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Number of Offspring Determined by DNA

Plants destroyed in australia
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Many children in family

Single Sex Schools are Bad for Society

Single sex schools are bad for society.
Despite excited parents claiming that putting children in single sex classes improves life outcomes, in reality this is far from the truth. Single sex schools, for example, foster gender stereotyping for girls as well as boys.
Single sex schools
An extremely large study on students in 21 countries found those in mixed sex schools fared better than those in single sex schools. The cultural outlook nurtured by SS schools damaged students for life. It is about time this silliness is stopped, and the fad is put to rest.

The world is not made up of one sex. Indeed, there are multiple sexual categories today. Everyone has to fit into this world. Molding people to strongly identify with one category puts them at a disadvantage.  It is not the curriculum that does the damage: it is the socialization process. Narrowly adhering to things about one's own sex does not make for efficient interaction with both males and females in the workplace.

Principals of single sex schools in Australia have said that research done in the United States cannot be applied to Australia. This claim is absurd. Scientific research done in any country can be applied to another. This is how the scientific method works. Such educated people should be admonished for being so stupid.
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Temperature and Genes Determine Gender for Bearded Dragon

Zoology, animal biology, ethology studies the Australian central bearded dragon.
The sex of the central bearded dragon hatchlings is determined by the prevailing temperature during incubation. Some females carry male genes and behave like males. They are more confident and active than other females. The "tomboys" also have more offspring.
Australian central bearded dragon
Australian central bearded dragon
Of great interest is how genetic and climatic factors affect gender. In lab test incubation, if the temperature was over 32 degrees females with male chromosomes hatched as females. Below 32 degrees the dragon expressed its genetic disposition and hatched as males. High temperature females were larger than males which is normal for the species.

It appears that male type behaviors of these females is genetically determined. Some of the females were even bolder than normal males. Male chromosomes affect the brain which is driven to express male traits. Only one other animal has the feature of environmental and genetic factors determining sex - the skink.

Other animals use either temperature or genes for gender disposition. It is possible that they did have both mechanisms early in evolution. but one was lost. If the climate changes and becomes warmer animals who only use temperature would produce only males and could become extinct. The two remaining animals who use both features would survive whether the climate changed or remained the same.
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Wasps Favor Large Size for Sex

Size matters when it comes to sex. When in the orchid world it does anyway! The plants rely on wasps for fertilization. Apparently, male wasps are attracted to the largest orchids. Shape of plants also has a role.
Male wasps visit large orchids to pollinate them
Orchids are a replica of female wasps, in shape and scent. Two orchids who had two kinds of wasps enamored with them were observed. The wasps did visited both types of plants but they spent more time "copulating' with their favored orchid.

Scent is offered to male wasps on little black beads. This only attracts males to the flowers. Once there, shape and size of blooms affects whether wasps stay or go. Orchids also benefits from this because plants with larger flowers are fertilized and they produce the next generation of orchids.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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New Species Found in Australia

An endangered animal, Antechinus, has two new members. Well, they have been there all along. A team from Queensland University of Technology discovered the Tasman Peninsula Dusky Antechinus (Antechinus vandycki) in south east Tasmania, and nominated the Mainland Dusky Antechinus (Antechinus mimetes). The latter was known to be in New South Wales and Victoria but it is now a species in its own right.
Tasman Peninsula Dusky Antechinus vandycki
The Tasman Antechinus is about 13 cm long with a short tail weighing roughly 90g. It is located in Port Arther, Tasmania. Under threat from clearing of trees it resides in state forest in fragmented groups.  Survival is precarious in the isolated stands.

While uncovering new species is rare in developed countries, new ones are being found in Australia all the time. This is due to the low population density of people in inland Australia. Unfortunately, new species when found are usually in small numbers and under threat.

Antechinus are not helping themselves, though. Males fight to the death every mating season. They literally go sex mad for a few weeks copulating with as many females as possible for up to 14 hours at a time. All males are dead by the time females give birth. This leaves plenty of food for females. Having a glut of insects and spiders secures a good start for the young.
Biology by Ty Buchanan
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Vasopressin Gene Makes Women Promiscuous

Do you think that extramarital relationships are morally wrong? Well, ninety one percent of people do. However, men are predisposed to wander due to their genes. A fifth of married men had on the side affairs over the last two decades. More than 10 per cent of women who are "programmed" to be loyal to one man also had liaisons.

The most common excuse given is that the marital relationship is not fulfilling. Of course, the proclaimed reason has little to do with the motivation. Other reasons put forward are moral flaws of one party, or this is the thing to do in today's society.

Throughout history men have been away from home sowing their wild oats to increase the number of offspring, while their partners remained tied to the kitchen to feed the couple's children.  There have always been women who have not followed this path who have lived a profligate existence.
A woman flirting extramarital behavior
A new slant on this is that some women have the vasopressin receptor gene which makes for promiscuity. In research on twins it was found that women who had extramarital relationships had one of five variants of the gene. Indeed, forty per cent of women who had promiscuous behavior had a gene variant. This is surprising as women are believed to be driven into relationships by emotions rather than high genetic sexual drive as in men.

The presence of the gene in men is difficult on measure due to the overriding mating drive, though many faithful men had a variant of the gene. It seems that the environment may have a role in the opportunities for men and women to stray, but genes are the main cause.
 Genetics by Ty Buchanan
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New Peacock Spider Species in Australia

The discovery of new species in Australia is no longer a surprise. However, it is extremely interesting. Jumping (peacock) spiders, Salticidae, are the largest family of the Araneae. Peacock spiders are so called because of their bright colors.
Skeleton spider Skeletorus, Maratus sceletus
Two new species have been identified. They are named Skeletorus, Maratus sceletus, and Sparklemuffin, Maratus jactatus. The former is black with white stripes and some blue in the background. It does look like a skeleton. Sparklemuffin is blue with a unique red pattern.

Peacock spiders jump and dance around showing off their colorful abdomens. Due to prevalent predators males need to be seen by females to successfully breed and continue their existence. They have adapted well and have diversified into many types.
Science by Ty Buchanan
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Should Gay Sex be Banned?

People are becoming complacent. They believe that governments will take care of contagious disease. or think that severe sickness will not come close to them. They are wrong, Cases of Ebola in the US and Europe have shown we are all in danger.

Even governments are not supporting the crisis in Africa by giving money. All Westerners seem to be selfish, living their own lives in the quest for more pleasure, not accepting the truth.  Ebola is a terrible disease with no cure.

Disease is creeping up on us. Antibiotics no longer work. Syphilis for example, is at its highest level ever in Australia. We don't seem to care. More people are getting AIDS everyday.  Expensive long term treatment is the only answer for those who become ill.

The way we live is the greatest problem. Societies seem to brush it under the carpet. However, AIDS and syphilis are mostly spread by gay men, yet cultures are increasingly making gay practices legal.  Everything seems to be okay today.  We may be reaching the end of the line for this.

Syphilis has had a shocking increase: the number of cases is up by 34 per cent annually. Many cases remain undiagnosed, and people go on spreading it mainly by male-to-male sex.  Yes, the ancient Romans practiced bi-sexuality.  This was before venereal disease was spread around the world.   Today, all diseases are common in all countries.

Let us be honest here: Should countries make anal sex illegal between consenting males. If it is a major disease problem I believe the answer should be yes. It has been popular to "come out" and admit that you are gay in Western countries. Openness can be a bad thing. There are some realities in life that we should take note of - such sex is unnatural.
Culture by Ty Buchanan
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Dangerous Love - Gonorrhoea

Millions of dollars is being spent in HIV research.  It is mainly spread by sexual contact. However, venereal diseases in general are being forgotten.

Antibiotics are becoming ineffective in combating venereal diseases. Such infections have been around for thousands of years and there is still no cure. Antibiotics used to "knock it on the head" in the past. This luxury no longer exists.

A serious resistant strain of gonorrhoea is extant in Australia and New Zealand. It has now arrived on our doorstep. A8806 is very similar to H041 which is absolutely untreatable. Different resistant strains have appeared in Japan, the US and Norway.

Because people today are more promiscuous than ever "the clap" is spreading extremely fast. The disease affects the whole body invading mucous membranes such as the sexual organs, eyes and throat. Arthritis, heart infections and meningitis can result.

Most people have serious symptoms. Pain when urinating, bleeding and oozing puss are common. The greatest problem is that some sufferers have no symptoms at all, so they unknowingly keep spreading the disease.
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"Pedophile" Judge Garry Neilson Retains His Job

Anyone with pedophile leanings should at least be ostracized by society. Their disgusting persuasion must be stamped out. You cannot change the mind of another person but you can certainly make his life difficult. No one, I mean absolutely no one who believes that pedophilia and incest is accepted by society must be removed from their employment, forthwith! Let them do life the hard way if they want to destroy the innocence of children.

Garry Neilson, a District Court Judge, has said that sexual contact with children is already regarded as normal by society. Not in my world it isn't. And the majority of human beings feel the same way. He is wrong and merely stating his own twisted perverted view.

He made his comments at the trial of a man who sexually abused his 10 year old sister. The judge had earlier given a light sentence to a man guilty of raping his niece.

A judge must be respected. This judge deserves no respect. Without respect he should be removed from his powerful position. He probably believes that murderers should be let off with a warning.
Law by Ty Buchanan
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