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Political Correctness is One-Sided

Being politically correct is the right things to do always - wrong! When it forces people to scrap their plans and conform to another's point of view it is absurd. Women have got more rights than men today. Men are kicked from pillar to post.

Those in control of all types of organizations believe that women should be pandered to all the time. This is getting ridiculous. The University of Sydney Union was planning to stop a society that meets the needs of men from operating. The body's aim is to help men with mental issues cope with life. Obviously, these males do not want women around. Females have no place in such a body.

Women get their university child care and "womanly" things like that. Why shouldn't men have the same rights. The rights of males is denied. What place do women have in a "Men's shed"?  The society advised that it copied the concept of a place for men from a similar body set up in 2007.

Oddly, many members of the board refused the application not due to women: they pointed out that it damaged the caused of the queer members of society. Yes, they were referred to as "queer". Transgender would have been a more seemly thing to say. A female member of the board interjected with don't forget women!

How could the new society be "breaking down gender roles?" If anything it was upholding them. It should be noted that some of those involved in the decision were not happy about the view put forward. They saw it as a step backward, not forward. Some said the society could operate if it let women in. This would run roughshod over what the society stood for - a place for men. Thankfully, a one vote majority allowed the body to run as it stood.
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Sink Cat

 "Why am I sitting here - that is for you to guess."
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Problems in the Cattle Yard

There are problems in the cattle yard due a non-caring board. Richard Ogilve was voted off the Herefords Australia Limited (HAL) board. This infuriated members of the society because they believe Mr Ogilvie is the only one who knows what they want.

Richard Ogilvie owns a 5,000 strong cow herd in Millicent, South Australia. He says 10,000 of HAL members will leave and form their own association. This is nearly half the total membership of HAL.

Present members are upset by the board arguing political differences and passing time by running cattle shows, not concentrating on improving the Hereford industry. The industry for Angus cattle is booming. Many feel the Hereford market is not being managed properly. Mr Ogilvie is seen as a strong leader who can improve matters for Hereford breeders.

This is another case of those at the top fighting each other and concentrating on irrelevant issues while not doing what they are paid to do.
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