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Move by Coca-Cola to Improve Health - or Profit

Coca-Cola announces that it will fight obesity. This is ironic considering chemicals are put into soft drink to make it possible for more sugar to remain in solution. Despite offering sugar free coke, consumers still favor coke with sugar. In the US this is high-fructose corn syrup. Basically, it is still concentrated sugar.

Decades ago major sugar companies paid for research to determine benefits from consuming sugar that could be used in commercials. Unfortunately, findings showed there were no benefits whatsoever. Mankind is addicted to sugar. China, for example, has a sugar reserve to prevent social disorder if international trade is disrupted in any way. People can get there sugar requirements by consuming vegetables. Production of sugar is purely to satisfy an addictive demand.

You cannot blame the community from being cynical about the announcement by Coca-Cola to push low-calorie additives, exercise and no advertising to children. The only real solution is to pass legislation making it compulsory to not add sugar to soft drink. However, Coca-Cola has millions to lobby politicians against doing this.

It must be noted that some American states have limited sales to small cans only. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Coca-Cola wants. People buy two cans now and this increases profit. Let's face it: Coca-Cola knows advice on healthy living is ignored. Furthermore, reduced calorie drinks make up only 25 per cent of sales. It seems that the whole program is a way to make money. At least this is how the public perceives it.
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High Meat Consumption Blamed for Obesity - Questionable!

In the twentieth century Australia was dominant in swimming at international events. This was largely due to the high consumption of meat in the diet of Australians. As time went by other nations noticed this and their athletes ate more meat. Today, Even small island nations have access to reasonably priced beef, pork, lamb and poultry. Consequently, Australia's dominance has waned.

Despite consuming a lot of meat, Australians did not die at a young age. Indeed, longevity was extended. New research points to an increase in heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes that do tend to shorten life. An example was given of Hawaii where these diseases are rapidly increasing. Red meat is seen as the major cause.

This research has flaws. Higher red meat consumption cannot be directly linked to more "modern" maladies. It could be coincidence. No tests were done on the rising consumption of refined carbohydrates. The call for more vegetables in the diet will improve the situation, but only if less red meat and refined carbohydrates are consumed.

There is an indirect link between red meat consumption and more disease. The feeding of antibiotics to animals to improve body weight has impacted on humans. Antibiotics are not so effective in people generally. Some countries have banned this practice, but all nations need to do so. Overall, there is no evidence of antibiotics in animal feed leading to modern diseases. Control of infections is the biggest problem.
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The Poor Health of Men Prevents Conception

Healthy sperm levels in "modern" men are declining. It is increasingly males who are responsible for their partners' failure to conceive. Men today do little exercise, eat too much fat and carbohydrates, and drink too much alcohol. It is no wonder their sperm counts are low.

No longer can women be blamed for being overweight. Being a little overweight does not prevent women from conceiving. Men need to lose their beer guts, pleasantly referred to as love handles.

Tests on male mice showed that obesity decreased the probability of fertilizing female mice. The success of embryo implantation was also decreased, and babies born from these males showed delayed fetal development.

Three quarters of Australian men are overweight. This is way above the world average of 48 per cent. Male mice fed fast food gave disastrous results in producing healthy offspring. Foods that improve sperm count are eggs, sweet potatoes, yogurt, berries, seeds and nuts. Furthermore, consuming more omega-3 was of great benefit.
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More Disabled People Suffer Other Illnesses

Disabled people have poor health generally. A report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare have made this "Discovery". It is only common sense really. Living with a permanent disability has to be tough and a drain on the body's resources. The stress of living makes these people dependent on cigarettes and food, so they tend to be overweight.

On a scale of health, the greater the disability the worse the general health. Living with constant pain is a problem 40 per cent of them face. Only four per cent of other Australians suffer constant pain.

Having a disability is not the only problem. Nearly 70 per cent of the group have up to four other chronic health conditions such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, mental illness and arthritis. Ninety nine per cent knew they were ill compared to 31 percent of the rest of the population who said they were in poor health.

The Government crackdown on disabled people under 36 who have to work at least part time appears to be misplaced.
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Molasses a "Cure" for Obesity

It would be ideal if obesity could be treated by taking something, instead of drastic dieting. A possible solution has been found in molasses. This sweet substance is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that seem to change the consequences of a high-fat diet.

For 12 weeks mice were given a high-fat diet supplemented with up to 4 per cent molasses extract. The mice lost weight. This was believed to be caused by the molasses reducing caloric absorption. Fat cells make the hormone leptin. This hormone was reduced in the blood.

Next year work will be done on humans to see if results are the same. Molasses are inexpensive and capsules could easily be produced. It would be a great leap forward if a simple "cure" like this is effective.
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