossible to cure. At best we can only fight the ailment and prolong life.
Gay men
A vaccine is a long way off. It may never be developed. This is the view of Francoise Barre-Sinoussi the person who first identified HIV. She is about to retire. Her position is that it is essentially a gay disease. The worst features of the disease are still in the homosexual population, despite one-eyed claims that everyone is in danger of contacting it.

More gay men than heterosexuals are now getting the sickness in the Western world. There is a swing back to its initial form when it broke out in the 1980s. There is something about contact will contents of the bowel which suits HIV. It is the practice of gay men that is of primary concern.

While the epidemic in Africa is homosexual, it could be that the adoption of certain sexual methods is the primary factor. However, people are unlikely to change because it is commonly known that treatment is available that keeps people alive.
Biology by Ty Buchanan 
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Catholic Church Propaganda Against Gays is Hypocritical

Is everyone fed up with churches interfering in free speech and actions? We all have the right to say what we feel as long as it not directed at specific people with different heritage or beliefs. However, churches want those who are not religious to shut up. They are virtually saying shut up or we will shut you up.
Catholic Church against gay marriage
Ironically, the state itself is responsible for much of this. It is absurd in this day and age for a parliament to be opened with prayers to a God who does not exist. It is all superstitious nonsense! Obviously, Australian Muslims are upset by prayers to a Christian God when some elected representatives are Muslims.

At the moment the Catholic Church is targetting gay people to stop the majority pushing for gay marriage.  The Church has a program it is using in schools to try to brainwash our children. Surely, it should be taken to task for discrimination. Particularly when the Catholic Church has been harboring homosexuals for centuries - the main reason for priests abusing children. There is absolutely nothing in the bible about it being wrong to participate in same sex liaisons. The Greeks did it. The Romans did it.

The Catholic church has never seen the light! While the majority of its followers adopt some form of birth control, it insists on unprotected sex - a danger in this age of AIDs. Of course, the church has the support of our bigotted prime minister who says he is the "the last holdout for the traditional position."
Society by Ty Buchanan
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Should Gay Sex be Banned?

People are becoming complacent. They believe that governments will take care of contagious disease. or think that severe sickness will not come close to them. They are wrong, Cases of Ebola in the US and Europe have shown we are all in danger.

Even governments are not supporting the crisis in Africa by giving money. All Westerners seem to be selfish, living their own lives in the quest for more pleasure, not accepting the truth.  Ebola is a terrible disease with no cure.

Disease is creeping up on us. Antibiotics no longer work. Syphilis for example, is at its highest level ever in Australia. We don't seem to care. More people are getting AIDS everyday.  Expensive long term treatment is the only answer for those who become ill.

The way we live is the greatest problem. Societies seem to brush it under the carpet. However, AIDS and syphilis are mostly spread by gay men, yet cultures are increasingly making gay practices legal.  Everything seems to be okay today.  We may be reaching the end of the line for this.

Syphilis has had a shocking increase: the number of cases is up by 34 per cent annually. Many cases remain undiagnosed, and people go on spreading it mainly by male-to-male sex.  Yes, the ancient Romans practiced bi-sexuality.  This was before venereal disease was spread around the world.   Today, all diseases are common in all countries.

Let us be honest here: Should countries make anal sex illegal between consenting males. If it is a major disease problem I believe the answer should be yes. It has been popular to "come out" and admit that you are gay in Western countries. Openness can be a bad thing. There are some realities in life that we should take note of - such sex is unnatural.
Culture by Ty Buchanan
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